Thursday, December 30, 2010

Book Preview- The Quality of Freedom:Khodorkovsky, Putin, and the Yukos affair

If you haven't had Mikhail Khodorkovsky overload after all my recent posts, you may be interested in looking through the preview copy of this book.

"The Quality of Freedom-Khodorkovsky, Putin, and the Yukos affair"
Written by Richard Sakway.

Check out the names associated with the "martyr" Khodorkovsky.
Khodorkovsky, liked to describe himself as 3 genrations of Rockefellers rolled into one.
Robber Baron, yes.
Business man, sure, when business man is synonymous with thief.
Philanthropist, yes, he saw himself as a philanthropist. Which surely indicates he is delusional.
Khodorkovsky, has long been a member of the RAND-US Business Leader forum-Invitation Only.
A group that also included Donald Rumsfield and Kenneth Lay.
Khodorkovsky joined Carlyle.
All in all this man was well connected. And was in a position to aid in the balkanization of Russia.

Update: The PR Firm Khodorkovsky hired to revamp his image was APCO Worldwide

APCO is no stranger to controversy. The firm was in the trenches at WorldCom as executives testified on Capitol Hill in 2002 for falsifying profits.

Amazing how well managed everything is, by PR firms. In the trenches while Worldcom executives testified on Capitol Hill for falsifying profits.

I wonder were they present when Khodorkovsky came to town to testify in front of Congress??

Mr Khodorkovsky, who has been invited by the US Congress to testify before
a committee investigating the money laundering allegations, said the money
transfers were so large that they must have come from many different sources.

"I was very surprised by this enormous sum. But I do not think that all
this sum concerns money laundering, or even capital flight," Mr
Khodorkovsky said.

"I think there is an element of criminal money. But the bulk of the money
reflects attempts by Russian importers of consumer goods to avoid taxes,"
he said.


  1. great sleuthing Pen. these oligarchs are so crooked, the lot of them.

    i've come across BoNY several times in my research as well. a perennial weed. there was this guy Ken Schneider, a Philadelphia attorney. who helped Abramovich back in 1998. he was just convicted for having sex with a teenage boy. there was a lot of money laundering going on, some through BoNY and others. this guy Schneider seemed to be a financial "virtuoso" a la Eugene Gurevich in Kyrgyzstan, another tribe member. of course the authorities couldn't seem to do a thing about it.

  2. Geez AP, apologies for missing this response.

    I was thinking did you have a post on that the attorney molesting the boy???

    I recall something along that line.