Friday, February 18, 2011

Iranian warships in the Suez -False flag or oil price manipulations

A-13 had touched on this "he said, she said" news story.
You can read that early post, linked above.

Iranian Warships passing through the Suez Canal.
Are they? Aren't they?
I question when "unnamed officials" make claims that can't seem to be substantiated by anyone, anywhere....

What is the claim being made? .... Iran is alleged to be sending two warships through the Suez Canal.
It seems to me that the story originated in Israel.

This all seemed to hit the news a couple of days ago.
On February 16/2011, when Avigdor Lieberman made the claim that Iranian ships were coming through the Suez canal. He also noted that Israel would consider it a provocation and would have to respond.

Nowhere can I find that this was reported on by Iran, prior to Lieberman's pronouncement.
If anyone else knows of earlier reporting from Iran on this story, let me know?
There is a news story from Press Tv, that doesn't appear to have originated in Iran.
The story, you can find it here, appears on the Press TV website a full day later on February 17. It seems to be a regurgitation of the previous day's news.
All original or breaking news regarding these ships and their passage seem to be emanating from Israel.
With Haaretz reporting that Iran is insisting the ships are going through.
What they note as "insisting" is a report from Press TV.
I can only say this, if the report is the Press Tv article above, there is no "insisting" being done!

Egypt is saying there are no Iranian ships coming through the Suez.

Suez Canal Official Says No Iranian Warships Licensed to Pass

Egypt: No Iranian warships have passed through Suez
Iran has not requested to move any of its warships through the Suez Canal, an Egyptian official said Thursday.

"No Iranian warships sailed through the canal in the last two days and nothing is planned for the coming days either," said Ahmed El-Manakhly, the transit director of the Suez Canal Authority.

Iran has not moved a warship through the Suez Canal in 32 YEARS.

"It is 32 years since an Iranian warship last passed through the Suez Canal"

Iranian warships have not entered the Mediterranean through the canal since 1979

So, why all of a sudden would Iran feel the need to make this kind of move?
In my opinion, they haven't made any move!
There would be no reason for them to do so.
This is Israeli spin.
But why? Why is Israel spinning such a fantastic tale?
Could be readying us all for a false flag?
I won't discount that?
Recall previous naval false flags? The Maine and the Gulf Of Tonkin.

But, if not a false flag, were there other benefits to this tall Israeli tale.

The price of oil went up!

Oil gains on Israel warning

OIL FUTURES: Crude Rises On Report Of Iran Warship Movements

Very nice for the Oil Companies! Bolstering profits and tweaking the stock market is always good.


  1. Hi Penny. As I read this article the first thing that came to mind was patrol craft in the Gulf of Tonkin – as you went on to point out. Phantom boats can cause mayhem to advanced warships after all.

    I may be wrong but did we not get a similar story about a year ago when the Gaza flotillas were making uncomfortable headlines for the usual ghouls. No sign of the Iranian humanitarian shipment either.

    I wonder if the detailed plans to march to the canal have been delayed by those peaceful Egyptians.

  2. Nice spotting and investigation, Pen!

    Chuckyman said:"I wonder if the detailed plans to march to the canal have been delayed by those peaceful Egyptians."

    My thoughts exactly, Chuck. This is building up to 'Excuse #2"

    And now for "Round 2" in Egypt-
    They're on the streets again as they said they would be

    "Hundreds of thousands of Egyptians have poured into Cairo's Tahrir Square to celebrate the fall of president Hosni Mubarak and to pressure the new military rulers to deliver on reform pledges. . . . . .
    . . . . . "The world has changed, the world has progressed, and the Arab world has changed within," said Mr Qaradawi, an Egyptian-born cleric based in Qatar.

    Full article here

  3. More sabre rattling and fear mongering on Iran. The beat goes on.

    Falling down the rabbit hole (eventually reaching the McGowan LC series) one thing is clear.
    There is no longer anything we can take at face value without question.
    I have been forced to consider the idea that Castro, Chavez and Ahmadenijad are all NWO puppets who play the role of foil/threat to western democracy.
    Far fetched on the surface, but Ahmadenijad does make many moves that serve the interests of the war machine. War ships (funny how when they are 'ours' we call them Naval Vessels) in the Suez sounds like Israeli fear mongering, but maybe there is more?

    On Egypt.
    From Press TV a headline....

    Millions Call for Civilian Rule in Egypt

    From CBC a headline....

    Egyptians Stage Tahir Square Victory March

    Egyptian Baby Smuggling Ring Investigated by RCMP.

    BBC is running with 'Victory Day' as its meme, and so are most of the other Goebbels emulating news outlets.
    The revolution will not be televised....unless it is a Soros baby. The people's revolutions will simply be re-branded to suit the needs of our rulers.

    Happy Victory Day!
    PS, It appears that the CIA controlled Muslim Brotherhood came up with the name Victory Day to describe this march for an end to military rule. How nice of western media to quickly unanimously accept and repeat it.

