Tuesday, February 1, 2011

US's secret backing of Egyptian rebel leaders, NATO & the Mediterranean Dialogue

Egypt, Egypt, Egypt..... I would like to go there. I think it would be an amazing and ancient place to visit. Of course, not at this time.
Let's put aside my touristy aspirations at this time and get to some interesting news.

Having made mention in yesterday's post that I had the impression, call it a hunch if you wish, that the uprising in Egypt had been fomented from beyond....as in from other interested parties. But, it got a little out of hand.

Today, some interesting information had come to my attention.
First of all, this : America's secret backing for rebel leaders behind uprising

The American Embassy in Cairo helped a young dissident attend a US-sponsored summit for activists in New York, while working to keep his identity secret from Egyptian state police.

On his return to Cairo in December 2008, the activist tols US diplomats that an alliance of opposition groups had drawn up a plan to overthrow President Hosni Mubarak and install a democratic government in 2011. The secret document in full

The crisis in Egypt follows the toppling of Tunisian president Zine al-Abedine Ben Ali, who fled the country after widespread protests forced him from office.

From the article:

In a secret diplomatic dispatch, sent on December 30 2008, Margaret Scobey, the US Ambassador to Cairo, recorded that opposition groups had allegedly drawn up secret plans for “regime change” to take place before elections, scheduled for September this year.

It said the activist claimed “several opposition forces” had “agreed to support an unwritten plan for a transition to a parliamentary democracy, involving a weakened presidency and an empowered prime minister.

I will mention that this document was released by Wikileaks. So, should it be discounted or considered? Is it contributing to a real narrative or a false one? I guess that will be up to the individuals reading here to decide?

I will admit, I found this tidbit of info from the wire interesting:

" xxxxxxxxxxxx described how he tried to convince his

Washington interlocutors that the USG should pressure the GOE to

implement significant reforms by threatening to reveal CAIRO 00002572

002 OF 002 information about GOE officials' alleged \"illegal\"

off-shore bank accounts. He hoped that the U.S. and the international

community would freeze these bank accounts"

A dictator with alleged, illegal off-shore bank accounts? Who would have ever thought that possible ;)

And, in the midst of all this news on Egypt, I come across this in the book I am reading, presently.

The US/NATO/Israel military axis and the Mediterranean Dialogue.
What countries are part of this dialogue?
Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordon, Mauritania and Tunisia.
Algeria, Egypt, Jordan and Tunisia.
Four nations, four so called people powered revolutions or protests taking place.

But were they? Really?

Are the leaders of the above mentioned nations, unable to fulfill or participate fully in some unknown agenda? Unknown by the masses that is?
Certainly, well known to the people who are fomenting these changes.

It is worth mentioning that Israel has a particularly special relationship within NATO.

What are we looking at so far?
The likelihood that the so called popular uprisings had their beginnings in Intelligence and/or NATO operations.
It is more then a coincidence that four of the nations participant in the Mediterranean Dialogue, are having their leadership overthrown.
So, what is war/misery, evil is being hatched for the future?
Stay tuned..........

It is also worth pointing out something from AP's place
In her post, Things that Stink.

Also, the US Army is sending aerial backup to the Sinai?

The US Army's Aviation Regiment has mobilized for deployment to Egypt's Sinai Peninsula to back the Multinational Force and Observers (MFO) overseeing the Egypt-Israel peace treaty.

Connecticut National Guard Detachment 2, Company I, 185th Aviation Regiment of Groton left Connecticut on January 15 for Fort Benning, for further training and validation, a Press TV correspondent reported on Monday.

January 15th.....ten days before anything happened in Egypt.

No, it is not a coincidence!


  1. Thanks Pen.

    The secret diplomatic dispatch is bullshit imo. It is designed to tell everyone that the US knew of the popular moves against Mubarak and supported them behind the scenes by keeping quiet about it. It also paints the picture that the Egyptians themselves were the prime movers. And the inclusion of wikileaks is the 'coup de grace' as far as any credibility is concerned.

  2. And here's the proof-

    McJ at the winter patriot community blog left this comment on my latest article, The Egyptian Revolution in Context -

    Pinch hitter ElBaradei, the ready-made leader for Egypt's 'spontaneous' people's revolution, steps up to the plate!

    He is really letting the cat out of the bag with this one don't ya think?

    "Earlier Sunday, ElBaradei said Mubarak must step down in order to save the country.
    "If he wants to save his skin, if he has an iota of patriotism, I would advise him to leave today and save the country," he told CNN's Fareed Zakaria GPS.
    The opposition leader said he had been given a mandate to build a unity government.
    "What I have been authorized -- mandated -- by the people who organized these demonstrations
    (is) to agree on a national unity government," he told Zakaria.
    Egypt is entering a period of transition, and a government of national unity is needed to fill the void and hold "fair and free" elections, ElBaradei said. "
    "He did not rule out the possibility of serving as president or interim president if Mubarak were to step down."
    ..."A transitional government is needed to move the country from dictatorship to democracy, he said. "

    Any bets on whether a transitional government will be moving the country towards democracy? Well maybe an Iraqi or Afghani style democratic transition.

  3. Yeah, the wikileaks stuff is always questionable, but, sometimes all angles have to be looked at....

    I have worried about Elbaredei since the very beginning, and I mentioned that in yesterday's post.

    What I thought was more interesting was all these nations, with people power protests being members of the Mediterranean Dialogue.

    Obviously these leaderships are no longer of any use to NATO, US, Israel.

    But, why exactly?
    What is coming, what is planned that requires new leadership?

    As I read further into the book I linked to, Africom was mentioned.

    So are we looking at a bigger move into Africa??
    When I have more time to read I will likely post more.

    Right now, it is meal time

  4. But, why exactly?
    What is coming, what is planned that requires new leadership?



    Hillary Clinton recalls 260 of her Ambassadors from around the world (UNPRECEDENTED) for a fireside chat this week???????? Sure.

    Prime Minister Steve will also go to Washington this week to visit with Bushbama on Friday. Such is the arrogance of our elites that he won't even tell us if a Security perimeter deal is to be discussed. A twitter release from one of his minions is all that we get....and justification for it from our media swine. CBC will keep us distracted with sled (they kept this one on the shelf till they needed it?) dogs and hockey stars.
    Years ago I saw a summary of nasty legislation passed in the USA during Super Bowl week.

    This looks like a perfect storm which could finally signal real uncontrolled war in the wider middle east? Or maybe it is only time for project bluebeam?
    Hmm, it appears as though I am off on a wee bit of a tangent. Thanks for putting up with the rambling Penny.

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  6. I have been to Egypt.Worked and lived. In a capacity beyond your comprehension.Your post is typical of the "out of the loop" conspiracy wanna be "Woodwards".You insult intelligent and informed people.

  7. Hey George!
    I shall check your place out.

  8. Anonymous:

    seriously, your obviously an idiot.'

    You worked in Egypt?
    So, you say?

    Me, I am a billionaire!

    Your using typical propaganda to set yourself up as an authority on Egypt.
    And attacked me personally rather then addressing or disputing the points made in the post.

    Hence, your idiocy.
    Don't waste my time by coming here.