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The break up of Sudan: Oil & Water. Egypt, Israel and the US.

Another story that is not getting coverage, but, is vital and related to Egypt.
The break up, no let's call it the balkanization of Sudan, via loads of Israeli and US assistance.
Wasn't that swell of them? I will assume we will soon be looking at another civil war.
But, let's not worry about that for the moment.

Did you know that Sudan, used to part of Egypt? Nor did I until recently, hence, the learning of something new everyday!

Did you know some years ago their had been a proposal for water diversion from the Nile to the Sudan. That Egypt supported. You can read about that and more here

I will excerpt so you get an idea of the history of Israeli involvement in the area.

We can say that Israel's support for the separatist movement in the south went through five stages which
Stage 1: throughout the 50's Israel concentrated on two things firstly giving (humanitarian aid to the
Stage 2:In the 60's the following happened: Israeli weapon deals started flowing to South Sudan through Uganda. The first deal was in 1962 and most of it was light Russian weapon that Israel stole from Egypt after the 1956 war, in addition to the Israeli Uzi....
Stage 3: which extends from mid 60's till 70's, through it the flow of weapons continued through an Israeli mediator called "gabi shafeek". Also:Israel also established a school for ground soldiers in "wangi kabul??" to graduate cadets to lead the separatist groups.
Stage 4:
The fourth stage extends from the late 70's and throughout the 80's and in it armed support started under the leadership of colonel Jon Qarnak, (Jon Qarnak is John Garang) starting from 83.

Brief Interlude
" From 1983 to 2005, he led the Sudan People's Liberation Army during the Second Sudanese Civil War, and following a peace agreement he briefly served as First Vice President of Sudan from January 2005 until he died in a July 2005 helicopter crash."

Died in a helicopter crash? How curious? Someone? Or some nation wasn't happy with a peaceful Sudan?

The situation had relatively calmed down then after a reconciliation deal that was signed in a year and which offered the south self rule.

That situation was not to stay calm, because oil was discovered in South Sudan!
Sudan is now a big oil exporter!

Stage 4 continued:
...Israel used it's influence back then to insure the separatist fighting goes on, by making the separatists picture that there struggle is a fateful one between an occupying Arabic Muslim north, and an African Christian

Get the Christian and Muslim's at each others throats and Israel get's what it is after.
Typical divide to conquer technique.

Stage 5:
Started in the end of 1990 and continued until now.(written in 2004)
This stage is considered the picking the fruits stage. Israel submerged the "liberation army" with money and
weapons to solidify the movments stand when it comes to negotiations with the north's government, until it became militarily stronger than it.
The movement (had strengthened) to a point where it could separate or go further than that and impose its will on the government in Khartoum. It succeeded in the second option.

The writer is stating in 2004 the South imposed it's will, rather then separate. Obviously the goal of separation was never out of sight

This aspect is interesting and relates to Egypt and water-

Israel, is who convinced the southerns to stop the "gongali" channel project, which would have ensured the digging of a channel in the top of the Nile to move water to a new area between "gongali and malklal" to store 5 million cubic meters of water annually, and this project was supposed to help liven up the northern part of the country and the Egyptian economy.

Water diversion, from the Nile to Sudan. What a difference that would have made in the lives of the Sudanese? But, that was not in Israel's long term plan for the area.

How this ties into Egypt and what is going on there, right now!

Egypt was concerned with the balkanization of Sudan

"Egypt will definitely be affected by the separation. However, south Sudan will never want to go into confrontation with Egypt at early stages of its formation," said Essam El Sheikh, an political analyst on Sudan issue and deputy chief editor of Al Gomhouria newspaper.

The effect of this referendum on Egypt, Sudan's closest neighbor, includes a variety of destabilizing factors that can impact the national security and the country's economy. According to analysts, these factors will press Egypt on different levels.

A leaked cable in April 2009 quoted Egypt's intelligence chief Omar Suleiman as telling Admiral Mike Mullen, chairman of the U.S. military's Joint Chiefs of staff, that "Egypt does not want a divided Sudan."

In another cable Egyptian diplomats lobbied to delay the referendum for four to six years because they feared "fatal implication," including causing an influx of migrants to Egypt, hurting Suez Canal revenues and affecting Egypt's Nile water share.

Egypt made it known to the US they did not want a divided Sudan, because it would destabalize the country! So, they got an uprising, which will definitely destabilize the nation and the blame can be laid at the feet of the Egyptian people.

All this breaking up of nations the resultant infighting and civil wars..... to what end?
Well it is good for world peace, don't you know?

According to a research fellow at the New American Foundation. This is all terrific!
Foreign Policy: Breaking Up (Countries) Is Good To Do
You see, breaking countries apart is a good thing to do?!
Good for who, exactly?
You will have to read the article for yourself, as this piece is getting rather lengthy.
(So watch our, there may be a second part!)
But, I will quote the ending, just to give you an idea of what this article is about.

The way to create a peaceful and borderless world is, ironically, by allowing ever more nations to define themselves and their borders. Then, and only then, will they seek openness and integration with the rest of the world. Breakups are sometimes the path to better friendships.


In other words.......
The way to achieve a
"peaceful" world is to weaken the vast majority of it.

No mention of just who will benefit from this demented version of a peaceful world?
So, I'll throw out a scenario. This "peaceful" world can then be dominated by some type of tyrannical one government system/army. Like the very powerful nations (Britain, Israel, US), backed by the one world army(NATO)?

Of course, one can't leave out the Banksters. Money galore to be made off of the civil warfare. More nations, more money for the banksters and their system of central bank domination and IMF reformations.

While the people of this 'peaceful world' busily fight one another, in their weakened and easily manipulated nations, the corporations of the above named nations, will plunder the globe because "breakups are sometimes the path to better friendships"

Utter garbage!


  1. Making a prediction here:

    Egypt is going to be balkanized, partitioned, broken up.

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  3. Thanks AP!

    I hope so.(banana in tailpipe)

    I am going to add a bit more to this post. I went out and thought dammit, forgot the banks!

  4. Hey Penny,...Excellent post, very thorough. The "banana in the tail-pipe hey, AP? I should'a known...

    For me, I think Egypt will become another Lebanon; internecine rivalries financed by the usual suspects, resulting in intermittent factional street battles manifesting a siege mentality across Eqypt and then The Sinai will be annexed by the yiddish occupiers of Palestine at CHAOS headquarters; without so much as a by-your-leave from the MSM or the joo-nited nations insecurity council.