Monday, January 10, 2011

Israel shrugs off criticism of demolitions- attacks Gaza and closes border crossings

Israel has been busy! Razing historic buildings in occupied territory. Attacking Gaza. And, colluding with the PA to close a border crossing into and out of Gaza to make life more difficult for the people.

Israel on Monday shrugged off sharp international criticism of its razing of an historic east Jerusalem hotel to make way for settler homes

"Actions undertaken yesterday at the Shepherd Hotel were conducted by private individuals in accordance with Israeli law," so says Netanyahu.

Of course!
East Jerusalem is occupied Palestinian territory.

Bulldozers on Sunday began demolishing the Shepherd Hotel in the Sheikh Jarrah district of occupied east Jerusalem

The move drew widespread international criticism, including from top US and European Union officials.

Time to stop criticizing and put your money where your mouths are!

"I reiterate that settlements are illegal under international law, undermine trust between the parties and constitute an obstacle to peace," EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton said.

"We recall that east Jerusalem is part of occupied Palestinian territory; the EU does not recognise the annexation by Israel."

Britian speaks out of both sides of it's mouth

The British consulate in east Jerusalem, located next to the hotel site, issued a statement out of London in which Foreign Office Minister Alistair Burt joined the condemnation.

(Why is the consulate located in occupied territory, other then to add legitimacy to the occupation?)

"We oppose provocative unilateral actions such as this, which hinder efforts to resume talks between the two parties leading to a two-state solution to this conflict," Burt said.

A growing number of hardline Israeli settlers (fanatical) have been moving into the heart of densely-populated Palestinian neighbourhoods in east Jerusalem such as Sheikh Jarrah, sparking clashes with local residents.

The aim was to create an uninterrupted Jewish physical presence cutting through Palestinian neighbourhoods.

Like I said, the time for words have long passed. Action is necessary. Israel does not want peace, they want land and will pillage, steal and/or rob, whichever name you choose to describe by whatever means necessary to achieve their expansionist goals.

"We heard a lot of beautiful words but now we don't want beautiful words -- we want actions on the ground," said Husseini.

More on the nation of peace. Besides illegal settlements complete with fanatical settlers. Razing of historic buildings, stealing of land. Israel has launched further attacks on Gaza.

Israel launches twin air strikes on Gaza

Israel considers the Islamist Hamas movement as the only organisation responsible for the firing of the missiles "even if it does not claim responsibility," said the spokesman.

So if some Israeli soldiers, under cover of the night launch rockets from Gaza. Israel considers that an attack from Hamas? Convenient.

What is the PA up to in their usual collusion with Israel against Palestinians?

It is being reported that the PA and Israel have agreed to close the largest border crossing between Gaza and Israel.

What will this mean to the Palestinians of Gaza? More hardship. More shortages. No escape if Israel decides to attack?

The Palestinian Authority and Israel signed an agreement to close Al-Mantar commercial crossing in east Gaza.

The crossing, considered the largest commercial one between Israel and the Gaza Strip, will be shut at the end of this month.

The agreement designates the Karam Abou Salem crossing as the only commercial crossing to bring in imported products to the Gaza Strip that has been suffering a four year long Israeli blockade.

The Abou Salem crossing is not fully prepared to handle the traffic entering and exiting the Strip, Oweida explained.

Palestinian commercial analyst Omar Shaaban expects the closing of the crossing to spike inflation in Gaza and affect its infrastructure projects.

Yup, a general worsening of life for Gazans


  1. Israel has committed itself to the infernal obsession of ethnic cleansing and outright land theft. They have reached a point of no return, an all or nothing gambit and are flooring the accelerator to their self-deluded destruction. Outrageous arrogance banking on extorted support and victim deception, is fast giving way to a mass awakening of their true reality and intentions, that have always been there for those who chose to look. Their internal support is waning, exceeded only by the severe drop in international support and rise in opposition to policies so egregious, it would be beneficent to call them Nazi-like. For in fact and deed, they surpass that behaviour, and the perpetrators are quite bold in flaunting it. Their power lies in PSYOPS, terrorism and threats which are now as fully transparent as their Zionist agenda. Exaggerated claims of perpetual victimhood can never cover up gross murder, abuse and theft occurring in open view and caught on video daily.

