Thursday, February 3, 2011

Pro-Mubarek supporters on Horses and Camels???

I think not.

Watch the video, with no sound. Look at the imagery presented.

The first thing you notice is the two leaders of this pack have a bright yellow and bright red shirt.
Why do you suppose that is?
Obviously, to get your attention as they enter the crowd.
If you look at the crowd they enter, you notice mostly grey, beige and black coloured clothing is being worn. So the bright colours definitely get noticed.

Notice they are wearing scarves on their heads also, some bright red, some black?
How very 'Arab'.
The black scarves are very reminiscent of Palestinians, no?

Doesn't this feel like a Hollywood movie production

Like Lawrence of Arabia?
Where the leader is dressed in white from head to toe, to garner attention, to draw your eye to the action about to be taken by this man and his followers.

Something else bothers me?
These men on horses and camels are being associated with Mubarek. Why assume they are Mubarek "supporters"? Why assume that they are affiliated with Mubarek at all?
As the NYT calls them: "President Hosni Mubarak’s big-bellied provocateurs"
Because the media claims they are? Is that why?

Think about it?
Why, would Mubarek enable or enlist people to take these kind's of actions?
He is done! The US forced his hand. Direct Intervention from Obama.
Do you think Obama told him nicely, step down there buddy??
I don't think so.
I am certain it was made clear, your done! Your outta there! We don't need you and we can't use you anymore. Hit the road!
Once that happened Mubarek would have been fully aware there is no going back. No second chance. The US and Israel could live without him. His time was over.
So, why would he try to hold on to power?
He wouldn't. Unless he has a death wish?

So, what is going on here? I can only tell you what I think....
This is typical "creating order out of chaos".
And this type of created chaos benefits two nations.
Israel and the US.

Look at the news out of Israel:

Ashkenazi: Unrest could change our security reality

The on going demonstrations in Egypt could force Israel to adapt to a new security reality in the Middle East, IDF Chief of General Staff Lt.- Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi warned Tuesday, in his first comments on the anarchy in Cairo

ElBaradei is talking about being pro-Israel and pro-US. As head of the opposition he is refusing to cooperate with the new Prime Minister until Mubarek is gone.

But Mohamed ElBaradei and the Muslim Brotherhood on Thursday rejected the prime minister's invitation to negotiate, reiterating their condition that Mubarak quit first.

Egypt does not need to be torn at the seams at this time. If Elbaradei was genuinely interested in the people of Egypt and their well being, he would be working towards some form of government cooperation until "elections" are held and then Egypt can go from there.. But, that is not what is going on.

The scenes on the street will continue to deteriorate. Provoked by agents of NATO, and possibly Israel. Until, as luck would have it, especially for Israel.....troops will enter Egypt. To keep the peace, of course.

These provocateurs have nothing to do with Mubarek.


  1. And that is my humble opinion!

    It is ok if anyone or everyone else feels differently.

    But, from a strategic way of thinking or even a rational common sense way of thinking.

    There was no advantage to Mubarek at all. This will guarantee his ouster before elections.

    That outcome suits other interests.

  2. I think you are exactly right, Pen. Suleiman is the man in charge of what's going on. He is the man who has long time contacts with the police and the army. The police are antagonising the people through violence (overt and covert) and the army is antagonising them by standing by and not preventing this violence.

    on the face of it it is crazy but not if your aim is to make things worse. And Mubarak has no interest in making things worse

    ElBaradei is co-operating in this escalation of tension as you perceptively point out.

    Mubarak is being encouraged to stay there by israel (and other govts they can induce to do the same) to further antagonise the people and be a target for their anger. When they (Suleiman et al) are finished with him they will overthrow him.

    Suleiman has long term ties with israeli and US intelligence. See Twelfth Bough for some details

    But my feeling, too, is that their organised antagonism of the people is starting to backfire.

    Those are great observations of yours re the camel and horse riders, Pen. Out of hollywood, indeed.

  3. Thanks for that Pen and James, its coming clearer now. I had wondered if the divergent policy of US & Israel (how often does that happen?) was intended to provoke a civil war but its hard to imagine many Egyptians being on Israel's side.