  4. Thanks James. It merely follows on from the hard work of yourself, Penny, AP and others.

    I wonder what the ‘use by’ date is on all that jet fuel Israhell ordered a while back?

  5. Hey chuckyman!

    Your right, there were reports of a humanitarian Iranian shipment,that never appeared.

  6. I'll be back to respond to the rest, sorry :(

  7. Good Morning Penny,
    Well this situ with the Iranian ships is suss isn't it?
    I believe it has somthing to do with oil too, if anything happenes, manufactured or not in the Suez, maybe that route will be cut?? and Oil prices will shoot up. Which is prob the plan. as well as making Iran look like protagonists.

    I found this in one of the Aussie papers this morning,

    Just going to keep an eye on this as I just think it's more pimping..

    Cheers A13

  8. offtopic

    So our Parliament is going to close for at least 7 years for repairs.
    How symbolic!
    How the fuck did this one fly under the radar with virtually no coverage until today's announcement.

    The matter of fact nobigdeal story on is closed to comments. Usually they just have their private censorship goons control the fray. They only normally close stories to commenting that contain graphic violence sexual predation and similar themes.
    How appropriate that we are not permitted to speak on our national public media treasure (CBC) about the closure of our Parliament for the foreseeable future.

    $5 Billion dollars to do the work on the Parliament buildings?
    Canada is a big fairytale. We do not exist.

  9. James, what exactly do you think a round number two will entail?
    I know I am a couple of days behind, so I hope you do stop back to expand on this thought?

  10. anonymous: at this point in time, I am not entirely sure there are any warships or ships of any sort belonging to Iran

    As of today the reporting continues to be he said, she said, no ships, yes ships, they have already been through, their comin' through on Monday.

    So much subterfuge.

  11. Jet fuel, eh chuckyman?
    This one I am not aware of?
    Do dish if you are about?

  12. A13 and the beat goes on still today.

    The mere threat of something happening or if something actually happens, the oil companies win.

    Cui bono?

  13. anonymous?
    saw that closed for 7 years, renovations and all.
    Perhaps by the time it "reopens" for business it will be as a tourist attraction.

    Then Canadians can reminisce about the country they used to have.

  14. Hi Pen,
    the protesters have a long list of demands. It is either 30 or 40. I think the latter. Anyway, they intend to have them ALL met and they intend to keep coming back until they are. The massing on Friday was about the protesters still in custody and not being released plus the other demands.

    They are playing it perfectly. Government ministers have now been arrested to appease the protesters. But they come back again for another round.

    Expect to see this repeated. It is a way of getting what they want bit by bit and without bloodshed. It is crucial to know when you have wrung the max out of a confrontation with 'authority'; to go away and then come back again.

    The MB calling it Victory Day is a blatant attempt to highjack the protest and misrepresent it to the world - like it is all over. But from all I've read, the protest organisers (the ones on the ground, not the Freedom House people) are having none of the MB or any other politically connected people.

    The protesters, the people, are very much in control of where this is going. If you haven't read my latest, Turning The Other Cheek - Egyptian Style,
    at Winter Patriot Community or at Twelfth Bough, it will give further background to all this

  15. almost forgot, make sure you check out the comments from McJ in the comments at WPC. Some great pics and words :)

  16. "Gaddafi's forces massacre protesters"

    Libyan-Australian Mohammed told ABC Radio he spoke to his cousin, a doctor in one of Benghazi's main hospitals, last night.
    "He told me last night it's more than 280 people killed and more than 500 people injured and there is a shortage of the blood and all medical supplies in the hospital," he said.
    This morning there were reports Mr Gaddafi's support was crumbling as the violence escalated.

    Members of a Libyan army unit told Benghazi residents they had defected and "liberated" the city from forces supporting Mr Gaddafi, two residents said.

    Habib al-Obaidi, who heads the intensive care unit at the main Al-Jalae hospital, and lawyer Mohamed Al-Mana, said members of the "Thunderbolt" squad had arrived at the hospital with soldiers wounded in clashes with Mr Gaddafi's personal guard.

    "They are now saying that they have overpowered the Praetorian Guard and that they have joined the people's revolt," Mr Al-Mana said by telephone.

  17. Hi Penny. The jet fuel angle first appeared back at the end of August. I got the link originally from A.P. – of course (grin).
    This is the original story.

    Horrific casualties James both in Libya and Bahrain. Ghaddafi has been surviving these sorts of thing for many years – MI6 has tried a few times to kick off a coup. Strange as he has generally been very useful in halting the spread of ‘muslim extremism’ – whatever that means.

    Mossad has had a good handle there for years. Most don’t remember that they set up the Libyans for a German Disco bombing that ol’ Ronnie used as an excuse to bomb the place. I’m also dubious about the appearance of stories such as the use of mercenaries by the regime.

    The whole map of the region is getting redrawn – it’s been nearly a century since the British did it last. Awe don’t need too many guesses as to whose hand is on the pen this time?

    PS Great articles James over at your place.

  18. Thanks Chuck.

    I think there is more to the jet fuel story than meets the eye