Wednesday, October 20, 2010

This year's flu vaccines to target 50 and up.

Recall last years swine flu hysteria? Relentless. Last year the push was on to vaccinate young children, not adults.

For some reason the people in power, promoting the vaccines, insisted children were more susceptible the adults. It was kids that were getting the swine flu, it was kids that were dying from swine flu. Anyone recall Evan Frustaglio ??

Apparently adults were not getting swine flu because they had lived through a flu strain in the '70's and had the necessary antibodies to fight this so called 'deadly flu pandemic '. You can refresh you memory with this news from June/09. I am sure I broached this subject in one of the many, many posts I had done on last years swine flu hysteria. If you have a lot of time, read here.

This year the flu spin has changed. Seriously, I question, do the people in power in cahoots with the pharmaceutical industry just make this stuff up as they go along? It seems so?
For this to work out for health officials and big pharma they have to count on you having an extremely short memory.

So I am here to refresh your memory. Last year if you were 45 to say.... 65, you didn't need the H1N1 vaccine. You had the antibodies. This year? You don't

Most Canadians 50 lack antibodies to fight H1N1: study

Many Canadians over age 50 are still vulnerable to the virus and should get a flu shot, researchers say.

Exactly opposite what was being claimed last year.

Question? Is this all just a guessing game?

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