Thursday, December 23, 2010

Pakistan responds to US plans for military escalations

Pakistan has responded to the US news of plans for a military escalation.
I will get to that briefly.

Ponder this first!?
NATO occupation of Afghanistan for years now, should ensure that so called 'Taliban' are not escaping across the border from Afghanistan into Pakistan??? Shouldn't it?

Should the occupation forces, during this lengthy engagement have secured the borders, in the so called tribal regions to prevent this claimed easy passage from occurring?
I would think that should be a priority? (Unless NATO troops have been occupied elsewhere? Say, guarding pipelines & poppy fields)

So we are to believe, that despite the longtime occupation of Afghanistan by NATO forces, the US is claiming they have absolutely NO CONTROL over the borders, necessitating incursions into Pakistan? Seems preposterous.

We have to look at two options stemming from these claims.
The US is fabricating the porous border story to justify there attacks on Pakistan.
Second- The porous unchecked borders are by design, again to justify the attacks on Pakistan.
How else to explain the ease with which the alleged Taliban is passing over the borders?

Then consider this....
I went back through my blog postings to see when I first mentioned that the US was intending to invade/occupy/balkanize Pakistan.

To a piece from August 5/2009 -Pushing South Asia Toward the Brink

Quoting from the piece and my comment:

The contradictions and confusions in U.S. policy in South Asia were on full display during Secretary of State Hilary Clinton's recent visit to India. U.S. support for India, which centers on making money, selling weapons, and turning a blind eye to the country's nuclear weapons, is fatally at odds with U.S. policy and concerns about Pakistan.

By enabling an India-Pakistan arms race, rather than focusing on resolving the conflict and helping them make peace, the United States is driving Pakistan toward the very collapse it fears

Maybe that is what the US is after, the collapse of Pakistan? August 5/2009!

The US/NATO allies have been maneuvering to bring Pakistan down for a while now.

I have covered the arms sales to India. The massive arms sales. And looked at all the factors at play, or at least as many as I can think of ? In this post and many others...

So I won't bore you to tears rehashing all that again.

I will just make note of what Pakistan has said in response to an increase in US operations on Pakistan's soil.
Pakistan says no U.S. troops operation in its tribal regions

Pakistan said on Thursday that it will not accept any ground operation by the U.S. troops in its tribal regions bordering Afghanistan.

New York Times reported on Tuesday that the Obama administration is close to approving a major expansion of Special Operations ground raids into Pakistani regions bordering Afghanistan.

"The United States knows our red lines on the issue," Pakistani Foreign Office spokesman Abdul Basit said while responding to questions at the weekly news briefing about the New York Times report.

"Pakistan does not expect the United States to complicate matters involving counter-terrorism," the spokesman said, adding that NATO and ISAF mandate is restricted to Afghanistan and Pakistan's security forces are capable of taking action against militants and terrorists.

The spokesman said Pakistan is committed to fighting against terrorism and extremism. "It has been carrying out operations wherever required and Pakistani troops are already there in North Waziristan." He, however, said scope and timing of the operation in North Waziristan would be determined by Pakistan alone.

The New York Times acknowledged that the U.S. operation "would amount to the opening of a new front in the nine-year-old war, which has grown increasingly unpopular among Americans."

It reported that "senior American military commanders in Afghanistan" are pushing for the Obama administration to approve frequent ground raids into Pakistani tribal areas, where, according to Washington, Al Qaeda leaders have sanctuaries.

The U.S. also maintains that Taliban and other insurgent forces use the region, in particular, North Waziristan, as a staging area for attacks on the U.S. and NATO troops across the border in Afghanistan

I am starting to wonder if the South/North Korean activity is a sideshow, for the time being, for what should really be front & center stage?? The fact that the US/NATO alliance will ramp up the ongoing war in Pakistan. This is NOT the "opening of a new front" as quoted from the New York Times.

Ground troops in Pakistan would be an expansion of multi- front attacks on Pakistan that have been going on for quite some time now. Drone attacks, covert ops, attempted and successful assassinations of political leaders. Pakistan has been under attack for years, so there is no new front being opened.


  1. There is no war in Pakistan today, just like there was no war in Cambodia 40 years ago.
    The ignorance of the taxpayers who fund these non wars are about the same now as they were back then. Tragic. The propaganda matrix is holding.

    I enjoy your blog and bounce around a bit on Washingtonsblog, willyloman, nobody, aangirfan and a few others. Luv McGowan even though he trashed my record collection.
    I also get my news from, and consider myself well informed. I was 100% in the dark on the topic at this link.

    The stench of corruption, treason and corporate media complicity on this one are off the charts IMO.