    However your theory takes us back to the old Hegelian Dialectic trick - good cop/bad cop and all that. And that's totally consistent with their MO. TPTB through Rockafeller, Soros and Gates foundations (amongst many other NGOs and think-tanks) have been sowing GMo seeds of false hope in 'democracy' in Egypt and other targets through organisations such as the Alliance FOR Youth Movements and the OpenAction platform. On the other hand Israel is playing the part of bad-cop.

    Another dialectical process seemingly in play is the weird alliance (synthesis?) of the western aligned ElBaradei with the Muslim Brotherhood.

  4. Thanks James. I was watching this all unfold last night and I was saying to the hubby, it is not Mubarek, this is not Mubarek's work.
    It just makes no sense.

    And the dramatic entrance on camel's and horses...pure hollywood.

  5. Hey Freethinker!

    thanks for the comment.

    "but its hard to imagine many Egyptians being on Israel's side"

    As a whole, yes. I am sure the vast majority of Egyptians are sick of Israel.
    You may not have been aware Egypt had recently arrested an Egyptian for spying on Israel's behalf.

    And that is where the problem lies. Some people just on principal, will not spy for Israel.
    But, then there are others who cannot afford principal, they are so impoverished, they would take the opportunity to make some much needed money.
    They might not be proud of it, but, poverty can make people do some terrible things.

    "weird alliance (synthesis?) of the western aligned ElBaradei with the Muslim Brotherhood"

    Yah, that one is odd on one hand, but, on the other hand the Muslim Brotherhood may have enough populace support to help El Baradei win a "free and fair" election.

    Like the ones they have had in Afghanistan, Iraq and Haiti ;)

  6. a very tricky one to suss, no question. it's definitely a mind-fuck, the trick is deciding which type.

    someone left a link at Aan's of police vans running down citizens,

    there are others on the sidebar.

    very provocative behavior.

  7. Hey Penny,...It's a close thing, me thinks. It looks like that gaggle of grey-haired rabbis in israhell have slapped the abacus one too many times: It would appear that the plan by the yids to refresh and renew their position in Egypt has gone pair-shaped. Perhaps they will have to resort to a massive and brutal put-down? For the first time in many years I am enthusiastic about the potential for a normally tragic event to go freedom's way. That torturer sulieman is very ginger about his options; maybe the usual kow-towing servility shown to israhell, has hit a pot-hole?

    How big a coward is that shit obongo, eh? Hillarious looks like shit too, probably been grovelling to Rambo emanuhell all night.


  8. Ap:
    very provocative behaviour, indeed.

    Guaranteed to get the Egyptians fighting amongst themselves.

    Police vans(associated with Mubarek)

    Causing clashes between pro and anti demonstrators

  9. Hey veritas!

    I heard on WRH's show that they had arrested an Israeli in Egypt.
    Connected to the military.
    Someone called in and said this was a very elite group, within the IDF.

    So, Israel may well have provocateurs on the ground fomenting chaos.

  10. Chaos was the goal, and yesterday all corporate media ran with 'chaos in Cairo' for their sound bite audience.

    Chaos will give a free reign for Obama the holy man to solve it with kind loving military intervention.

    The US and the UK took three ethnic groups in Iraq who coexisted for decades and turned them against each other. Brutal disgusting bombing attacks were used. This violence in Egypt creating two factions etc. is classic CIA/MI5/Mossad.

    The 'glorious war' sales pitch from Bush got the globalists their Iraq and Afghanistan prize.
    The people got fed up with that and it is a tough sell to the war weary masses.
    So now Obama is the new pitch guy for the kind hearted intervention to save a country.
    Yemen, Tunisia, Egypt and more to come.
    And of course that brings us back to Haiti, good article today Pen.
    Another invasion rape and pillage operation masquerading as aid. On Haiti, Canada is swinging with the big boys, and this may be our most shameful foreign adventure yet. Brutal. But on the upside, Bushbama and Steve will make us all safer today with a security perimeter agreement. It is so secure they won't even talk about it.