Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tony Blair, limiting the press and espousing eugenics?

Tony Blair was interviewed in Macleans magazine, Sept/2010.

The question:

You've written extensively about the way the media treated you and you call for a debate about their role. What sort of limits would you like to see placed on the press?

His response. His very curious response.


It's not so much a question of limits, but I think this is a very important debate in all countries. There are two outstanding issues in democratic politics these days.
One is the relationship with the media, which is now 24/7 and operates with a completely different intensity then even 15 or 20 years ago. How do we have a proper conversation between leaders and countries when it is moderated sometimes in very partisan and inflammatory ways?
(advocating censorship of alternative opinions?)

Then he throws this in!

And the second thing is the effectiveness of our democracy. How do we get the right gene and talent pool in politics? There are big questions about the sort of skills you need in modern government today. You put politicians in charge of billions of dollars with absolutely no training and very little support system around them. It is an extraordinary thing.
The right gene pool in politics?

As if this dolt had the "right genes"?

I found this answer both odd and chilling in what Tony Blair was implying. You?


  1. Considering the marxist-leninist upbringing of the Milliband Bros., the lineage of Mandelsohn, the Bushes, while also noting the nepotism in Film and TV players [ showmanship] I think the gene-philosophy pool has been undergoing constant development and redevelopment.

    I think possibly Tony might be advocating the breeding out of , oh whats that word, pin-cushion?, Kin-pushing? ohhh right yeah - compassion


  2. I am not quite sure what he is advocating, but, I don't like the sound of it.

    Especially from his mouth!

  3. Hey Penny,...Whoa, what bizarre statements you make granny? Bliar is obviously influenced by racial supremacists. The programming is seeping through; this stooge is about to burn out a bearing; no doubt he’ll be found dead in a hotel room sometime soon, dangling from his own tie off a coat hook on the back of the Hotel room door. Naked, full of booze and drugs, as yet undissolved in his stomach. Good riddance to another useful idiot.

    Notice they've got two Prime Ministers in Albion now, the better to manipulate you with, mwuhahahahaa...

    I don’t know where you get the time or the resources to source this stuff, excellent work as usual Penny.


  4. well now I have a good idea what this reference to the right genes is.

    today's news has Berlusconi sex party pedophelia and intervening in the arrest of a 17 year old:

    A 17-year-old freed from police custody after she was detained on suspicion of theft.
    The young woman (minor) later told police that she was paid to attend parties at one of Berlusconi’s Milan homes with other young women (minor's, girls), who engaged in sexual “games” with the premier.

    this isn't the first time Berlusconi has been lined to underage, read pedophile escapades.

    So the "right genes" means an inclination to molest children, lie, engage in wrongful behaviour, lie, cheat, possibly rape??

    wasn't blair also linked to unsavoury behaviour?

    Actually come to think of it, alot of politicians are....

  5. "Bliar is obviously influenced by racial supremacists. "

    It sure does look that way!

    "I don’t know where you get the time or the resources to source this stuff, excellent work as usual Penny."

    thanks, I read alot, alot, alot.
    I also listen to a multitude of different and diverse programs.

    And since I don't watch tv....

  6. Espousing eugenics? I think it is very clear, upon doing the research for such things, that he is simply substantiating the present eugenic vein that already runs through the leadership.

    Eugenics is already here.

    What he was talking about, needing the right genes to be a leader - this is already followed, although not open to the naked eye of the public. Almost the entire run of american presidents are related to the aristocracy of England and Europe. There is an unelected dictatorship committee running the EU. The Queen of England and her cronies of royalty run the show pretending to be a figurehead, but also operating the puppet strings behind the scenes. Many asian dictatorships with royal blood are upheld.

    It's just late reporting of something already here, an old illuminati ploy. They state what they are already employing/using against the public; the make allusions to this that create shock and revulsion among the public; they ease the public into the knowledge of what is happening already slowly, after preparing them psychologically.

  7. thanks for that response.

    'he is simply substantiating the present eugenic vein that already runs through the leadership'

    I would agree, but..look at these leaders, I mean look at them.

    What genetic superiority do the "believe" they have over anyone else?

    Or maybe I should ask the question this way, what genetic inferiority do they have that qualifies them as leaders?