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Haiti- Disaster Capitalism in its finest hour

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It features, Sarah Palin, Billy Graham and Monsanto. An unlikely trio you would think?
But, you will get the connection when you read this- But, I will give you a hint.. The connection is green and not environmental.

A long read, but, well worth spending the time to do so! Excerpts below.

Our Government-Funded Mission to Make Haiti Christian: Your Tax Dollars, Billy Graham's Son, Monsanto and Sarah Palin

Overall, Haiti has become one of the greatest money laundering operations in history, an island engine turning public funds into private profits.

Disaster Capitalism-

What's more, U.S. taxpayer dollars are being funneled from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) to Billy Graham's charities for use in Christian proselytizing—all while building Sarah Palin's 2012 campaign army.

"At that time, they (Haitians) were not open to the Gospel, and now they are," said "Festival of Hope" director Sherman Barnette, of the difference in Haiti before and after the earthquake. The festival was held on January 9, in Haiti's National Soccer Stadium. It was put on by Franklin Graham in cooperation with his Samaritan's Purse charity and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.

A month before the event, Sarah Palin had appeared in Haiti beside Graham, urging followers to help "those less fortunate" by contributing to Samaritan's Purse. "It is still here doing the tough work," Palin said. She was gone less than 48 hours later.

Exactly what the tough work Palin spoke of depends on who you're talking about. It could be raising millions more dollars that Haitians will never see.
Or, in the case of Samaritan's Purse, whose Haiti work is being heavily funded by the taxpayer-funded USAID, it could be to “take back their country from voodoo, despair, and sin,"

So USAID is funding religious conversion?! And how does that help the Haitians?

" As Graham said of Haiti in his address at the Festival, "…the biggest need is the spiritual need."
I don't think so, but then, I am not doling out taxpayer dollars for this nonsense, all the while donations are poring in...

"Through our partnership, the three original churches have been able to establish 28 more—including one in a village that was infamous for voodoo…."


Somewhere around 10,000 NGOs now operate in Haiti, without any organization. Much of the money that was raised in the nation's name has not been spent. In some cases, it seems this is intentional.

The Disaster Accountability Project estimates that a year after nearly $11 billion was raised or pledged ("Text HAITI! to donate $10!), only half has been spent. In some cases, not even that. By November, Catholic Relief Charities had reported spending just 32 percent of the $192 million it raised for Haiti.

Many NGOs say the reason they are reluctant to spend more is that it may be wasted.

A report on U.S. contracts for reconstruction found that only $1.60 of every $100 awarded goes to Haitian firms, essentially meaning that the brunt of Haiti funding actually functions as stimulus for economies elsewhere. An audit by USAID’s Inspector General found that 70% of the cash awarded to the two largest U.S. contractors was spent on equipment and materials (bought outside of Haiti), meaning just 8,000 Haitians a day were hired instead of the promised 25,000 a day.

Unbelievable! Seriously. $1.60 of every $100 goes to Haitian firms?!

Bet, your wondering how does Monsanto figure into this sickening excuse for humanitarian aid?

Monsanto donated tons of corn and vegetable seed to Haitian farmers and has committed to donating hundreds of tons more in the coming months. But these seeds are hybrids, engineered not only so that they cannot naturally reproduce, but to assure Haitian farmers remain in hock to Monsanto in the future.

Pressed about why Monsanto didn't just provide open pollinating seed, a spokesperson said, "Open pollinated seeds would be a great option if they produced as much crop as a hybrid seed." That's like saying, nobody should bother driving a Honda Civic because it doesn't perform like a Maserati.

That's Monsanto lying through their teeth about the crop productions from their seeds.

It get's better!

But here's the best part. Monsanto added that it contacted NGOs in Haiti and that those organizations will "support farmers with recommendations and resources [including] helping farmers decide whether to use additional inputs (including fertilizer and herbicides)." Two of the NGOs Monsanto identified are the WINNER organization and World Vision, both heavily funded by USAID. This means your tax dollars will be used to purchase any "additional inputs" from Monsanto.

Once you get through the article, you will make the "green" connection.


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