Saturday, October 2, 2010

US conducted human experimentation, on Guatemalans, without consent

And they acknowledge and apologize for it. 40 years later. Whoopeedooo!
How many of these types of stories have I posted here. Are you understanding there is a pattern here. These are not isolated incidents. This is the norm for the US. This is what they do.

Here is the story.
US apologizes for Guatemela experimentation

On Friday, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Health Secretary Kathleen Sebelius issued a startling apology to Guatemala, saying that “although these events occurred more than 64 years ago, we are outraged that such reprehensible research could have occurred under the guise of public health.”

Oh puhleez!!

Is this Guatamelan experimentation the lone incident? Not according to Dr Francis Collins.

The government “could identify more than 40 other studies where intentional infection was carried out with what we would now consider completely inadequate consent, in the United States,” he said.

Without adequate consent? How about with no consent?

The hundreds of Guatemalans used in the U.S. study are either very elderly or dead by now, though their photos in research files are silent testimony to their participation. The question of compensation for their relatives is still unanswered

Back that train up! According to the western media it was hundreds of Guatemalans? As always sufficiently vague. How many 100's? One or two? How about the fact that it was thousands and closer to two thousand then say just a few hundred.

Over 1600 Guatemalans were infected intentionally
. This article even gives the numbers, a breakdown. I will quote:

The United States has apologised to Guatemala for a research study that intentionally inflicted over 1,600 people in the country with sexually transmitted diseases in order to test how effective penicillin was in treating the sicknesses.
The research study occurred between 1946 and 1948 and was called the ‘U.S. Public Health Service Sexually Transmitted Disease Inoculation Study’. It saw 696 people intentionally infected with syphilis, 772 with gonorrhoea and 142 with chancres, according to long-forgotten records uncovered by Susan Reverby of Wellesley College.
Western media, lies or misleads by omission.... but, I digress and will continue with the post.
American tax dollars (money well spent) through the National Institute of Health, paid for syphilis infected prostitutes (who infected the prostitutes?) to sleep with the prisoners. When the prostitutes did not succeed in infecting the men, some prisoners had the bacteria poured onto scrapes made on their penises, faces or arms, and in some cases it was injected by spinal puncture.
The experimentation on the Guatemalans was done by Dr John Cutler, who also conducted experimentation in Alabama, on black males, know as the Tuskegee experiments.

So what were the 40 other experiments mentioned? Who were they conducted upon without consent? Where were they conducted? A brief indication can be found in this paragraph-

From 1963 to 1966, researchers at the Willowbrook State School on Staten Island infected retarded children with hepatitis to test gamma globulin against it. And in 1963, elderly patients at the Brooklyn Jewish Chronic Disease Hospital were injected with live cancer cells to see if they caused tumors.

What is particularly hypocritical about all this experimentation?
And I mean all of it, including other posts I have had on the subject, up to the present time (And this is not even all of them, but, hoping you get the idea)

While all this was going on in Guatamela and elsewhere.....

"At the same time as the United States was prosecuting Nazi doctors for crimes against humanity, the U.S. government was supporting research that placed human subjects at enormous risk.”
How Ironic.

UPDATED: I want to add this to the post. From Natural News.
Expanding on this type of human experimentation being the norm for the US
It ain't pretty!

Guatemalan STD medical experiments were just one crime in a long history of medical-government collusion to use humans as guinea pigs


  1. I will also add, what is the agenda behind this public apology.

    I mean forty years later, it is nothing new under the sun.

    So why apologize now?

  2. Hypocrisy at its finest . . . and try to convince any of the brainwashed public - inform them of the facts - and they will slough it off. Believe me, I've tried to put things in perspective like this . . . and it can't fight the years of predispositional brainwashing to question their own gov't as fiercely as they attack any other.

    The US gov't has decades of murder and agony to answer for in central america, and the rest of the world. Yes, many other gov'ts do as well . . . but you don't "vote" for them.

