Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Carbon capture leaking causes ground water to fizz, like shaken soda pop.

Interesting news article:

A Saskatchewan farm couple whose land lies over the world's largest carbon-capture and storage project says greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide) leaking out are killing animals and sending groundwater foaming to the surface like shaken soda pop.

The gases were supposed to have been injected permanently underground.

But in 2005, the Kerrs began noticing algae blooms, clots of foam and multicoloured scum in two ponds at the bottom of a gravel quarry on their land. Sometimes, the ponds bubbled. Small animals -- cats, rabbits and goats -- were regularly found dead a few metres away.

The water, said Jane Kerr, came out of the ground carbonated.

"It would fizz and foam."

Then there were the explosions.

"At night we could hear this sort of bang like a cannon going off," said Jane Kerr, 58. "We'd go out and check the gravel pit and, in the walls, it (had) blown a hole in the side and there would be all this foaming coming out of this hole."

"Just like you shook up a bottle of Coke and had your finger over it and let it spray," added her husband.

Inject Carbon into the ground and what does one get? Carbonated ground water.

Holy Perrier!

Which would make sense, since we should all know Carbon is added to CARBONATED beverages, through the process of Carbonation to make it fizz.

When you open your carbonated drink the Carbon dioxide is released into the air.

A simple solution to so called man made Global Warming? Ban carbonated drinks!

But wait!!! That is NOT profitable in an exploitative manner. Not like forcing you to buy carbon credits at a carbon casino, I mean in the carbon market.

And one more point I would like to make. If this hadn't occurred to you while you read this? - If the Carbon, from the "capture" is escaping from the ground it is going right into the atmosphere. Making this carbon capture project completely bogus.


  1. Hey Penny,..Two years ago, here in my part of Oz, we were being harangued on an hourly, yep, hourly basis by the Media in editorials and interviews with the PTB about the perils of the "Million Year Drought" we were in; a drought that was going to destroy Australia's economy and ecology; if we didn't pay more for our water, by way of “increased cost” and penalties for over-usage. The fact that we have never paid for water was never mentioned or made public: In Australia as in many countries naturally occurring water is considered a part of the 'Commonwealth' and therefore free to all: The cost of water by way of Rates, is to pay for the Utilities that gather, clean and pump the resource at Mains pressure to all households with Mains water connections. So, the obfuscation of the actual costs for Mains water has set in the minds of the sheeple a belief that water-rates are actually a charge for water: Not so; nonetheless we were up until about a month ago, being warned of the perils of over-usage and the government having to make the "tough decisions" regarding the future cost to the "consumer"; they use the term consumer now instead of "resident" or "householder", because the former implies a financial relationship rather than a citizen administrator/public servant relationship. Yep, in a galaxy far, far away; the Royal families we once new as the State and Federal Governments, were employed as Public Servants; read into that title what you will...

    Well, it hasn’t stopped raining here for about two months, no shit; the land is so inundated that rumours abound regarding children being born with gills (grin). Yesterday; it was curtly and ever so briefly reported; once, that I saw, that the PTB is meeting to discuss the current Drought Policies and the “possible effect the current rains might have upon future costing”: So, not only are they not prepared to accept and announce that the “Million Year Drought” that the Media and the PTB only started to terrify everyone with six years ago is, well, over. They still, intend to charge the community for water, even though the “increased cost of water to the consumer” was only part of emergency measures made necessary by the terrible conditions brought about by the “Million Year Drought” that we only started to hear about six years ago.

    Soda pop that kills small animals, oozing up from the ground, out of “the world's largest carbon-capture and storage project”, how novel, I was catatonic for several minutes when I read this, the image of carbonated ooze bubbling from a stony quarry-wall: How about increased water charges reaffirmed to combat Drought effects on the same day it is reported that 14 people have drowned as a result of an “Inland Tsunami” caused by a Levy breaking under massive pressure from 18 metre high flood waters, with a reported 98 people still missing and estimates reporting in excess of 50,000 houses and businesses destroyed:

    Is it me? Is it me? What am I not getting Penny?