    There are so many issues today, it is easy to get scandal fatigue, so if this one doesn't get you all wound worries. Also, no need to post this comment, (OK if you want to) as it is mainly just an FYI to a topic that has flown under the radar to me.

    Keep up the good work, happy holidays!

  2. The USSA and Israel want control of those Pakistani nukes, which the Zionist owned MSM is always calling those 'Muslim' nukes.

    Why don't they call Israeli nukes 'Jewish nukes?'

    I bought a copy that book "Operation Dark Heart' the Pentagon had said it was buying up and burning, since it contained too much sensitive info?
    Knew I could get some usable info from the latest BS coming out of the Pentagon.

    The book was heavily redacted, making some pages un-readable.

    The whole book was one long psyop exercise in advocating the invasion of Pakistan, but in a kinder and gentler way.

    The author, LTC Anthony Shaffer, is a pig and a drunk.

    He claims he respects the women serving in the 'Wars for Wall Street and Israel,' yet as soon as he sees one gal, he's drooling over her shapely legs.
    Another lady he spends part of his time scheming how to give her a 'full body massage.'

    And a drunk, or a recovering one he claims, but some of his drinking sessions put my past drunken bouts to shame... and this while he was doing Top Secret work for the DIA.

    Plus spying and doing counter-intelligence work on Americans in the USSA.

    He says some of these missions were so secret, no paper trail could be left, he had to report in person and only give verbal reports???

    There's more, but if this clown is indicative of what type of people we're sending over to SW Asia to kill for Zionism, it's no wonder we're becoming the most despised group of people on the planet.

    P.S. One of the reasons the 'Wars for Wall Street and Israel" is destroying our economy is that the area of ops where Shaffer was at got King Crab Legs flown in from Alaska at least once a week.

    Plus, they had satellite TV; hi-speed Internet and cell phone service that he claims was better than what he got back home in SW Virginia.

    And he still keeps repeating the same old lies, like Bin Laden is still alive and that we were forced to invade Afghanistan to bust up 'al CIA Duh.'

    Yet he never mentions that after 9/11, the Taliban offered to turn over BL on two conditions:

    One, that the Bush WH publish turn over that 'White Paper' that showed without a doubt that BL and AQ was behind 9/11 and two, that he be turned over to a neutral, 3rd country for a fair trial.

    Imagine that, the Taliban insisting on a fair trial!

    We didn't give Afghanistan the evidence we claimed to have, but we did give them smart bombs, not-so-smart bombs and hell on Earth.

  3. Anonymous:


    Like there was no war in Vietnam, what did they call that then?
    Some label, that I can't recall.

    And they also had special advisors on the ground. Yup, "special advisors".
    Special advisors that were on the ground in the mid -50's for goodness sakes.

    Well before Vietnam was officially a war.

    Officialy a war??!! the language use is abhorrent.

    I am glad you enjoy the blog, I put a fair bit of work into it.
    But, I do enjoy it.. which is why I keep it up.
    Because, the pay is terrible!

    I will have to check out willyloman, the others I know.
    I know what you mean about McGowan, the music you enjoyed just doesn't seem quite the same since Laurel Canyon.

    And I will check out the sea to sky highway story.

    "There are so many issues today, it is easy to get scandal fatigue"

    your 100 percent right!

    So often I sit here and think which news post for today, what topic?? There is so much that never get's the coverage it deserves.

    I laugh at the corporate whore media, they have the undivided attention of a passive, receptive audience and what passes for the news the past couple nights??

    People parking in parking lots badly, during the christmas shopping season.

    Another one was on some stalkerish sounding university computer hook up service.

    This is news?

    This is garbage, it is shit.

    But, it serves the ptb's very well!

  4. Hey Greg;

    thanks for letting me know about the book.

    Is it worth the read?

    I don't think I will bother with it, from your brief review here, I don't think I would want to spend the time reading it.
    Plus I have two I am reading right now, I am almost always reading two books, and a stack to get too on my desk.

    "The USSA and Israel want control of those Pakistani nukes, which the Zionist owned MSM is always calling those 'Muslim' nukes."

    That is why I mention in the post from the other day, the "Israel factor" as one reason for the drive to invade Pakistan.

    "And he still keeps repeating the same old lies, like Bin Laden is still alive and that we were forced to invade Afghanistan to bust up 'al CIA Duh.'"

    So, he really is a Pentagon stooge.

    "Yet he never mentions that after 9/11, the Taliban offered to turn over BL on two conditions"

    I was aware of that offer and if the author fails to mention that at all..... see Pentagon stooge comment.