    (note my use of quotes for the word vote, as I do not believe for an instant that the western world has any true democracies)

  3. In regards to the Guatemala STD Experiments, here is a telling portion: "The experimentation on the Guatemalans was done by Dr John Cutler, who also conducted experimentation in Alabama, on black males, know as the Tuskegee experiments." Dr. John C. Cutler was an unabashed proponent of Eugenics and his wife Eleise even sat on the board of Planned Parenthood.

    I wonder when the U.S. will get around to apologising to its own citizens for their other numerous (and ongoing) covert experiments?

    Such as the Fluoridation experiments they carried out on the denizens of Newburgh, New York from 1945 - 1956. In a classified operation code-named "Program F," they surreptitiously gathered and analysed blood and tissue samples from Newburgh citizens, with the cooperation of State Health Department personnel. A classified report of their 1948 studies published by Program F scientists in the Journal of the American Dental Association shows that evidence of adverse health effects from fluoride was censored by the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) for reasons of national security. The results garnered from these evil machinations produced the mass fluoridation of US drinking water. The U.S. Public Health Service (you know, the same group that carried out the infamous Tuskeegee Syphilis experiments) declared mass fluoridation of the water supply their official policy by 1951. By 1960 its programme was being widely implemented in many states within the US, and in 2006 approximately 69.2% of the populace was receiving fluoridated water supplies.

    Speaking of the US Atomic Energy Commission (AEC), they had their own literal skeletons rotting about their house. Here are but a few of the documented crimes they visited upon the unwitting and masses:

    * Exposing more than 100 Alaskan villagers to radioactive iodine during the 1960s.

    * Feeding 49 retarded and institutionalised teenagers radioactive iron and calcium in their cereal during the years 1946-1954.

    * Exposing about 800 pregnant women in the late 1940s to radioactive iron to determine the effect on the fetus.

    * Injecting 7 newborns (six were Black) with radioactive iodine.

    * Exposing the testicles of more than 100 prisoners to cancer-causing doses of radiation. This experimentation continued into the early 1970s.

    * Exposing almost 200 cancer patients to high levels of radiation from Caesium and Cobalt. The AEC finally stopped this particular experiment in 1974.

    * Administering radioactive material to psychiatric patients in San Francisco and to prisoners in San Quentin.

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  6. Sorry all for the 2 posting errors, and apologies Penny, on a bit of a roll here as I've pondered this and done some investigation. The only thing that makes sense, is that this strange and sudden self-admission by the U.S. may be a possible distraction. What's NOT making the news circuit is the question. What stories are being played down or suppressed?

    First off there's the UN findings of Israel's attack against the MV Mavi Marmara which came just short of condemnation as a war crime. However, the world is taking it to its logical conclusions and stating that it is a war crime of the first-degree, with outright murder committed in international waters.

    Then there's the active Israeli spy ring that was uncovered plying their trade-craft in Utah for one: Israeli "Art Students" at it Again

    Judging the target and age range of the suspects I'd have to say that this was/is an coordinated operation using Unit 8-200 and Unit 8153 recruits. Israel's Unit 8-200 rivals or even surpasses the NSA's reputed capabilities; and Unit 8153 specialises in strategic mapping of locations for tactical purposes. It's my estimation that these are training operations for their young agents-in-training, due to the clumsy methodologies they employ, and easily sussed covers they infinitely seem to recycle.

  7. slozo:

    when "we" do it, that is ok
    When "they" do it, that is wrong.

    I can't understand this concept in people's minds.

    Especially if one believes in the concept of justice, which is applied equally, even handedly to all.

    I always think that people who think they believe in justice, do not.
    Or they would understand that concept.

  8. "Dr. John C. Cutler was an unabashed proponent of Eugenics and his wife Eleise even sat on the board of Planned Parenthood.

    Interesting and something I will have to look more into.

    No apologies for the posting roll, I think it is great.

    Especially because you addressed this sudden admission and "apology".
    As much as it is refreshing to see some form of 'honesty' even though it is still bullshit. As if it is an anomoly and everyone is just "outraged" talk about a show.
    And that made me wonder, why the show, why now??

