Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Khodorkovsky saga- Western Style Transparency Part 2

Ok, where were we?
Grab a coffee, tea, water, wine..whatever, whichever and spend some time reading.
If your reading this information for the first time, you are going to need some background to connect the dots.
First read here, then follow up with this.
If you have already been following along, no need to refresh, just start reading below!

From the St. Petersburg Times published in 2005.
A business section op-ed published in response to a jailhouse letter from Khodorkovsky.

I believe this is the Khodorkovsky letter. Though, the blogger for Khodorkovsky has it published in two parts, one longer, one edited, both feeling very westernized.
By that I mean, intended for a Western audience.
Quoting from the version posted December 28th, I note some interesting language.

" the first green shoots" as written by Khodorkovsky?

Odd, Obama has used the same language? "Green Shoots". So has bankster Ben Bernanke.
This is the language of a Washington based Public Relations firms.

There is a lot of what can rightly be called "playing victim" contained in his jailhouse speech.
But, some is just laughable-
" I pity the greedy people who have acted so crudely and senselessly towards the minority shareholders of YUKOS."
Khodorkovsky, though not speaking of himself, should be! He screwed the Yukos shareholders, he screwed the bank depositors. Him, he did it. What incredible moxy and again, I am noting that this sentence is straight from his Washington based Public Relations firm. The one that he hired to remake him into a "crusader for stockholder and investor rights"
I have to figure out which one he hooked up with.
I will wager his so called letter was actually written for him by this PR Firm.

Enough, of Khodorkovsky's "letter"/advertisement.
Let's look the response it garnered, linked above, from the St. Petersburg Times, entitled: "Khodorkovsky, The Dubious Martyr"
Dubious indeed.

I am just going to quote bits of it-

Khodorkovsky rails against the rapacious bureaucracy, predicting that the angry mob will soon be baying for its promised bread and circus. Well, perhaps, but wouldn't it be odd if a nation that quietly suffered the indignities of 1998 - left hungry, cold and utterly destitute following the collapse of the pyramid erected by the oligarchs - should rise up in protest now?

To use his own analogy, at present the people enjoy both bread and circuses. During the Boris Yeltsin regime they lacked not for circuses - loans-for-shares was my personal favorite - but the bread was cruelly missing. The bureaucracy may well be rapacious, but the state budget apparently benefits, too. Wages and pensions are now paid, in cash, in full and on time

Does it justify the original purchase of Yukos for some $300 million - never actually paid - in a rigged auction or the bloody takeover of Apatit?

Menatep policy has been one of scorched earth. Hundreds of millions of dollars were lavished on a fiercely anti-Russian PR campaign, corrupting eminent academics and foundations in Moscow and abroad.

Mikhail, the oligarchic model has been tried already. It was not a resounding success. Perhaps it was unavoidable, yet it was a road that led past ruin, default and penury, through the plunder of Russia and the impoverishment of Russians. Where was your concern for justice and the sanctity of property rights when Menatep Bank defaulted, or when cash flows were diverted offshore and multibillion dollar assets redistributed among a handful of cronies? Why such virtuous indignation only now? Isn't it a question of whose ox is being gored?

Yes, Mikhail where was your concern for justice? Where was your concern for the people of Russia, you claim to feel affinity with. Why didn't you actually pay for Yukos? How about the depositors of your "failed" private bank? Did you weep for the injustice of the stolen deposits?
Did you concern yourself with the starvation? Did you lie awake at night thinking of the increase in alcoholism, the lowered life expectancy, the general destitution, that you and the other oligarchs had brought to bear on the people? I am certain you did not.

Did you imagine that the Russian people would storm the Kremlin walls for you? Or was it your American friends whose openly avowed neo-imperialism blinded them to the Russian political realities?
You can always spend some time reading up on bankster extraordinaire Larry Summers and his roll in the pillaging of Russia, for some additional information.

Mikhail, your conception of patriotism is quite singular. Yes, others before you have fought the state tooth and nail, but they at least refrained from couching their self-interest in terms of patriotism.

