Monday, January 24, 2011

Dictator Baby Doc and the multi-million dollar pay off

In my previous post on Haiti, here.
James left a good response, regarding the US et al, using Baby Doc as leverage to force Preval's hand with regards to the elections.

In my opinion, yes, Baby Doc as leverage is very useful.
It sends a message to Preval that he is not running the country. Other nations are the true holders of power.

But there is also some money to be had by Baby Doc......
Ex-dictator Baby Doc 'returned to Haiti for millions'

The surprise return to Haiti of ousted dictator Jean-Claude "Baby Doc" Duvalier may have been part of a plan to unlock $5.7 million held in Swiss bank accounts.

On January 12 last year, Switzerland's Federal Supreme Court ruled that Mr Duvalier, 59, should be allowed to access the money. The decision was considered a public relations disaster by the Swiss government, which is keen to shed the country's image as a financial haven for disgraced dictators.

Politicians quickly passed the so-called "Duvalier Law" under which funds could be returned to countries from which they had been stolen by rogue leaders.

Whatever "charges" may or may not have been brought against Duvalier, they are not a factor at this point. There has been no trial. Hence, Duvalier is not officially guilty of anything.

We have two options to look at, thus far-

1-Duvalier, will not go to trial, will not be found guilty and will get access to the money.

2-The US(OAS) will force Preval's hand, the American puppets will be installed in Haiti, either the singer(?) Martelly or Mirlande Manigat, doesn't matter. They will get the money from the Swiss banks and siphon it to Baby Doc.

Baby Doc will be paid handsomely for further upsetting the political balance in Haiti.

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  1. It does sound like the kind of thing that happens!

    - Aangirfan.