Monday, February 7, 2011

US grants and the use of social media to foment "revolution" in Egypt

After reading a piece from Global Research, that was included in this post, my curiosity was piqued.

So called "Egyptian dissidents" meet with Hilary Clinton in 2009

Previously, the same "dissidents" had met with Condoleeza Rice in 2008

Look at the pictures. The same faces appear in both.

The Global Research piece also mentions the National Endowment for Democracy, and their involvement in Egypt.
You know the NED, that "supports freedom around the world". Hardee har har.
I found a list of their 2009 grants to Egyptian interests.

This is for 2009, only. I am posting, only a portion of a rather lengthy list...check the link above for all of the grants.

American Center for International Labor Solidarity
$318,757 - basically, to infiltrate the union movement

Andalus Institute for Tolerance and Anti-Violence Studies (AITAS)

"To strengthen youth understanding of the Egyptian parliament and enhance regional activists’ use of new technologies as accountability tools."

Interesting? To "understand" your government better, then how to use twitter, facebook and blogs to create a revolution fomented by western interests.

Arab Foundation for Supporting Civil Society (AFSCS)

"To promote the independence of civil society institutions and raise public awareness of their importance and the challenges they face through cooperation and support from the media"

How to play the media game.
Makes me wonder, about all the recent western usage of so called "independent journalists". I have been noticing alot of so called independents covering the Egyptian uprising for the big MSM outlets.

Arab Society for Human Rights (ASHR)
To promote legal awareness among journalists about freedom of expression under Egyptian laws and encourage greater and better informed media coverage of human rights issues.

To promote the idea that the government is abusing human rights. That always gets to a pompous western audience, who foolishly believe they have any.

Bridge Center for Dialogue and Development (BTRD)
To promote youth expression and engagement in community issues through new media. BTRD will train youth between the ages of 16 and 26 in the use of new and traditional media.

Start them younger. Get them online to spread anti-government rhetoric to serve western interests.

No mention of: 2010, 2008,2007,2006,2005......

But for 2009 alone, the NED gave grants totaling almost One Million, Four hundred thousand dollars, to numerous groups. Multiplied by how many years?
Who knows how much money has been going into Egypt to bring in a "democracy"?

Additionally, how much US money moved through to Egyptian dissident groups via Hope House?

Makes on wonder, just who is on facebook, twitter etc.,?
Egyptians bought and paid for with US tax dollars?
Or Egyptians who truly want freedom and thanks to the bought and paid for dissidents, regular Egyptians will never get anything of the sort. They will get Haitian style elections.
Shame on the lackeys! Betrayers of your own people.


  1. I was watching the Lehrer report last week,

    you can give a listen here

    or just read the transcript

    DAVID BROOKS: First of all, it is our ideals. We believe in democracy. And these people are calling for it in the most responsible possible way.

    Second, there are things we can do. The first and most pressing need is to create political parties there. And the U.S. and other Western and other powers can help do that.

    (The US and other western nations can create political parties) Interesting? And help other civil institutions?
    Really? An Egypt for Egyptians or for America?

  2. Excellent reporting!

    - Aangirfan

  3. thanks aanfirgan!
    You aren't to shabby either :)

  4. Washington, District Of Columbia, United States
    National Endowment For Democracy ( [Label IP Address]
    No referring link

    Perhaps Hope House will visit too?

  5. Social media, just another tool of the establishment.
    Please pardon this blatant effort to change topics here.

    Canada is now FINALLY coming clean about our use of mercenaries in Afghanistan.

    Reported briefly yesterday just in time for Super bowl kickoff was a report that Canada has spent over $41 million on hired killers in Afghanistan. Some of the worst offending firms involved in scandals in the US are on our payroll.

    CBC briefly had the story in its World section, but now it is gone.......but if you are interested in parasailing Russian donkeys or Christina Agularia, then fear not, for those critical news items are available for your benefit.

    The documents supposedly were revealed last week?
    The NDP's Paul Dewar was supposedly involved, but his site, and the NDP site have ZERO info. The Canadian Parliamentary Site also has no information.
    This story is already being reported as past tense, no big deal, and is getting the short shift or no play from all corporate media.

    Taking out the trash is politics practice that we are all familiar with.
    Canada did a splendid job covering up the first clear admission of our use of mercenaries last week.
    Too bad there were no sled dogs involved in this mercenary story, otherwise, Canadians might actually know about it.

  6. thanks for that info anonymous.
    And yes,social media is definitely a tool of the government.