Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mubarek stays in "power" and the Military supports the move

UPDATED: Egypt's Military Backs Transfer of Power to Vice President

This should come as no surprise to those that have been following this drama.
The military is bought and paid for by the US.
Clearly, the US has given the order to clear the streets.

It should also be mentioned and right on cue, I should add- "Mohamed ElBaradei, warned that the country "will explode" and needs to be rescued by the military."

Needs to be rescued by the military??
Who is he kidding?

Breaking news:
Mubarek refuses to "step down"
The announcement was made via a previously recorded message.
(The western media is reporting it as live, but, Al Jazeera live coverage had reported it as previously recorded)I believe that it is previously recorded.

Because in my opinion, Hosni Mubarek is not in Egypt any longer. And if he is, he is not in power.
Which is nothing new or shocking, because he never was the REAL power.
He has always been EMPOWERED by the US and Israel.
His willingness to serve his masters in the US and Israel is how he gained and kept power.

The 'precanned' message was also released at about 11:oo pm Egyptian time.
Which means many people in Egypt are unaware of this latest news.
And this gives the army time to prepare for the inevitable surge in protest tomorrow.
The army that is controlled by the US.
I left this article in a comment at Twelfth Bough's earlier today

Penny- " All quite interesting.
The comment about the coup piqued my interest also.
It seemed so odd, since a coup is usually the military overthrow of the government.

Since Suleiman is the government it is an odd thing to say.

So, I am going to suggest this.

That the government is controlled externally. And, actually I have said it previously at my blog. I do not think the military is fully controlled by Egypt.

They have long been a part of NATO, though not officially.
So who controls the army?
You may be interested in this?"

Keep US aid flowing to Egypt's Military
Quoting from the article-

"As the crisis in Egypt unfolds, the Egyptian military emerges as the most important factor in determining its immediate future. Critical too are U.S. links with the Egyptian military Washington's primary source of influence over what will happen."
"Continuing support for the Egyptian military will be crucial for U.S. influence and for an evolution in Egypt that can meet American interests."

"One reason Egypt's military responded to the demonstrations so positively has been its long-standing ties to the U.S. military, stretching back three decades"

I continue in my commentary-
"In other words the military, which did not attack or curtail the protesters is beholding to the US."

As of now, the gloves are likely off.

And the army will be running the show. At the behest of the true military leadership, in the US.
Therefore, if the situation turns ugly tomorrow, don't be surprised!

The one hope for the people is this-
That the ordinary foot soldier, the grunt, will not kill their brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers.

Additionally, if you haven't already, read today's earlier post on the role of the Sudanese referendum and it's effects on Egypt.

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  1. Mubarek Steps Down!

    Penny, I think you're right on the Money with your Observations... this is a valuable lesson for the Global Corporatocrasy that is trying to impose its will upon the planet - they better not push the people too far.

    There is enough Pie for Everyone - let's learn to share it and take care of each other..!