Monday, December 20, 2010

Holbrooke's Afghanistan -Drug King Pins and US funding

Meant to get this one out last Friday, but, just didn't have the time.

It ties in with the Richard Holbrooke death news. Which I covered from the Kosovo angle in this post.

But, Greg at Goon Squad covered the Afghanistan angle and that is what I want to expand on in this piece.

Holbrooke's latest posting in Afghanistan as a 'Statesman' extraordinaire?
Yah! Making peace and bringing democracy to the people of Afghanistan!
No way in hell.
Aiding with the Opium production in Afghanistan?
You know it!

Greg has a must watch video in his post regarding Holbrooke, Opium and Afghanistan that will give you the background needed.

Here is some of latest news on just one of the Afghani drug kingpins, quite likely aided, abetted and vetted by Holbrooke & his Afghan policy. Maybe he walked around shoeless with them too?

Hajji Juma Khan, the biggest and most dangerous drug lord in Afghanistan who was arrested and transported to New York to face charges under a new American narco-terrorism law in 2008, was a longtime American informer, according to current and former American officials.

According to the New York Times, Central Intelligence Agency officers and Drug Enforcement Administration agents relied on Khan as a valued source, who provided information about the Taliban, Afghan corruption and other drug traffickers

Hajji Juma Khan, paid for so called intelligence by the US. About other drug traffickers.
Is it any wonder he got to be the biggest and most powerful drug lord in Afghanistan.
Aided by America, he got all his competitors taken down!
Sweet deal!

In a series of videotaped meetings in Washington hotels, Mr. Juma Khan offered tantalizing leads to the C.I.A. and D.E.A., in return for what he hoped would be protected status as an American asset

Interestingly he (Khan) is connected with another CIA informant, brother of Hamid Karzai, Ahmed Wali Karzai, I have covered his CIA connected/taxpayer funding previously on the blog HERE.

In a 2006 confidential report to the drug agency reviewed by The New York Times, an Afghan informer stated that Mr. Juma Khan was working with Ahmed Wali Karzai, the political boss of southern Afghanistan, to take control of the drug trafficking operations left behind by Mr. Noorzai.

Mr Karzai, denies knowing Mr Khan??

Mr. Karzai denied any involvement with the drug trade and said that he had never met Mr. Juma Khan. “I have never even seen his face,” he said through a spokesman

Don't you believe it!

Mr Juma Khan had been working with the CIA since as early as 2001!
Isn't that interesting?

He had met repeatedly with C.I.A. officers in Afghanistan beginning in 2001 or 2002.
Before or after 9/11????

-He had been paid large amounts of cash by the United States, according to people with knowledge of the case.

-The 2006 Washington meetings were an opportunity for both sides to determine, in face-to-face talks, whether they could take their relationship to a new level of cooperation?

-One reason the Americans could justify bringing Mr. Juma Khan to Washington was that they claimed to have no solid evidence that he was smuggling drugs into the United States.

No solid evidence?

And in the free and democratic west, you are never going to know the truth. Because a plea bargain is being worked out for Mr Khan.

Now, plea negotiations are quietly under way. A plea bargain might keep many of the details of his relationship to the United States out of the public record.


  1. Was Holbrooke murdered?

    - Aangirfan

  2. Hey Aangirfan!

    I guess anything is possible, but, in this case, I don't think so.