Self-interest dressed up as patriotism. You gotta love that!!

But, let's move on to this piece: Insider Reveals Details Of Russia's Greatest Financial Scam
Published in 2003, Where we meet
Yelena Collongues-Popova, 49

On Aug. 4, she sent the Russian Tax Police six pounds of documents, including corporate papers, trading reports and bank statements from 1996 to 2000, that she says show insider dealing and tax evasion by Golubovich on behalf of himself and the Menatep empire controlled by Khodorkovsky.
Collongues-Popova provided the MVD with her documents, the MVD, in return, made available to her papers that show that her signature and identity were used without her knowledge for transactions of Yukos shares. It is a crime to do a stock transfer without knowledge of the owner or through falsification of the owner's signature.

He said, "The MVD sent us documents relating to Yelena receiving shares of Yukos. According to documents she had ownership of zillions (recall American investor Kenneth Dart and the dilution of shares) of shares and that she transferred them to other entities. But she did not have the shares. A lot of [the transfer documents] were not signed by Yelena. He said the MVD had found papers "with Yelena involved in companies she didn't know she was involved in. It may be that some of those Yukos shares are invalid, because she didn't sign those papers." He said, "We got pages of questions from the MVD: 'Did you sign this, did you sign that?' They asked for fingerprints and a notarized signature."

Kinsbourg explained that, through offshore companies, Collongues-Popova and her son, a former colonel in the Russian special services, had been listed as directors of companies holding hundreds of million dollars worth of shares of Yukos and other Menatep companies.

Kinsbourg showed me numerous such papers. One of them was related to a company named Sequential Holdings. In 1999, Collongues-Popova was a director of Sequential Holding Russian Investor, a shell company that held 12.5 percent of Yukos.

Collongues-Popova worked directly with Golubovich at Menatep Trade House, then a branch of Menatep Bank. She says that at Golubovich's instruction, she set up 30 shell companies to be owned by him and registered in six countries.

Collongues-Popova was the director of many of the companies.

Collongues-Popova said she opened accounts "to receive money from other offshore companies." She said, "Significant transactions of stocks of private Russian companies quoted on the Moscow Stock Exchange passed under my signature in the years 1997 and 1998. They constitute the evidence of insider crimes and of infringements of the anti-monopoly laws." She said the companies were also used for "operations of tax evasion and transfer pricing."

Collongues-Popova noted that "certain 'mysterious' fortunes" grew along with the flight of capital from Russia, particularly at the time of the financial crisis of August 1998, and "supported by fictitious contracts intended to comfort the recipient banks" that "due diligence" had been done in the various bank havens." She said the resulting profits were "concealed in Switzerland, Luxembourg, the United Kingdom, Cyprus and the United States." She said transfers to the "great money-center banks" such as J.P. Morgan Chase, the Bank of New York and Citibank appear on the bank statements of the Swiss accounts under her signatures.

You may recall I mentioned this in the previous post, a man named Ernest Bankes claimed he had evidence of cash transfers going to the US banks. We also had the journalist Denis Roberts making accusations of impropriety in a book entitled Revalation$

What is amazing to me, and likely demonstrates the level of corruption in France, the independent journalist, his publisher and the French TV company Canal+ France had to pay Clearstream because they allegedly failed in their attempts to prove any and all allegations.

It is inconceivable that the publisher of the book, would not have vetted the book through it's legal department before publishing it? I also suggest it is not the responsibility of a journalist to "prove" his allegations. That is for a courtroom. He should be able to substantiate his allegations. Which in all likelihood he did, hence the publishing of the book.

In conclusion, finally. (big sigh) Khodorkovsky is no angel.

From what I have read, and I have spent hours and hours reading and looking for information he appears a criminal, a tax evader, he shafted everyone around him from shareholders to bank depositors, he aided in the impoverishment and misery of the people of Russia, for the enrichment of himself and his ilk.


  1. I am going to throw a comment up, because, this post had gone on to long already.

    The corruption and thievery demonstrated by Khodorkovsky and his fellow oligarchs, is no different then the rampant corruption in Western banks/multinationals.

