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South America- A new Homeland for the Palestinian's or for the Israeli's?

Update at bottom

What to make of this latest news story regarding the "leaked" Palestinians Papers?
I will admit to being confused at just what or who is making plans for South America.

Palestinians condemn US plan to settle refugees in South America

Palestinians have expressed shock and dismay at the US suggestion to settle Palestinian refugees in Argentina and Chile rather than let them return to their ancestral land in Israel.

"It's completely unacceptable. It contradicts our inalienable right to return to our own homeland," said Daniel Jadue, vice-president of Chile's Palestine Federation. "That right cannot be renounced. To make this suggestion shows the mediation was not honest. It was clearly tilted in favour of Israel. This is extremely grave."

Condoleeza Rice who was secretary of state in the Bush administration, floated the idea at a meeting on 28 June 2008 with US, Israeli and Palestinian negotiators in Berlin, according to minutes of the encounter obtained by al-Jazeera and shared with the Guardian.

Here is what CR said:
During a discussion about international funding to compensate refugees – an estimated 5 million Palestinians are scattered around the Middle East – the US diplomat made a startling suggestion.

"Maybe we will be able to find countries that can contribute in kind. Chile, Argentina etc (ie, give land)."

The proposal seems based on the fact that Chile has a large Palestinian community dating back a century and, like Argentina, has large tracts of sparsely populated land.

The suggestion dumbfounded South America's Palestinians. Obviously!

Chile's Palestinians would welcome compatriots who chose to settle in the Andes, said Jadue. "If a Palestinian accepted to come here that would be their right and we would show solidarity." But that did not justify a US proposal to funnel refugees from the Middle East to reduce pressure on Israel to give up land, he said. "That's wrong."

Now, here is where I get confused.

There has been whispers about an influx of Israeli's into South America.
Well actually more then a whisper. This bit of news first came to light when I heard this interview; Download this episode (right click and save)
I encourage you to listen to it. It is most interesting.

Adrian Salbuchi is a researcher, author, journalist, speaker, and international consultant on political and public risk management, having held top management posts in major multinational risk management companies.
He's also familiar with Israel's reported large land purchase in Patagonia, Argentina, the topic of today's discussion.

Patagonia borders both Argentina and Chile: You can see it in the bottom section of Argentina, making up what looks like a good 40 percent of Argentina (guesstimating)

This interview sent me digging for info, which I bookmarked, but didn't get around to putting together a post. (Too much info, too little time)
Around the time I listened to this interview, Greg over at Goon Squad had put up a post on this very topic. Serendipity!
In his post Greg correctly points out that the idea of having a homeland for the followers of Judaism in Argentina, had been previously considered. Keep that in mind as you read the information in this post.

This is the information I had found. Patagonia a popular spot for Israelis
"Hebrew is practically a second language here"

Bariloche, Patagonia (Argentina) - "Have you been to 'Israeloche?'" (Renaming the city?) came the question from an Israeli backpacker. It didn't seem that off the mark given that the Argentine city of Bariloche was indeed overrun with Israeli travelers. For that matter, all of Patagonia is chock-full of Israelis.

Drawn by the rugged landscape, numerous trekking opportunities and the relative bargain that Argentina has become in the wake of the 2001 financial crisis, Israelis are pouring into Patagonia. As noted by a worker at a tourist information booth in Ushuaia in Tierra del Fuego, "the most steady stream of travelers that we receive throughout the year are Israelis." For all intents and purposes, Bariloche is the hub of Jewish life in Patagonia, a geographic region at the southernmost portion of South America. In Bariloche, there is a permanent Jewish community of nearly 150 people, and that number is buoyed by a tremendous influx of Israeli travelers passing through. Bariloche is also home to one of the most southerly Beit Chabads on the planet, and I stopped by for Shabbat and squeezed my way into a packed service. Following services, the synagogue reconvened in a convention hall for Shabbat dinner, and we were joined by scores of Israeli travelers; in total, nearly 150 people were there for Shabbat dinner.

While most Israeli travelers are post-army (?) backpackers,
I have also encountered a considerable number of older Israelis on vacation here. One Israeli remarked that he was visiting Patagonia because his son had been backpacking here the previous year and recommended it so highly that he had to come himself. Similar sentiments were echoed by other older travelers, not to mention a scattered number of Israeli families traveling in Patagonia. Every city and hiking refuge in this land of midnight summer sun is filled with Israelis. So much so, it seems Hebrew is practically a second language in Patagonia.
Read the rest at the above link!

So, if either Argentina or Chile were being seriously considered as a new homeland for the Palestinians, why would there be a steady influx of Israeli's. Including the claimed "post army" backpackers?

I also came across this article, The other Patagonia, and an interesting sentence caught my eye.
Regarding a very large land purchase made by Doug Tompkins, founder of North Face and Espirit.
Doug Tompkins converted to Judaism and accused him of importing Israeli commandos.

This author suggests that this is a claim made by "neo-nazis". Nice way to use guilt by association to discredit these claims. Since it does seem South America is full of Israelis. We can even read the Jerusalem Post extolling the "Jewishness" of the place.

But, that is not all!
I came across this. Israeli War Criminals in Patagonia
This is an extremely lengthy piece.

