Thursday, January 6, 2011

TV Viewing Continues to edge upward-34 hours a week

Is this the problem with America?
34 hours of television viewing, per week, per person!
I am going to repeat that 34 hours of television viewing, per week, per person.

To these people, I ask... What life are you NOT living?
What life are you not participating in?
The answer. Your own.

If you are watching 34 hours of television per week which is approximately 5 hours daily.....

When are you spending time with your children, your spouse, your loved ones?
When are you reading and getting informed?
When are you participating at large in the community around you?
When are you spending time out doors.

In fact- When is it that you actually LIVE your life?

Watching tv is not living. It is passively viewing entertainment as your life passes you by....
Living isn't passive, it is active.
When you lie on your death bead, reviewing your life, you will surely not
say " I should have watched more tv"

NO, you will not.
Instead you will be filled with regret for all the things you did not do

I end with a quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson

"To laugh often and much; to win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children; to earn the appreciation of honest critics and to endure the betrayal of false friends. To appreciate beauty; to find the best in others; to leave the world a bit better whether by a healthy child, a garden patch, or a redeemed social condition; to know that even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded."

By watching 34 hours of television in one week, will you have left the world a bit better off?
No, no you will not.


  1. Well, Penny it's winter so we are watching downloaded episodes of Good Eats. I think I am still okay... hmmmm.

    All kidding aside, TV promotes dementia. Period. When I think of my father, the one memory I will always hold above all others is him sitting or lying on the damn couch all bloody day long in front of the frikkin' tv. I am convinced that is part of the reason he has lost his mind.

    I also think that tv with commercials is part of the reason we see so many kids who cannot focus for more than 5 minutes on anything (ADD?).

    There is nothing wrong with enjoying some program now and again, but with the internet one can download it and watch it commercial free.

    Still, 34 hours is pretty excessive, not to mention that practically everything on that damn box is so bloody mindless and ugh.

    :) Buffy

  2. hmmm my post dissappeared.. lemme know if it shows up.


  3. That Emerson quote is perfect, thanks for digging it up and sharing.

    As the fascists continue to advance their agenda, TV becomes more dangerous. Lies propaganda and violent content to promote war and cruelty ooze from every channel.

    You draw attention to the things we miss out on, the most important things. Contact with other people is a big one for me.

    The right to free assembly has historically been very important to empower people.
    For now, it is hard to take it from us, so they offer us other 'options' and TV is their lead hand.
    Preventing people from traveling abroad by making the experience miserable with body scans, horrible service from airlines on purpose, visas and passports and fear!
    Going out to socialize with friends is under attack with nazi styled drunk driving crackdowns to justify it.

    Breaking the social bonds on a personal and local level is definitely part of the fascist agenda. TV is their greatest ally and our worst enemy.

  4. Hey Buff!
    I let it through. It was in the spam folder????


    i don't have a clue, but, I am glad nobody told me about that.

    I had know idea that there was a spam folder.

    But, now I do.

    Now to your comment..

    "tv promotes dementia"
    I wouldn't doubt it. As you age you should be keeping your brain more active instead many seniors are sitting in front of the tv, "zoning out".

    I also am of the opinion that this constant tv watching ruins your eyesight.

    Your eyes were designed to move, to look around, that is why you have peripheral vision and not just tunnel vision.

    So if you spend your time just looking straight ahead at the idiot box, you do not exercise all the muscles surrounding the eyeball, they get weak as does your ability to see.

    Just my opinion.

    (btw that does go for the computer screen and video game screen)

    "There is nothing wrong with enjoying some program now and again"

    I agree.
    Occasionally, even daily for a very brief period to time.

    But, 34 hours??

  5. anonymous:

    I didn't have to look to hard for the emerson quote.

    It is on a piece of paper in my kitchen. I can read it daily.
    It has been there for years, as faded as it is.

    I came across it some time ago, and I thought, well there it is.
    The best bit of life advice, straight simple and to the point.
    Also very nicely written.
    Relevant, and it will always be relevant. Because we are human beings, we love our families, love our kids, our parents, live in communities...

    Why I used the end of life reference, because there will never be a time, when someone dies, never ever, that they will say gee I wished I would have watched more tv, or surfed the net more, or played more video games.

    People will regret a lack of time with loved ones, that they didn't travel, or do other things.

    "Breaking the social bonds on a personal and local level is definitely part of the fascist agenda. TV is their greatest ally and our worst enemy."

    So we have to get out more and talk, even saying hello to people we see as we pass by maintains contact with other humans.

  6. great post Pen. i couldn't agree more. if people would take even one or two hours of that time and devote it to doing their own news research, they would be immeasurably better off.

  7. AP: exactly!

    I hear a number of people bemoan their so called lack of time to look into things, but, if you have 5 hours daily to watch television that is completely bogus..

  8. The Hebrew word for the Babel = BBL, which Hebrew pronounces 'bevl'. hebrew characters are both letters and numbers and BBL = 2 +2 + 30 = 34.

    Thus the TV babbles on in a multiplicity of languages [ that may include media language] and proves a modern Babel.

    I'm sure they erected a screen at the very top of the original tower to interpret God :)

    And there's some that think the highest degree is 33


  9. I could never watch "regular" TV - can't handle the commercials, plus the "programming" is often horrible at best (at worst it's like being hypnotized by an evil skeleton wizard). I do enjoy renting sitcoms on DVD and watching them though - it relaxes me sometimes.

  10. This blog shows why I don't believe in those 'Chemtrails' that are supposedly dropped upon US from a jet flying at 25,000 feet, at 500 MPH, dispersing mind-altering chemicals.

    How could those chemicals reach the intended target thru the cross-winds and clouds?

    Since it would drop on US and THEM, is there some hidden lab where the PTB go to get shots to protect them against the 'Chemtrails?'

    They don't need to go to all that trouble, since nearly everyone has at least one, some two and many three electronic 'Chemtrails' in their homes, available 24/7, 365..those are the TV's which constantly pump out mind-altering garbage and teach us GOYIM that what happened to 'Li Lo' or who won last night's 'Big Game' or what's the latest on 'Bradgelina' is actually important news that we need to ingest and pass on to others to show how 'informed' we are about events crucial to our lives.


    But TV can serve a usual purpose, if you are careful in what you watch.

    Like this doc on TCM called the "Palestine Problem,' from a 1945 newsreel that I posted to my blog

    Here's the direct Youtube link. It's well worth watching to see how many Zionist lies you can spot.