Saturday, December 18, 2010

Oswalds Coffin Sells for over $87,000.00 dollars

But to who?

Covered this unusual news originally here

The simple wooden coffin that was supposed to be Lee Harvey Oswald's final resting place will soon have a new resting place of its own after a mystery bidder bought it at auction for more than $87,000.

It sold Thursday evening for $87,469, which includes a 20 percent buyers' fee.

He declined to provide details on the winning bidder, but said the bidder might speak publicly Friday.
(That was yesterday, December 17/2010, when this news story was initially reported on)

In this piece the auction house claims the buyer wants to announce the purchase to the world,
on his own.

Auction house officials declined Friday to release the name of the bidder who purchased Lee Harvey Oswald's coffin.

"It's something he wants to do himself," said Laura Yntema, manager of the Santa Monica, Calif.-based Nate D. Sanders Auctions.

The purchaser bid $87,468 for the artifact in a contest with two other bidders that lasted until 8 p.m. Pacific time Thursday, more than three hours after the auction's scheduled close.Yntema declined to offer information about the winning bidder, other than to say it was an individual collector rather than a museum.
It is highly unlikely the successful bidder will inform the press of his purchase.
Why would he?
Wondering if he was connected to the assassination somehow??
Could his last name could be Bush?
It could be....
Of course, it could be someone else.


  1. Who bought that thing?

    Obviously, a ghoul and someone connected to the murder of JFK.

    Maybe they want to use it to lay in the coffin, fantasize about the day when we lost our democratic republic to a 'SLC' and Wall Street and jerk-off?

  2. I was thinking it had to be a Bush family member..

    Given the Yale, skull and bones affinity that George has?

    And there enjoyment of getting naked in coffins.

    And they already do have Geronimo's skull, so you know they are plenty goulish