  2. Never let a crisis (was Rahm Emmanuel's comment) like the Tucson tragedy, go to waste and Israel didn't, hiding beind non-stop 24/7 converage on their Zionist MSM to destroy more of Occupied Jerusalem and blow up some more Gazans.

  3. The arrogance and violence of the occupiers is hard to comprehend. The disconnect between reality and the media narrative is huge. So many people just ignore it, and others take it to heart and get upset. The propaganda matrix then tells us we are wrong to be upset, and we need happy pills or a magic book from Oprah, or a diet, or more big pharma shit. It is not normal to see the wars, torture and pain in this world and go shopping.

    On the subject of letting no crisis go to waste, our good Canadian fascist David Frum is all in with that.

  4. Don't worried , neatly overshadowed by the killing of ex-ADL worker and first Jewish person in Arizona to do something.

    The ADL acc. to Michael Piper [ and perhaps others] = the propaganda arm of Mossad scurrying about in the States.

    911 born Christian Green will harden hearts against anything remotely Palestinian


  5. HHQ:

    "Israel has committed itself to the infernal obsession of ethnic cleansing and outright land theft."

    I could not agree more

    "Exaggerated claims of perpetual victimhood can never cover up gross murder, abuse and theft occurring in open view and caught on video daily."

    The victimhood schtick is tiring. Yet, there are so many afraid to believe anything but their pre-programmed point of view.
    Israel/victim can do as they please and it is never to be questioned.

    I was thinking of something MR from WRH said. When Israel is in trouble watch for the msm to regurgitate nazis/hitler.

    Oddly enough what appears this week-end,(Saturday January8/2010) a "newstory" and I use the term loosely in one of Canada's major papers( Toronto Star) about a dog named Hitler, that apparently 60 years ago upset someone?

    But not Hitler, there is no evidence to indicate he was ever told of the dog.

    So, Yes, page 4 of the print edition. Half of a page. Save for a teeny mention from the sham of the recent G-20 arrests in TO garners one column, about 3 inches wide.

    A complete non-news story actually get's placement as valid and urgent news??

    Of course Israel has been being obnoxious and there is no mention of that, but, a dog from 1941

    How can this paper take itself seriously.

    How does the msm take itself seriously?

    And this is why people know nothing about what is really going on with the Palestinian occupation.
    And why people buy into the perpetual victimhood story

  6. Greg:

    Never let a crisis go to waste. Israel won't ever and you know there is a dog that 60 years ago....

  7. Anonymous:

    thanks for that. I was thinking David Frum's 15 minutes of fame are like, so over.

    why does anyone pay this man to write anything?


    "The ADL acc. to Michael Piper [ and perhaps others] = the propaganda arm of Mossad scurrying about in the States."

    interesting and totally possible.
    It does make sense. They claim to be about anti-defamation but they defame everyone who expresses a different opinion, serving the zionist ideology quite well.

  8. Pen and HHQ, re the msm responding with Hitler. I agree, and see it in play in a wider context as well.
    I see the History Channel, Discover Channel and even National Geographic are all serving up programing to support this effort IMO.
    And yes, I did comment in agreement last week about the too much TV idea........

    I see the ugly pack of lies, 'The Ascent of Money' will air on knowledge network again next week. That six part series is all about banks and the history of money. Factually comparable to the Wizard of Oz, but far less entertaining, it features a very smart man (he must be smart, he has a British accent) who leads us in all sorts of directions, save one. It is the ultimate push back against the vital honest summaries of banking available online.

    Anyways, I gotta run, 'Fiddler on the Roof' is on TV right now ;)