Friday, January 21, 2011

River Fish loaded with Prozac

St. Lawrence River fish are loaded with Prozac and other antidepressant drugs.

Researchers at the Université de Montréal and Environment Canada have discovered large quantities of antidepressants in the liver, muscle and brain tissues of brook trout exposed to three months of various levels of treated effluent from Montreal's sewage treatment plant.

According to the peer-reviewed study, published this week in the journal Chemosphere, most of the drug was found in liver tissue. Slightly less was found in the brain. The least amount was found in muscle, which is the filet eaten by humans.

"My real concern is the effects on the fish," he said, adding they "could be quite serious."

He said the study shows that fish exposed to the effluent have changes in their brains's nerve activity.

Though this study is on fish from the St Lawrence River, undoubtedly, the same results can be found near any large city, anywhere in the World.

Some of the article was written in a rather moronic manner. Calling Prozac the "happy hormone" Or comments like " You can't ask a fish whether it is happier or not."
Why would the Professor even say that? Seems nonsensical. Perhaps he was attempting to appeal to the reading audience, but, all anti-depressants have suicide as a side effect.
That can't make anyone "happier"?
The fact that the fish are having neurological changes is a problem for the fish. The fact that water is so polluted with prescription drugs of every sort is a problem for everyone.

Research during the last two decades has revealed that pharmaceutical drugs and personal care products are a major source of pollution in the marine environment. Even in very low concentrations, they have altered the ecosystems.


  1. PROZAC = OZ CARP :)

    " Mr/s Patient, for your mental affliction I recommend a diet of 6 trout a week, with 2 perch to offset the side-effects from the trout"

  2. Don't worry, the mercury intake will offset any Prozac effects:)

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  3. Hey aferrismoon

    I like it "OZ CARP"!!!

    OZ where nothing is as it seems.

  4. Greg:
    Was noting some odd "advertising" following me around on the net.

    I will check that out, thanks.