Monday, December 6, 2010

Israeli police blame negligence for deadly forest fire

Putting this one up strictly for historical purposes.
By that I mean, will the evolution of history change or morph this news?
How will it be spun down the road?
And, perhaps it won't be. But turning a random incident into something of political value can never be discounted. When perception is everything.

Negligence, not arson, appears to have caused the worst forest fire in Israel's history, police said Saturday as firefighters from around the world worked to quell the deadly blaze for a third consecutive day.

Two people were arrested in connection with the fire, police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said without providing further details about the suspects. “We're talking negligence at the moment,” Mr. Rosenfeld said.

Israel Radio, citing unidentified police officials, said the blaze likely was started by a family that failed to extinguish a picnic fire.

Definitely the picnicking perpetrators were Israeli.
If they had been Palestinians this would have been spun as linked to terrorism etc., etc.,

It was mighty decent of Turkey to help put the fire out. Mighty decent, considering the murder of Turkish civilians on the ship...

In a strong show of humanitarian gesture, Turkey, despite its marred relations with Israel, rushed to help the Jewish state fight the bushfire being termed as its largest-ever.

Israel is not known for humanitarianism. Not towards Arabs and not towards Palestinians.
What does Turkey's gesture indicate about that country?


  1. Well Penn I think it's that whole Thanksgiving thing, Yuh know Turkeys and ovens, Jews and ovens, yup I can see that.

  2. Penny, while I agree that if these picnic goers were Arab, then it sure would have been spun. However, that said I take no joy from the loss of the forest and the loss of life - I will NOT be fanned to that great a hatred.

    Silverfish - your comment isn't funny nor clever, just plain ignorant.


  3. Penny, you ask "What does Turkey's gesture indicate about that country?"

    Answer: Turkey is ruled by J E W S.

    Or did you see them helping to extinguish the far bigger fires of last summer in Greece, Italy, Spain?

  4. They were probably training "Hezbollah" to fire rockets, had an accident.


  5. Penny , it seems that both negligence and arson = terrorism

    "Taglit-Birthright Israel participants help rehabilitate JNF Forest after Major Fires"

    "Zionism is about doing – when you do something physical, you get a sense of belonging. The forest here is a pine forest, and pine trees are survivors. They grow fast, they don’t need a lot of water, they grow in rocky areas, but they also burn very easily. Over the last few weeks we've experienced some major forest fires in this region caused by negligence and arson. In my opinion, this is a form of terrorism. The work we will be doing here today will help prevent future fires from spreading to areas that are still green."

    Tree-planting is big business. Lots and lots of donations [ check out the Jewish National Fund]


  6. it was some teenagers, evidently.

    "A 14-year-old resident of Usfiya was arrested on Monday on suspicion of hurling a charcoal from a water-pipe into a forest clearing near Usfiya on Thursday morning, witnessing the ignition of a large fire, and fleeing the scene. Police suspect the boy's actions directly led to the Carmel forest inferno.

    The youth confessed to the suspicions against him and reenacted his alleged actions on Monday, police added."

    i tend to agree with anon's perspective on Turkey, sad to say.

  7. Me too, I'm down with anon. And Suraci!

    As for the Turkish water bomber, they should have painted Even though you just killed ten of our citizens in cold blood we show you how humans with a sense of compassion behave. The lesson will be lost on you but never mind in metre hight letters down the side of it. Fair enough, beggars and choosers, blah blah blah.

    Otherwise, Turks are one thing but me, I'd have let the fucking place burn. God rot the lot of them.

  8. Hey Pen,..Here's the thing; Perhaps it was a drunken Palestinian settler and his two hair-curl dirty brats setting poor yiddish farmer's orchards on fire. The fire which was probably set under the gaze of Palestinian soldiers getting drunk in their bunker. Possibly, the fire was small at first and many Palestinian squatter's got a huge belly-laugh out of it, until it got out of hand; unfortunately, the Palestinian Fire Brigade is grossly under-equipped because the Palestinian government spends the trillions of dollars it steals off the Amerikan taxpayers on weapons, booze, drugs, porn and child-prostitutes they use for blood ritual so they can dry the blood they drain out of the kids and put it in their religious matzo crackers they eat when they attend their holi-days; rather than social infrastructure.

    I guess?


  9. a whole bunch of interesting comments and I am short on time, sooo..

    anonymous: Turkey is ruled by Jews.

    Interesting comment, and not the first time I have read that thought. Myself, I am not ready to go there. I have to come to these conclusion, if I make them on my own. That is just the way I roll.

    "Or did you see them helping to extinguish the far bigger fires of last summer in Greece, Italy, Spain?"

    I tried to find some information on that and did find a wikipedia mention that Turkey assisted Greece in the 2007 fire.

    As for the rest, I can't tell. Italy has fires quite regularly.
    On Sardinia, On Sicily. And in the south. With news of fires dating from 2003,2007, 2009.

    Spain another one that has regular forest fires.

    I will note also that Turkey has gone to Lebanon to fight fires there. As did Jordan.

    "The Lebanese government sought the help of Turkey and Jordan to extinguish the 120 fires that broke out over the weekend."

    Read more:
    (The Daily Star :: Lebanon News ::

    Also interesting is that Israel has no forest fire fighting capacity. Which is amazing IMO. Demonstrating incompetence.
    To busy stealing land I guess.

  10. suraci: Hello!
    and that can not be discounted.


    Covering all bases?
    That is how it seems, while this story will go down the memory hole: that it was picnickers, and obviously Israelis.

    Those comments seem as if the seeds are being planted for future propaganda.
    co-joining negligence arson and terrorism.

    Negligence is unintentional, arson is intentional, and terrorism is a spin word.

    Used together? Planting the seed of propaganda.

    silv, Maggie,AP, nobody, and veritas

    Hey to all!

    interesting veritas and the last comment I have time for today.

    When Israelis set fire to Palestinians olive groves and homes and schools and mosques..
    If they burned out of control, would Israel have blamed the Palestinians?

    I think they would have, recalling A Lieberman's commentary from last week.