Friday, January 14, 2011

Woman found guilty of refusing to fill out long form census

I blogged on this story when this woman was first charged way back in July 2008.
She was not alone in being charged at that time, But she has recently been found guilty.
What caused her to refuse? Some background-

The two refused to hand in their 2006 census forms because Lockheed Martin won the contract to upgrade Statistics Canada's software.

The billion-dollar American arms dealer supplies weapons to armies around the world, including the U.S. military for the war in Iraq.

Findley, 59, said she first heard about Lockheed Martin's potential bid for the software contract in 2003 and immediately got in touch with Statistics Canada to voice her concerns.

"(Lockheed Martin) makes billions of dollars through the business of killing people, and destroying the environment in the process of killing people," Findley said from her home in Saskatoon.

"So there's no way that I'm going to see my tax dollars go to help enrich them."

Yes, you read that right. Lockheed Martin won the contract to do Stats Canada's work.

Yesterday Sandra Findley was found guilty of census refusal.

A Saskatoon woman who refused to fill out a long-form census has been found guilty of violating Canada's census law.

A provincial court judge ruled Thursday that community activist Sandra Finley's privacy rights were not violated by the requirement to fill out the long form in 2006.

"Some of the questions are like, what is the name of your employer?" she said outside court Thursday. "That's not their business. There's questions ... that have to do with sexual orientation. There's a lot of questions regarding your ethnic background."

Finley also objected to Statistics Canada buying software from U.S. defence manufacturer Lockheed Martin, saying it was "part of the American military industrial complex and that is in the business of making war and illegal war.

How about her right to privacy? Despite what the judge "ruled"? Isn't she the best judge of whether her privacy is being violated? I would think so.
I most certainly know, for a fact, that I am the best judge of when my privacy is/would or could be violated. Don't you feel that way about your privacy?

Finley is to be sentenced Jan. 20. The maximum sentence for violating the Statistics Act could be three months in jail with a $500 fine
Ironically. The long form census is no longer mandatory.
Making this decision even more insulting to this woman.


  1. Good for Sandra Finley. A person of principle who is standing up for her rights and the rights of all of us.

    It is none of the government's business what my religion is. And it is also an affront to have Lockheed Martin, manufacturer of weapons of mass destruction, lining their pockets with Canadian taxpayer dollars.

    check out our website, We are currently revamping the site from the 2006 census, to the upcoming May 2011 census.

  2. Hey Penny,...The Nazis were able to compile a list of German citizens that had lawfully registered firearms through the census of 1932: These people were targeted for harrassment until they handed in their weapons after the Nazis outlawed personal possession of firearms subsequent to Hitler becoming the Chancellor of the Reichstag by virtue of a backroom deal with the yiddish Industrialists that financed him.

    The Census is a scam that is not used for the purpose it is justified by (Town Planning)and definately Big Brother stuff regarding Data mining.