    While the western politicos scream of injustice for Khodorkovsky they do so only because this is what goes on under western rule. And they support it. Hence their support of this man.

    Western political talk may be of justice and freedom and democracy.
    But, what this talk is really about is cronyism, elitism, nepotism and god know what else.

  2. Nice work again, Pen. As you point out Khodorkovsky came out of nowhere and became part of the Yeltsin government to begin with. Somebody put him there. So there was a system that preceded his rise to apparent power. And given that the Rothchilds were the beneficiaries of this system, they were almost certainly running it to begin with. That system is also almost certainly still in place (though with reduced power) which accounts for some other oligarchs still in place and curious Russian moves such as denying the Iranians the defensive missile system which would go a long way to ending the effectiveness of all those israeli threats of annihilation.

    Never-the-less, the Rothschilds have not had it all there own way and that is thanks to Vladimir Putin. Without him, the Rothschilds would control Russian oil and we would probably have a One World Currency by now and with it a de facto One World Government.

    I think the world owes Vladimir Putin a lot.

  3. Good story, good comments.

    This guy was a vehicle for international bankers to use to loot the country. The IMF, UN and other 'legitimate' vultures looted it as Naomi Klein pointed out in The Shock Doctrine.....still relevant.
    The same scum who run the IMF and UN set up this Khodorkovsky and took him down when appropriate. Maybe Putin is the same, maybe not?

    The most important point of all may be raised in Pen's comment about western oligarchs, and political hacks.
    Really aside from their accent, how are Harper, Campbell or McGuinty any different than this guy? Their function is the same, to facilitate the theft of a nations resources and to accelerate its decent into insolvency ASAP.
    All nation states are under attack, all of us are losing, but for some insane reason I believe the outcome is not yet certain. Us people still have a chance.

  4. Thanks James.
    All the reading I did was an interesting peek into the machinations of the elite class.

    Khodorkovsky is so well connected to the political elites, the web of power that is woven around the world.

    He is linked to Rand, Carlyle, Rothschild, Kissinger.

    And if I dug more, I would find even more.

    What did you think of the whole use of the "green shoots" speak.
    Blew me away.

  5. A DC based lawfirm checked these posts out

    James A Baker IV.

    All this information is disseminated all over the net, and can easily be found by anyone diligently searching for information. From mainstream sources, in many countries.

  6. Comments process working OK?

  7. Well if the comments process is working OK, I guess comparing Harper, Campbell and McGuinty to Khordorkovsky is not OK??

  8. "I guess comparing Harper, Campbell and McGuinty to Khordorkovsky is not OK??"

    I think it is ok. Their all thieves.
    Stealing from the masses to enrich themselves and their corporate banking cronies.

  9. Yes, thanks Penny, I didn't think you would have a problem with those three thieves being called as such........but yesterday on of my comments disappeared, one of us has 'computer' issues. No big deal just an FYI.

  10. hey anonymous:
    blogger spam is redirecting comments into the span folder, this is not the first time, GRRRRR

    I have let your comment through, let me know if that happens again, please and thanks.

  11. What did you think of the whole use of the "green shoots" speak.

    Hi Pen, good spotting. It's highly unlikely that Khodorkovsky read Obama's speech and thought it was such a peachy expression that he couldn't wait to use it himself.

    So that leaves a PR firm, as you suggest, writing his little tract and they might have thought it peachy all by themselves but more likely they were involved in writing the other speeches or are under instructions from a single source.

    I think it likely that the big PR firms are co-ordinated and are employed to come up with these deceitful expressions along with whole story lines as in 'talking points' that are distributed to politicians.

    I would think that part of the brief is also to act as janitors to clean up the various messes that their trained dogs embarrassingly leave in public from time to time. It would makes sense if the PR firms are under contract to the likes of those pulling the strings and not directed by the likes of Khodorkovsky, Obama et. al.

  12. Interesting article on Khodorkovsky at Steve Lendman's blog

    It is notable to me that he fails to mention a factor that links Khodorkovsky, the NYT owners and himself and that is that they are all jews