    The mavi marmara, yes?
    The Israeli "art students" up to tricks again, yes?

    I would also add, the attacks on Pakistan, to which Pakistan has formally complained to NATO, for whatever that is worth?
    Since the western audience is largely oblivious to the war on Pakistan.

    The other thought is the economy.
    I am wondering if people realize how bad things are going to be, I believe the US dollar is dropping and things are going to get a lot worse for the masses of people.

    Latest news here

    so this distraction and the distraction of raising the terrorist threat in Europe have people in fear and not paying attention to the goings on that are going to make their lives much worse

  9. Were these sadistic experiments performed in order for TPTB to come up with a 20th Century equivalent of the 'Black Death' of the Middle Ages that wiped out 1/3 of Europe?

    Is this how AIDS got started?

  10. Replying to a previous post:

    Around 2:45 am CST, went out on the porch to smoke a cig and was gazing at the stars. Off to the East, about 30 degrees above the horizon, what I thought at first was an airplane started bouncing around, zig-zagging, bouncing up and down and making all sorts of screwy manuevers.
    Then it would stop and hover for awhile, them back to performing aerial stunts.

    I even got out my BIG flashlight, pointed in that direction and started blinking the light off and on, hoping they'd drop by, but so far, no luck.

    Either ET is teaching one of his offspring how to fly that saucer or it's part of the next 'boogieman' crisis being manufactured by the cocksuckers running and ruining this planet.

    Seriously, if a race of beings were intelligent enough to cross the massive number of light years to reach Earth, why would they want to fool with or even gaze at a race of inferior beings, led mostly by mass murdering assholes who like to wage war for fun and profit?

    Those who really pulled off 9/11 are getting nervous, because each day, more people wake up and realize it was our own government that attacked us on that day, so it's time for another distraction to keep us shitting in our pants.

    If sudden intervention causes massive panic, then why let the alien who drank too much booze fly the spaceship?

    Or maybe they have some hot looking babes with them and are trying to impress them?

    P.S. Went back outside at 3:20 am and the fucker was still there, doing the same stunts, but this time, the thing was higher in the sky. Used the flashlight again to blink at them/it.

    So if I disappear, you'll know I'm elsewhere in the cosmos.

    Sure hope they sell cigs there.

  11. greg:

    'Is this how aids got started'

    Interesting that you mention that?
    I was thinking after all the stories I have here, people being radiated, people being infected etc., I mean little babies, entire cities or coastal regions, experiments that seem to target coloured folks.

    Then the natural news piece and even I had to ask myself, is this why the human race is such a sickly bunch?

    Throw in GMO crops and animals, and you start to get the distinct impression humanity, humans, are the guinea pigs, in some really big experiment by govs in collusiuon with corporations.

    That is sure in hell the way it all looks to be.

    Oh and your narrative, thanks, quite interesting.
    There have been other sighting like that.
    Last week there was a sighting over Montreal, quebec, canada....

  12. Guess I should of added that I was up at the ungodly hour of 0245 due to my insomnia, which is one of the side effects from getting busted out of bed 1-3 times a night to make emergency calls at the Fire Department for over 20 years.

    Before I started being a FF, I could sleep in till the alarm clock rang, then hit the 10 minute snooze button for a few more winks.

    Not anymore.

    Not bitching about the effect, but wanted to point out that I hadn't been up all night drinking, and smoking and and and.

    The only drugs I was using was nicotine and caffeine.

  13. Greg, Nicotine and Caffeine tsk tsk. I've heard that those are gateway drugs, soon you'll be on the hard stuff like BEER and from there it's all downhill.

  14. The AIDS epidemic started in San Francisco after a free hepatitis vaccination campaign run by the Red Cross there.
    The modern epidemic of ME/CFS started in San Francisco about the same time, too.

    Both diseases have met with initial protracted denial and constant intransigence since then from national health bodies, the NIH and CDC.

  15. Greg, I hadn't though anything of it, but, since reading silv's concerns about gateway drugs and all.... well perhaps you had better be careful ;)

    james: ty, very intersting.