Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Only a force of threat, headed by the US, will halt Iran: Netanyahu

No sooner had I finished writing the post on Israel's "Iranian Nuke Fabrications & Netanyahu's Fuming" pointing out the extent of Israel's fabrications regarding Iran's nukes, what breaking news catches my eye???

No surprise, it is PM Netanyahu shouting from the rooftops!

Only a threat of force will halt Iran nukes: Israel

And the US must help. Americans must die for Israel's lies.

Only the convincing threat of military action headed by the United States will persuade Iran to drop plans to build an atomic bomb, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Tuesday

Nothing changes with the Israeli government. They have Iran in their sights. And want to destroy another country by any means possible.

Israel's outgoing spy chief told reporters last week that he did not believe Iran would be able to build a nuclear bomb before 2015 and counseled against any pre-emptive military strikes.

A political source said Netanyahu was very unhappy with the departing Mossad director Meir Dagan for airing his views in public and the prime minister shrugged off his comments on Tuesday.

Netanyahu appeared to downplay recent Israeli intelligence assessments.
And, American assessments. (Just covered that too)


  1. The steady drumbeat must be continuous Penny. We can let facts get in the way of more war.

    Did you ever get the feeling that some of the insiders of the death cult are getting cold feet – possibly because the death stats might include them?

  2. Hey chuckyman!

    As much as I understand the drumbeat must be continuous, from the perspective of the liars and thief's (death cult) Which is very good as they are the purveyors of death and destruction for gain.

    I find it obscene. As any decent human does and I am sure you must.

    Obscene because it is so vile and wretched that lies to perpetuate death are the order of the day. Are the necessity for these sick ba$tard$.

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  3. Maybe my attempt at irony didn’t come across as well as I had hoped Penny (grin).

    I agree completely. There are really no words that do justice to the feelings of revulsion. I struggle to understand how these ghouls have anything in common with the rest of humanity.

    Throughout these times of trial we need to work hard at maintaining our own humanity while facing up to the darkness.

  4. Hey chuckyman.

    I got the feeling you were being facetious.

    So no worries there.

    "I struggle to understand how these ghouls have anything in common with the rest of humanity."

    Other then the fact they will meet their demise eventually.
    I have difficulty thinking they have any real sense of humanity.
    Of the positive sort that is..
    Compassion, empathy, cooperation, a hope for future generations to have a better life.
    They seem, instead to embody every evil facet of humanity. Hatred, lies, violence, murder.
    I guess this is why some people think the elite crowd are satanic.
    It is their essence.

    Sorry for rambling there chuckyman
    It is just when you get thinking of people who could choose to do good and instead..