Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hariri Tribunal: Discord in Lebanon? Political Game Players who and why ?

The Hariri Tribunal news should be hitting msm soon.
"Draft charges hinting at Hezbollah in the 2005 murder of Lebanese premier Rafiq Hariri are likely to be presented under wraps to the Special Tribunal for Lebanon on Monday"

The spin could also include an Iranian angle.
That, Iran conspired with Hezbollah to kill Hariri.
Israeli news is reporting the Iranian angle.

Ayatollah Khamenei gave the order. From there the order to murder Hariri was transmitted to Imad Mughniyeh, Hezbollah's top commander at the time, by Quds force chief Qassem Suleymani. The sources said Mughniyeh and his brother-in-law, Mustapha Badr al-Dine, put together the hit team that carried out the attack.
Convenient for Israel. And I am wondering if this bit of news is unique to Israel and it's anti-Iranian propaganda tactics?

I can't see any reason at all for Iran to have been involved in the Hariri assassination.
As I had said in my previous post, this type of decision could cause sectarian violence, pitting religious groups against on another, possibly driving Lebanon into a civil war.
Another nation, not Iran, would have a greater interest in seeing this happen.

Australian news is already reporting-

An 'International tribunal' investigating the assassination of the former Lebanese prime minister Rafik Hariri in 2005 is expected to submit a draft indictment for judicial review at The Hague today.

With several senior members of the Lebanese Shiite movement Hezbollah likely to face charges over the murder.

The news out of Lebanon is interesting. Let's look at a few articles of interest.

Renaming Hariri as PM Impossible as Lebanon Cannot Continue with his Policy.
This from
Free Patriotic Movement leader Michel Aoun

Renaming Saad Hariri as Lebanon prime minister poses a "serious threat" to Lebanon.

      "There is a serious threat because renaming Hariri as prime minister is impossible," Aoun told a press conference at the end of an extraordinary meeting of his Change and Reform parliamentary bloc.

      "Lebanon cannot continue with the Hariri policy which is destroying Lebanon," he said from Rabiyeh.

    Hariri's policies are destroying Lebanon? I can believe it.
    Michel Aoun also had this to say. A pointed message to the Druze leader

    In a message to Walid Jumblat, Aoun warned the Druze leader against going back to the old position.

    "He cannot split himself, otherwise he would be returning to the wrong position," Aoun said of Jumblat.

    Walid Jumblat may be the kingmaker in a political game that could see Lebanon fall back into civil war.
    First let's look at Walid Jumblat and the Druze party.
    Hariri has gone to the Druze party looking for support.
    On returning to Lebanon, Hariri went immediately to meet with a key powerbroker, Druze leader Walid Jumblatt. Al Nahar reported that Hariri told Jumblatt that "they have a gun pointed at my head and they want me to surrender."

    Hence the message from the Free Patriotic Movement Party. Jumblat stop flip floppin, Saad Hariri is destroying Lebanon.

    From Washington:
    "The United States doesn't want to see Lebanon destabilized but there's little it can do to resolve the political crisis sparked by the collapse of the government in Beirut."

    Nonsense. The US precipitated this crisis! They could have done a lot more to ensure that the agreement being worked on between Syria and Saudi Arabia would have born fruit. To keep Lebanon stable .But Washington did not want stability. Which is why Hilary and Saad Hariri axed the agreement (See, this post, for that news)

    Why would Washington not want stability in Lebanon?
    Which regional ally of theirs covets Lebanon's land and water?
    The answer to that tells you exactly why Washington does not want stability in Lebanon.

    Why of course, the answer is Israel. The biggest benefactor of discord in Lebanon is Israel.
    It gives them a justification to launch an attack, to "secure the borders" of course..
    But, what it really gives them is the means to steal land and get control of the Litani river

    "Zionist interest in the waters of Lebanon goes back as least as far as the Paris Peace Conference of 1919 when Chaim Wietzman wrote to the British Prime Minister explaining that because of its water requirements, a Jewish homeland in Palestine must include the Litani River.

    In the 50's, Israeli Prime Minister Moshe Sharett recorded in his diaries that Moshe Dayan's plan for the control of the Litani River was to "'enter Lebanon, occupy the relevant territory' then the 'territory south of the Litani will be annexed to Israel and everything will fall into place.'" (Quoted in Amery, pp. 18-19)

    This is not new or startling information. Put Israel Litani river in a search engine and see what you can find. I have made it easy for you, and take the liberty of doing so.

    There is also the matter of Natural gas reserves.

    I covered that dispute between Lebanon and Israel previously in a post dated July 28/2010

    Massive Natural Gas resources to spark attack by Israel on Lebanon

    Tiny excerpt-

    While offshore natural gas discoveries have spurred Lebanese and Israeli saber-rattling in a region widely viewed as rich in energy resources, a London analyst said it is too early to make categorical claims about the size and ownership of the potential reservoirs.

    From foreign policy article- "I emailed Fareed Mohamedi, an expert on Middle East energy at PFC Energy, who in turn asked colleague Yahya Sadowski about the stakes at play. Sadowski indicated that there is validity to Lebanon's concerns that Tamar straddles the waters of both countries -- "They would all be tapping into the same reservoir,"


    1. It is interesting to watch as the seeds of lies grow bigger in the propaganda game.
      Reports from other countries blaming Hezbollah and possibly Iran make the rounds like gossip.
      Never to be outdone, never late to a party of lies to enable war, our despicable loathsome CBC started blaming Hezbollah back in November, and of course they also blamed Iran.
      That story went around the world to such an extent that the UN was forced to comment on it.

      CBC ran that article repeatedly in December, repeatedly. One gem of many.....

      "CBC News has learned that:
      Evidence gathered by Lebanese police and, much later, the UN, points overwhelmingly to the fact that the assassins were from Hezbollah, the militant Party of God that is largely sponsored by Syria and Iran. CBC News has obtained cellphone and other telecommunications evidence that is at the core of the case."

      Good reporting on this Penny.

    2. Anonymous:

      reading through the CBC "investigation" I notice this..

      "From Lebanon's phone companies, he obtained the call records of all the cellphones that had registered with the cell towers in the immediate vicinity of the Hotel St. George, where the massive blast had torn a deep crater."

      From Lebanon's cell phone companies he obtained records of cellphone calls made within the vicinity of the blast zone.

      But some years back there was much news reported of Israel's infiltration of Lebanon's cellphone network

      Making this convenient for the UN, almost like a gift, neatly tied with a bow..

      some info as far back as 2009-
      Along with news out of Egypt that Israel had spies there

      "News sites in the region have reported that the Israeli spy network has been operating in Egypt for "many months" and that it is linked to other cells in Lebanon and the Gaza Strip"

      It is no secret that Israel is a big player in the telecommunications market.

    3. thanks for the compliment :)
      good to know my time spent is appreciated!