" I saw the huge number of the Israeli troops spreading in the south of Chile. Some were carrying electronic equipment in their backpacks and under their T-shirts, as if they were on an official mission. I saw these Israeli criminals on ships, in the bus, on the streets of all towns and villages, at the coffee shops, in the restaurants, in hotels and … everywhere, right and left"

"Why are the Israeli war criminals still sending their troops, their special forces from different units, Golani, Givati, Death squads, Shimshon, Paratroopers, military Intelligence … etc. to Patagonia?
What is the next step and plan of these war criminals in Patagonia? Does the IOF plan to destroy the nature and to build more Jewish settlements in Chile and Argentina? Does the IOF train during their continuous presence in Patagonia? What disaster will the Israeli criminal forces bring to the kind Chilean people, and why? Is Patagonia planned to become a new or alternative homeland for the Jews?

Backpackers everywhere, just like the Jerusalem Post article.

I know it is a lengthy post. And, there is a lot of information to digest. The interview, Greg's post and all the information I have posted makes one wonder, just what the heck is going on in South America, Argentina and Chile.

This information may also tie in with some work AP at Twelfth Bough has done.

The mountain range runs between Chile and Argentina.


  1. Hard to say what is going on down there.........but it can't be good.

    Penny, this is way opff topic, so no need to publish this comment.....just an FYI and another scandal to add to your overloaded schedule.

    Yesterday cbcnews.ca ran all day, all day with a story about a Toronto charity, fraud and corruption. It featured black people, so it had the nice divisive qualities that the cbc loves.
    But it was so small it had to be a distraction from something.
    It was. Seems like another charity has been exposed as a fraud. Not some inconsequential small time African immigrants in Toronto, this one is the Bill Gates and Bono luv child, The Global Fund.
    Billions wasted and stolen, billions and billions.

    CBC's distraction story up almost all day yesterday at the top of the board.

    The Bill Gates/Bono $10 billion dollar fraud was not covered by corporate media swine. Huffpost did damage control, but at least they mentioned it.

  2. Anonymous: pretty much everything get's published here, except for spam or total idiocy.

    I will check it out, have already bookmarked one story.

    As aside I was at the CBC forums, tried to leave a comment regarding the Turkel commission whitewash.

    Surprise, it did not pass the moderators!
    Well, no, no surprise

    I have some other stuff here on the Bill Gates foundation...
    Gonna have to look back at that

  3. In the late 19th early 20th centuries Uganda was also touted as a possible land for the Jews.

    Patagonia's first language used to be Welsh. I remember going to the Eisteddfod in Wales and finding out the largest Welsh community abroad is in Patagonia, though I think it assimilated into Argentina.

    The Israelis have a 6000 year old book that clearly identifies their promised land [ Ho! Ho! Ho!] while we have spurious maps made in the last 200 years aor so that are just 'unclear' as to where exactly is Palestine , if it ever really existed.

    A word that often comes to mind to describe 'Israel' is dismissive, wholly dismissive of anything not centred around them and theirs.


    word veri: ableall [ nice idea]

  4. Are the Israelis perhaps moving into the old Nazi accomodation , a lot of which seems dotted around those parts.

    " Guten Tag Moshe, ze key to ze torture chamber ist unter das flower-pot. The Genetiker purificant machinen needs a few modifications, as u might surmise. Shalom'

    " danke Helmut. Shalom? Oy Vay , peace , what would happen then? What would we do. Without war we would be assimilated. "


  5. "Are the Israelis perhaps moving into the old Nazi accomodation , a lot of which seems dotted around those parts."

    You know, i really wonder at that???
    It seems so odd that so many nazi's went to south america and that the zionist (zion) would follow in their steps?

    It does make one wonder at what the heck is going on?

    Patagonia's first language used to be Welsh?
    Now that is curious?
    I always think of South America as being hispanic, you know what I mean?

    "The Israelis have a 6000 year old book that clearly identifies their promised land [ Ho! Ho! Ho!] while we have spurious maps made in the last 200 years aor so that are just 'unclear' as to where exactly is Palestine "

    Yes, how is that possible??

    "A word that often comes to mind to describe 'Israel' is dismissive, wholly dismissive of anything not centred around them and theirs."
    I would tend to agree with that, I mean the Turkel commission is proof of that pudding

  6. Hitler is reported to have gone to live in Bariloche, as World war II was coming to an end.

    - Aangirfan

  7. Hitler is alleged to have gone to Bariloche??!!

    Hitler the follower of Judaism and the great promoter of zionism and/ or the zionist political agenda(Transfer Agreement)??

  8. I would love to visit S. America and the first stop would be Patagonia.

    From what I've seen in about it in pictues and documentaries, Patagonia must be one of the prettiest and most pristine places on the planet.

    With lots of fresh water, soon to be more valuable than oil.

    And all those mountain ranges surely contain precioius ores, like gold, so whatever that lying, POS war criminal Rice said about moving displaced Palestinians there must of been a diversion.

    But she finally did speak some truth, at least once:

    Rice: US Army Presence In Iraq Protects Israel

    January 25, 2011 "JPost"-Former US sec. of state tells Palestinians: Even if Israel trusts you, you're still incapable of providing security, in leaked documents.

    Former US secretary of state Condoleezza Rice reassured Israel that the US military presence in Iraq should calm any Israeli security concerns "from the east," minutes from a 2008 trilateral meeting between Rice and the Israeli and Palestinian negotiation teams reveal.

    Discussing the needs of Israel regarding Palestinian security forces in a future-Palestinian state, former foreign minister Tzipi Livni expressed concern over a third-party military force protecting a Palestinian state's external borders. Secretary Rice inserted, "At this time there is no threat from the east because our forces are in Iraq and will stay there for a long time." Chief Palestinian Authority negotiator Saeb Erekat added, "For a very, very long time."