Thursday, December 30, 2010

Secrets of the Federal Reserve-the book

I found a copy online. So, if you have never read it, as I have not as of yet....
Here is your chance
Secrets of the Federal Reserve

Quoting from "Barefoots World"

"Secrets of the Federal Reserve by Eustace Mullins, as controversial as it may seem to some, is placed on the web as a valid and well researched viewpoint of the history of U.S. and World Banking manipulations, and to keep it from disappearing.

Why would anyone disappear a book?


  1. This was the book written by Mullins after befriending Ezra Pound who started him on the research because he was well placed working in the library of congress.

    It was copied, largely word for word by G Edward Griffin and called "The Creature From Jekyll Island"

    This book gets lots of mentions, and cited frequently.

    The difference?

    Mullins names names.

    Who is Griffin? Paraded on prime time conspiracy sites like prisonplanet. Who is Mullins? (not my words) An anti-semite, just like Ezra Pound...


    Who is Griffin again?

    Happy New Year Friends! x

  2. Hey Edo:

    I knew the background on the book, but, not the book itself.
    When I came across the link I thought, seems as good a time as any, to take a look back at how the banksters gained so much power.

    Funny Meria Heller re-aired an interview with Eustace as a sort of banker weekend, and she said the same thing, Mullins names names.

    I have some issues with G Edward Griffin and the plagiarization of Mullin's book.

    Meria also interviewed him way back and I relistened, and I didn't hear it at that time, but now, there were little things that nagged at me during the interview, about many of Griffins answers.

    He didn't seem as forthright as Mullin's did.

    Have you read the book previously?
    And Happy New Year to you also.

  3. This reminds me that I should read more books. They should make Secrets of the Federal Reserve - the movie, and just show a bunch of people cranking out thousand dollar bills with steampunk printing presses and laughing their butts off at the doomed masses counting quarters to purchase one more pack of cigarettes before they keel over in their one bedroom shithole apartment from a heart attack - that would be the most honest movie ever made (except for the director's cut of Passion of the Christ which is just Mel "the hell" Gibson flying into a rage).

  4. hello rate of dissent!

    we should all read more books.
    I read quite a bit, and often have two books on the go.

    I prefer reading a book for information as you can get way more information, indepth look into a topic, then you will ever get from say a news broadcast.