Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bahrain: Blowback or Encouraged ?

Does the US support or oppose this uprising?
Is this blowback from the Egyptian operation.
Or are they simply treading carefully?

When I take a gander over at the NED website, I notice Bahrain is not mentioned?

Middle East & North Africa

But, that could mean something or nothing at all.
An aside, notice they are "promoting democracy" in Libya???

I notice the Bahrain Youth society was the group that released this video.
This site makes me go hmmmm....

Hilary Clinton is certainly putting out a different message regarding Bahrain then she did with Iran just the other day.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton telephoned Bahrain's foreign minister, expressing her concerns over the demonstrations.

Expressing her concerns?

"We urge a return to a process that will result in real, meaningful changes for the people there," she added.

What did Hilary have to say about Iran???

The United States stands with Iranian opposition supporters who sought to protest on Monday, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said, calling on Tehran to grant its citizens the same freedoms that were recently won by protests in Egypt.

“Let me, clearly and directly, support the aspirations of the people who are in the streets in Iran today,”

We wish the opposition and the brave people in the streets across cities in Iran the same opportunities that they saw their Egyptian counterparts seize.”
Bahrain, she contacts the foreign minister and expresses her concern. Urging a return to a process that will bring about meaningful changes.

Iran ,she stands with the opposition protesters and supports the aspirations of the protesters

Diametrically opposed messages.

Watching this video, the brutality of the army, suggests to me that the US had placed no restraint on this action

"Bahrain is home to the US Navy's Fifth Fleet and is a strategic ally on oil supply lines for the Gulf, so the turmoil presents Washington with a dilemma."

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  1. Hi Penny,
    Bahrain is in Ned, but slightly, as in here: which makes sence.

    International Forum for Islamic Dialogue (IFID)$412,100

    To strengthen a network of moderate Islamic thinkers to disseminate views relating to Islam, democracy, pluralism and universal human, political, and civil rights and to build a core group of educators among Muslim youth. The IFID will strengthen its regional network of educators and centers in Iraq, Sudan, Tunisia, Egypt and Morocco and develop new centers in Yemen, Bahrain and Lebanon. IFID will hold a meeting in Beirut for members of its regional network.


    It's a work in progress
    "TO develop new cetres in Yemen Bahrain,and Lebanon."
    That is the key phrase.
    and what is happening now in these countries?
    Great work.