  2. Here , and I guess in many countries we get junk mail, on a daily basis.

    Most people have on their post box , 'no junk mail'.

    next to the door is a box where the postman dumps the unwanted mail.

    So companies send out unwanted mail which is sorted and delivered to a BIN by the post office and then , once full, taken to the waste-paper bin a few yards away.

    Not one 'green' or pro-environment party or organisation even raises a mild concern.

    I think the postman has to deliver them rather than just put them straight in the waste-paper container.

    File under ' too profitable a waste of time to be got rid of'


  3. No veritas it is not just you the world is insane, governments are corrupt and out of touch and the weather is doing what it always does.

    Being unpredictable.

    Having blogged on the global warming saga a number of times.
    I didn't know what exactly to make of the carbonated ground water story.
    I knew the carbon capture technology was all unproven, and largely a gamble, so the fact that it would be leaking doesn't really surprise me.

    The carbon injected into the ground under pressure is similar to the process of producing soda pop, so it seems it could be credible for ground water to become carbonated.

    As for the random dead animals???

    What had killed them?

    It did cross my mind that it is not that the carbon dioxide is not toxic, per say, like carbon monoxide is but that all the aformentioned gas in the water bubbled their digestive system in a way that they are not used to possibly making them ill, especially over a long period of consumption.

    There are people who think that the mass consumption of pop due to the carbonation process can cause damage to the digestive system.

    I don't know?

    One other thing I should have made note of from the article, besides "storing" the carbon dioxide.
    The company in charge of this project, "Cenovus, has injected about 16 million tonnes of carbon dioxide underground to force more oil from an aging field"

    To force more oil from an aging field.

    So the animals may well be being poisoned from consuming oil that is being forced from an aging field and quite frankly who knows what else is coming up from the ground with this carbonated water??

    All in all a strange news article.
    But then reality is always stranger then fiction.

  4. Aferrismoon:

    Junk Mail!


    I often think of all the really stupid processes that continue on, despite the powerful people's "concern" for the environment.

    Junk Mail being one of them.
    When I pick up my mail, the junk goes straight into the recycle bin, it doesn't even make it into the house.

    Or how about drive through's?
    At the local coffee place, it is not unusual to see 15-20 cars idling in the drive "thru"

    which btw, none of them are driving through anything, they are sitting their enveloped in the stench of their cars exhaust.

    Does this make any sense?

    Give me more time I can think of more..

    In fact globalisation itself is the most anti-environmental, killing of earth type plan the elites have cooked up.

    But it is never a problem.

  5. Penny, remember Lake Nyos in 1986 in Cameroon. People and animals were killed by outgasing CO2 from the bottom of the lake. As you said CO2 is not toxic per se but it is asphyxiating when a certain concentration threshold is attained.

    Here a reference to that incident

    Carbon sequestration detractors said that this kind of disasters may happen sooner or later.

  6. Gallier:
    very interesting.

    some quotes from your link.

    "a limnic eruption occurred at Lake Nyos which triggered the sudden release of about 1.6 million tonnes of CO2; this cloud rose at nearly 100 kilometres (62 mi) per hour. The gas spilled over the northern lip of the lake into a valley running roughly east-west from Cha to Subum, and then rushed down two valleys branching off it to the north, displacing all the air and suffocating some 1,700 people within 25 kilometres.

    So the CO2 cloud was so large, it displaced all the air and caused the people to suffocate.
    Not poisoning them, but denying them oxygen.

    " It was believed that many of the victims had been poisoned by a mixture of gases including hydrogen and sulfur gases."

    Sort of what I had questioned wrt the animal deaths?
    Was there something else coming up along with the carbonated water?

    ". Settlers cite the wish to return to ancestral lands (although some are newcomers) and the great fertility of the land as reasons for their return."

    The great fertility of the land.

    Is it because of the carbon dioxide saturated water?
    Or is the water, Also saturating the surrounding earth?

  7. There's also the possibility that around the lake the atmospheric CO2 is higher than normal, which would explain the better fertility. Photosynthesis is rate limited by CO2, which means if the air contains more CO2, the photosynthesis works better.