Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Get Internet access when your Government shut's it down

Normally, I don't post this much in one day, unless I feel the need to get all this stuff out there.
I am not technical enough to really understand this, but, thought it might be good information for those that are?
Perhaps, someone can let me know if these suggestions are actually viable?

Does your government have an Internet kill-switch? Read our guide to Guerrilla Networking and be prepared for when the lines get cut.

Do-It-Yourself Internet With Ad-Hoc Wi-Fi -that is explained.

Back to Basics- with dial up.

Remember when you stashed your old modems in the closet because you thought you might need them some day? In the event of a total communications blackout--as we're seeing in Egypt, for example--you'll be glad you did. Older and simpler tools, like dial-up Internet or even ham radio, could still work, since these "abandoned" tech avenues aren't being policed nearly as hard.

In order to get around the total shutdown of all of the ISPs within Egypt, several international ISPs are offering dial-up access to the Internet to get protesters online, since phone service is still operational. It's slow, but it still works--the hard part is getting the access numbers without an Internet connection to find them.

And then and old fashioned suggestion- Ham radio.


  1. You can simply buy an internet 'key'. It is a miniture cell phone that plugs into your computer. With that you can access internet, by-passing service providers.
    Thought you might like to know. R

  2. Thanks for the info on the internet 'key', R. Is there a good site that explains it in detail?

  3. Thanks R!
    I will keep that in mind, for possible future use..

  4. James I found a link on the Internet Key.

    It seems to access the internet via the cellphone/mobile phone

    "The internet stick uses the same technology as your mobile phone, except instead of making a voice call from your mobile phone you are making a data connection from your computer to the internet"

    I think this is what R is referring to?

  5. Thanks very much, Pen. Much appreciated. Enjoy your day!