Monday, January 17, 2011

Woe is Haiti -Baby Doc is back

Imagine my surprise, my utter shock, complete with a bit of a nauseated feeling to read that Baby Doc Duvalier, the exiled dictator is BACK. Yes, back in Haiti.
Why? He flew in on Air France. When he went into exile the US flew him out. In high style.

Quite simply put he could not have come back, would not have come, into Haiti without the blessing of the US and France.
This will be bad for the Haitians.
Excellent article here
Read it to the end.
Obama's change in Haiti: the Return of Dictator, Jean Claude Duvalier
Bay kou blye, pote mak sonje - the one who gives the blow, forgets. The one who bears the mark remembers: Over 60, 000 and some say as high as nearly 100,000 Haitians were murdered under the bloody US-supported Duvalier (father/son) dictatorships from 1957 to 1986. Browse the galleries of the Fort Dimanche website for stories and pictures of the dead -- those political prisoners who were imprisoned, tortured and killed at Fort Dimanche.

"Throughout the blood-drenched rule of the Duvaliers (nearly 100,000 killed by the Tontons Macoutes alone), the US barely uttered a peep about human rights violations. In 1986, however, when it became apparent that Baby Doc's presidency could not in fact be sustained for his entire life (unless he died soon), the Reagan administration airlifted him to a retirement villa in France and started talking about the "democratic process." (From The CIAs Greatest Hits, by Mark Zepezauer.")

Air France flew Jean Claude Duvalier back into Haiti today. A coup for France who saw its influence diminishing as the US took over with the Interim Haiti Reconstruction Commission and the UN occupation. (Ousted president Jean Claude " Baby Doc" Duvalier returns to Haiti unexpectedly ; Jean-Claude "Baby Doc' Duvalier , ex-Haiti dictator, makes surprise return to country Sunday ).
Why would the world's most powerful nation, the United States, allow this?

Well, their pillage of poor Haiti is butt-naked right now. At the one-year anniversary of the Haiti earthquake, even the conservative media is talking about the failure of US aid, the UN and the NGO poverty pimping business in Haiti. Thus, the UN, as US proxy, needs to justify its job in Haiti. These folks think of us-Haitians as simplistic animals, so why not set up what's worked for them in other parts of the world? The bringing back of Jean Claude Duvalier, Haiti's bloody dictator, is, in their plantation minds, sort of like setting up a Hutu/Tusti thing (Duvalier/Lavalas), a civil war in Haiti, an insecurity to bring "order" to.

Bill Clinton, the poverty-pimp-NGOs, the repugnant UN and the foreign-imposed-IHRC need to distract the world from the donation dollars that's being pocketed or not collected, so hey, let's rack up the colonial narrative -" remind everyone of those "anti-democratic Haitians not ready for the same standards" as the rest of the "civilized" world. Those infighting, violent, illogical Haitians in love with dictatorship! Why not set up the chess board, right before Feb. 7th -" the 25th anniversary of the ouster of Jean Claude Duvalier, bring him back to push the two OAS/Duvalierist candidates -" Manigat and Martelly (Sweet Mickey), so everyone can forget about the masses wishes, their total disenfranchisement, the 300,000 dead in 33 seconds and those 1.5million still homeless without sanitation, shelter, clean water; the return of President Aristide; the international fraud since 2004; these imposed UN/US elections. and the UN-imported cholera"We're just puppets the International community , led by the U.S., are moving around their own battlefield. Haiti is not in control. Haitians are not in control. Air France and American Airlines can land anyone in Haiti.

If Air-France wanted to bring in Osama bin Laden into Haiti, how could Haitians stop it? Still, we-Haitians will be blamed, as usual, for all the outrageous acts the wealthy powers-that-be do in Haiti. The "Friends of Haiti" continue with their macabre plan to further destabilize and exacerbate Haiti's already agonizing sufferings.

But it's our fault also, we-Haitians sit around reacting, waiting for THEM to act so we can react. Waiting for the OAS to tell us it didn't make a mistake and the not fair, not free, non-inclusive Nov. 28 elections it helped orchestrate is not too fraudulent and illegal. HLLN wanted to go to Haiti and make a public statement about the fraudulent elections, we could not get any real support. It's their play and their game, we're just consumers of this abomination!

Thank you for this "change" President Barack Obama!

Ezili Dantò for HLLN,
January 16, 2011
Nou se rozo, nou pliye nou pa kase

*Nou se roz, nou pliye nou pa kase: Strong winds may bend the bamboo tree all the way down to the ground, but it snaps right back up. It doesn't break, no matter how strong the wind. So, Haitians have a saying -" "Nou se rozo. Nou pliye, nou pa kase " - like the bamboo tree, we bend but we don't break; like the flexible ba mboo tree we-Haitians use even the momentum of our falls to stand back up.

Apologies for the lengthy post, but, I wanted to include this quote which demonstrates how much the US enjoyed Haiti's dictator Baby Doc

In 1984 Ernest Preeg, U.S. ambassador to Haiti (1981–1983) wrote a monograph[7] on Haiti's part in the Reagan Caribbean Basin Initiative. One paragraph stated.....
"It can honestly be said that the Jean-Claude Duvalier presidency is the longest period of violence-free stability in the nation's history."


