Thursday, December 2, 2010

Lee Harvey Oswald's Coffin up for Auction

Onto something a little bit different.

Yes, you can own a piece of history!

Lee Harvey Oswald's original pine coffin can be yours.

"Original pine coffin that held the body of Lee Harvey Oswald from his burial on 25 November 1963 until his exhumation on 4 October 1981. Amidst conspiracy theories that a look-alike Russian agent was actually buried in place of Oswald, a fierce legal battle erupted between Robert and Marina Oswald with the former trying to stop the exhumation and the latter pushing it forward. Marina's side prevailed, forcing an exhumation to determine who was actually buried in Oswald's grave."
According to the auction house at time of posting-
Current Bid: $10,000 and the Reserve bid has not been met.

A news item from the Guardian

Pine coffin belonging to suspected assassin of President John F Kennedy expected to fetch at least £600 at auction

Oswald, shot by Jack Rubenstein (Ruby)

Jack Rubenstein, linked to organized crime?
Intelligence? Loyal to a foreign government?
Anyone's guess really.


  1. **Jack Ruby aka "Sparky" just plain gut shot an unarmed manacled man (Oswald).It's a gun down,a gut-shot,a cowards act. learn to be jungle walker; you sense a fight coming on.'You have to take the play away. If you don't take the play, the other guy will'
    ..Jack was spastic- he acted suddenly**
    above a few odd quotes from Gary Wills and Ovid Demaris's book Jack Ruby.

  2. Beautiful coffin - to die for really...

    Never mind all that. You know who'll buy that coffin? A satanist. I'll bet money on it.

  3. Oswald's death was a complete set up, without question. It was just a kike who was dieing of cancer in the first place taking one for team Jew.

    I remember the day that Oswald was shot clearly. We were on our way out to do some deer hunting(yes I used to do things like that)anyways we were stopping for breakfast when the news on the car radio stated that Oswald was going to be moved from jail to the courthouse at a specific time and using a specific route.

    One of the hunting party made a comment that he would bet any of us ten bucks that Oswald would be dead before supper time. No one took the bet.

  4. interesting photograph HERE
    Candy barr famous stripper linked to Ruby Mickey Coh and Meyer Lansky.
    Jewish mob exceedingly ruthless.
    Lotsa juicy pics of Candy Barr in a Google Image search, some with Joan Collins :O

  5. sorry Pen, one more and that will be it JEWISH MOB

  6. MIchael Piper's FINAL JUDGEMENT links the Jewish mob and Mossad-CIA to the killing.

    Ruby's comment was that he did so that the Jews wouldn't be blamed.

    They wre influential in Dallas , contrary to the hollywood idea of it being 'redneck' country.

    Also their emphasis on Mafia rather than Organised crime to finger Italians.

    Anyhow I just did a post on this.

    The photos on Yahoo have above 'search for'. On a couple of the photos of LHO's coffin there is written 'Wooden coffin in which John F Kennedy', which I thopugh a mite wierd.


  7. "It's a gun down,a gut-shot,a cowards act."

    or an obvious hit?
    Really, why would Rubinstein have bothered to shoot Oswald, if not for a reason of all his own knowing.

    Good thing he died before being tried.

    nobody: A satanist? Possible.
    I wonder if the auction house will name the buyer?

    "Oswald's death was a complete set up, without question."
    that much is obvious, tying up loose ends seems the most likely reasoning.

    The Ruby's 'loose end' was tied too.

    Peter: thanks for the pics, wasn't Mickey Cohen a homely fellow, like yuk.

    Why does the msm persist in linking the Judaic organized crime gangsters with the Italian crew.

    Such a distraction

  8. aferrismoon:
    I checked out your post and left a comment!