Thursday, December 16, 2010

Enhanced security, TSA groping, drives a move to charter jets

In previous posts on airport "security" for the masses.
Which is really social engineering and conditioning along with some good old torture tactics, largely humiliation, I had made mention that private planes and their passengers are not subject to this humiliation and degradation.

So if a "terrorist" really wanted to attack something, somewhere all this individual would have to do is charter a private plane and BINGO.

It is so obvious that airport screening besides profit making has another motivation.
So this is a rather interesting news story.
That just confirms my theory.
That those with money, can circumvent the scrutiny.
As for the rest??

Crowded airliners and enhanced airport security cause shift to charter jets and rental cars

A Zogby International poll released last week found that 42% of likely voters said that enhanced pat-down search techniques and the increased use of full-body scanners by the TSA would cause them to use a different mode of transportation.

The trade groups that represent private charter jets and rental car businesses say the switch has already begun.

Demand for charter jets is up 52% so far in November
over the same period last year, said Joe Leader, president of the Air Taxi-Air Charter Assn., a trade group for charter jet companies.

"The majority of that can be credited to an increase in business travel and economic recovery, but the TSA security hassle factor has absolutely had an additive effect on air taxi and air charter demand," he said.


  1. Hey Penny,..I have been following you recent Blogs and they are great.

    In the last par' of that article you reprint they say most of the patronage is due to the economic recovery - BS. The majority of the 52% must be because of the orwelli-yid bullying, as there is no economic recovery; how is it that there are people that still don't get it?



  2. completely off topic Pen, but C 36 passed.

    Sad day for us all, though not surprising.



  3. I noticed that.
    the promotion of the economic recovery fallacy.

    And thought do I comment at the obvious bs of that statement?
    But, I honestly thought anyone with even a half a brain that is tuned into reality would realize that is pure horseshit.

    These are clearly people who may have normally flown first class, simply avoiding the intrusive and sexually abusive grope fest.

    And all the radiation.

    Because there clearly is no economic recovery.
    Except for scum banksters, servile politicians and lackey news outlets and their talking heads.

  4. thanks Buffy, off topic to an extent, but, government abuse of the citizens is never off topic on this blog!!

    I will check that out