  1. Interesting western media spin

    Time- Who let Baby Doc back in Haiti

    read through the article
    "Sources close to Duvalier told reporters Sunday that he'd entered Haiti on a diplomatic passport — but if so, it was unclear which country had issued it to him"

    Which country issued him the diplomatic passport?

    So it is NOT a surprise return, really. It is a planned return, because some country issued him a diplomatic passport

    Then the so called "supporters" lined up to greet him.
    In video they look very young, there now way anyone under thirty would understand who this man really is, and if they did, they would not support him.

    So I am wondering if prior to his landing, a group of younger people were paid or offered food to gather and cheer. Desperate people will take money and or food to stand around and cheer.

    The video is in the post from Aljazeera

    His wife claiming that they had nothing planned is BS, plain and simple.
    There was planning, obviously, how else to explain the diplomatic passport being issued.

    This is going to get spun in a very convoluted way

  2. He should have been greeted by the Haitians with a rope.

  3. Good summary of things.
    You say that he is back because of the painfully obvious failure of the aid programs and "Well, their pillage of poor Haiti is butt-naked right now"
    I strongly agree.

    The fact that Jean Bertrand Aristide was continually prevented from returning by the US is easily verified. Yet that pesky old fox baby doc outsmarted us and just showed up unannounced, drat him! He is just as clever as that Bin Laden fellow, drat them both!!
    To watch corporate media and a host of fake liberal sites try to paint this return as a big surprise is enough to make me puke.

    As for why. IMO he will create violence or agent provocateurs will make it. Compliant western media will report heavily on this tragic violence. The obvious solution to this violence will be for the pious holy man, that Nobel prize winning messiah to send in the military for peace. Obama gets away with shit that Bush never could. His devoted followers will grimly accept another military occupation in the name of peace. CBC and the Canadian Liberals will sing in tune.
    The shame of it all.

    I wonder if German civilians in the 1930's-40's were equally ignorant about the true nature of their military campaigns as Canadians/Americans of today are.
    Clearly we are in the same ballpark. I'm pretty sure today's propaganda masters are much more sophisticated than Goebbels was.
    At least we have some great independent journalism and free speech from sites like this one.

  4. I was in Haiti during Baby Doc's short reign in 1980-82. My father had a business there; he built the ports and had the contract to bring cruise ships and container ships into port with his company who ran the harbor and provided tug boats. He and all of our family loved Haiti then and have hated to see what has happened to it since then.
    As I left in 1982 with my children, I left a country that still had a tourist trade, people had jobs in factories like Izod and Rawlings to name a couple. Food was plentiful. There was still social injustice, people should have been paid more and education more public, better housing, but all of the missions were there without fear of being hurt or killed. People retired there from Europe and the US and the Haitian people were so kind. No mobs in the streets or the Tontons killing like you talked about. After I left, my father stayed and the mayhem started under Aristid as well as the public "necklacings". When I left, Haiti was thriving under Baby Doc. Sure things could have been better, but unfortunately some people could never seperate the father from the son. Papa Doc did do horrible things and Baby Doc was so young he was just a figurehead. But believe me it was a paradise compared compared to the rulers since him. Baby Doc was so young he never had a chance to make reforms and it was his fathers friends and cabinet who made off with much of the money.

  5. To anonymous # 2, the fourth comment-

    "My father had a business there; he built the ports and had the contract to bring cruise ships and container ships into port with his company who ran the harbor and provided tug boats"

    So you are not a black Haitian?

    Your Dad had a business there.
    Did he exploit the labour in Haiti?

    "As I left in 1982 with my children"
    When you left in '82?
    Why did you leave?
    Had conditions changed that would not enable you or your family to benefit financially from the work of the Haitians?
    Was it harder to exploit the Haitians?
    Really, what changed?

    "There was still social injustice, people should have been paid more and education more public, better housing"

    Didn't you think that the ordinary people in Haiti might have a problem with that? After all, Haiti belongs to Haitians first and foremost. Not to foreign nationals who come their to avail themselves of resources and exploit labour.

    "No mobs in the streets or the Tontons killing like you talked about."

    No Tonton Macouts in your version of Haiti. How is that possible?
    Where did you live?

    The Tonton Macouts are infamous for their brutality and yet, for all the time you claim to have lived in Haiti, you do not know them?

    Overall, I find your Baby Doc "never had a chance speech", quite unconvincing.
    He had two years according to you, plenty of time to make changes.
    He didn't.
    I wonder, how many were murdered in his two years of rule, hundreds?

    As for your baloney about Aristide???
    I am going to call it what it is, baloney.
    And that is being kind.

    You talk like someone who was out of touch with what the majority of Haitians were suffering through. You speak of how kind the Haitians were, yet, it never dawned on you, that they had it bad. They were being exploited, beaten and murdered.

    The article you mistakenly attribute to me is written by
    "Human Rights Lawyer, Ezili Dantò he is dedicated to correcting the media lies and colonial narratives about Haiti. "

    Colonial narratives, such as the one you provided.

  6. Duvalier’s return creates an enormous distraction, serious confusion and has the added benefit of rallying his base against Duvalier. Essentially, Duvalier is a pawn in Preval’s transparent and desperate attempts to maintain power.