Monday, February 14, 2011

Clinton: Time for Iran to 'open up' & follow Egypt

Is Hillary signaling the bought and paid for opposition to hit the streets and hit'em hard??!

"We wish the opposition and the brave people in the streets across cities in Iran the same opportunity that they saw their Egyptian counterparts seize in the last week," Clinton told reporters during a visit to the US Congress.

"We support the universal rights of the Iranian people. They deserve to have the same rights" as those demanded by protesters to helped oust Egypt's Hosni Mubarak "and that are part of their own birthright," she said.

And the funniest quote from Hilary-

"We are against violence and we would call to account the Iranian government that is once again using its security forces and resorting to violence to prevent the free expression of ideas from their own people," said Clinton."

"We are against violence"
Does this mean the US is against violence. The biggest warmonger in the world!
Who is this woman kidding? Does anyone believe one word that crosses her lips?


  1. Hi Penny.
    They are so bloody predicatble aren't they...
    I wonder what the next Iranian colour will be, it was green last time, so let's bet it will turn beige?
    Beige anyone???
    great work.
    cheers A13

  2. Another day, another subterfuge, especially after watching the orchestrated events in Iran today. Yet another transparently pathetic attempt to use infiltrated assets to provoke civil disruption and national destabilisation in Iran. It's much akin to trying to light a fuse attached to nothing, with a packet of wet matches.

  3. Iran must fall by hook or by crook.
    Many simultaneous strategies are being used to topple Iran.

    The Brookings Institute developed an updated game plan in 2009. It is unfolding as they said it would/should. Their plan, if Iranians somehow resist this, is to stage another big false flag against Americans to pave the way for a full scale invasion. They seem to prefer a color revolution.
    A great summary.....

    I tend to agree with HHQ on the chances of success for a colour revolution working in Iran.

    Penny, you wrote about 'visitors' to south America, Chile and Argentina, last month.
    Seems like a dirty tricks cargo plane has been busted in Argentina with weapons and drugs on board.
    Just a coincidence, I'm sure.

    Waaaay off topic.......
    A few days back I linked to the Canadian story about a funding cut to a charity called KAIROS by CIDA.
    Their criticism of Israel, led Jason Kenny to belligerently boast to a Jewish audience about it.
    Last night CBC put up a story on it with ZERO reference to Israel. Within an hour there were over 500 comments up.....NOT ONE contained the word Israel, and 90% were from Liberal partisans trying to dumb down the topic, to Bev Oda and corruption......not one word on Israel
    With over 1000 comments up this morning, still without a single reference to Israel (the CBC censors are vigilant in protecting the homeland) perhaps CBC had too many calls and protests about their censorship?

    Now they have a story up with the Israel timeline, watch for it to disappear quickly, but until then it too is filled with hostile Liberals criticizing Conservative corruption......still virtually nothing on Israel in the comments.

    The first story with over 1000 comments

    The current one, damage control by CBC, and business as usual for Libs and Cons.

    CBC is a masterful servant of globalists and fascism.

  4. More kicking of the dead Oda horse....

    Now CBC has dumped the story which mentioned the Jason Kenny Israeli pressure and lies about KAIROS.
    The short shift.
    Now at the top of the board is a big new Oda story with Harper featured as lightning rod, for corruption, arrogance, and every crime under the sun. This one is devoid of any mention of Jewish issues on defunding KAIROS. Magically it also had hundreds of comments the moment it came up......not one mentioning the central issue.

  5. Hey A13:

    beige is to neutral, they will likely use the green colour again.
    It already has advance advertising.

    "The green revolution is back and fresher then every"
    Take a whiff!

    It is that obvious, it really is.

  6. Anonymous:
    thanks for keeping tabs on that one.
    I won't waste any time leaving comments, because I rarely get mine through.

    NO foul language, stick to their rules and still...censored.