Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bloodlust and Barbarism proudly displayed in the U-S-A!

A thought-

When the western audience is shown pictures of persons in other countries allegedly celebrating death and destruction we in the west call them barbarians.

One incident that comes to mind, were the possible "celebrations" in Palestine after 9/11.
Except, there is a problem with that footage. It may have be rehashed from old footage. There is some dispute surrounding the entire story.

There is NO disputing the bloodlust on display in the US, after the "news" of Osama's death.
There is no disputing the barbaric display of murderous pride. There are so many pictures.
Smiling, waving, cheering, proudly displaying flags......

Just calling a spade a spade.

Bloodlust simply stated means a lust for blood. A desire for violence. Brutishness. It is mindless.
It goes against humanity.
It was on full display during the Bin Laden death parties

CNBC even calls them "Death celebrations"


Good Morning America even went to the trouble of orchestrating correct audience response- "Chant U-S-A"

And the mindless bloodthirsty barbarians did.


  1. Beautifully explained & you're so right on the penny opps money, Penny! :)

    I was surprised to see this:
    High school seniors and juniors old enough to remember 9/11 understood the jubilation of some Americans over the death of Osama bin Laden. To younger children, even while growing up amid orange- and red travel alerts and heightened adult anxiety, the big deal over the assassination of al-Qaida's leader had mixed reactions.
    Sapphire Castro, 15, was watching the news with her father, and didn't quite understand the street celebration in New York. "Why are they cheering just because we killed one dude?" she asked Monday in her freshman social studies class at Gunderson High School in San Jose.
    Just because bin Laden's gone, she said, doesn't mean terrorism is dead. And besides, "hate for hate is not OK."
    Her classmate, Noelle Hernandez, 14, questioned why the United States was targeted 10 years ago, and asked what children in Afghanistan are taught. "In schools are they going to say, 'Bomb New York'?" asked the freshman. "Do they grow up to think that we're bad?"


  2. Good article.

    I watch the corporate media and their right wing brain dead devotees lap up this story hanging on every word. It disgusts me, but it does not surprise me.

    Establishment leftist media and their followers are the ones who really blow my mind.
    The dirty Huffpost, rawstory and Democracynow are the worst offenders.

    But to your point here Penny, the bloodlust on display.... NPR hit a new low yesterday.
    NPR covered this topic too, but they did damage control in a fashion that would make Goebbels green with envy.

    How is it that so many intelligent people with graduate degrees still believe the Bin Laden fairy tale?
    Easy, they get their news from NPR and BBC and PBS. Watching those dogs weave this story, censor comments and spew lies is to see propaganda at its finest.
    Only a CBC election night show could be more repulsive.

    PS Check out a national anthem from an NBA or NHL game last night if you want bonus bloodlust coverage. Sick bastards.

  3. Penny - great post as usual!

    In regards to this topic, I agree with what Gandhi so eloquently said, at least in the movie, which I hope was verbadim: ‘I am prepared to die for my cause, but I am not prepared to kill for it.’ Therefore, this ‘Killing of OBL’ gives me absolutely no pleasure, redemption or feelings of patriotism so aptly and enthusiastically displayed by our MSM. In a smaller sense I believe there is some justice here, but IMO there are other nefarious intentions going on in the halls of power - if they no longer kneed OBL as the bogeyman, there must be some sort of goal that has been reached for him to be eliminated.

    In my latest post that tangents yours - the issues touch in regards to how the surviving victims of 911 families are interviewed and incredibly emotional STILL about the loss of their loved ones... I am glad we didn't just drop a huge Tomahawk missile on the whole neighborhood where OBL supposedly was living - but I am deeply suspect of the whole truth surrounding this Made for MSM event... and how quicky we as Americans just buy into what supposedly happened here.

    I agree with Anonymous's comment in regards to the whole ‘boogeyman’ Myth, Joseph Campbell, Adam Curtis's ‘Power of Nightmares’ scenario... the fact that they have eliminated OBL as the boogeyman makes me wonder if a bigger one looms on the horizon - I will be very skeptical if one suddenly appears, and I pray it doesn't!

  4. Hey Musique!

    Just pointing out what should be quite obvious.

    Boy, that 15 year old is wise beyond her years!

  5. anonymous:

    that NPR piece is spin extraordinare!

    I think the problem is that people's thinking is so messed up. generally speaking.

    Anyone ever read the book " The Sane Society"

    I am working on it now, had started it previously, got side tracked and restarted it.

    The author puts forth the thought that if individuals can be insane (irrational, whatever) Then societies can also be insane.

    It opens with the question can society be sick?

    I believe that it can be, and the example of the partying over OBL's death is a perfect example of a sick, sick society.

    Disconnected from reality. Perverted by the lies of the elite.

    As for msm, look at how they used the doctored photos?

  6. Hey Blake!

    The one problem I have with the using of the 9/11 families, is...well the using of them.

    They are dragged out whenever an emotional response is being extracted from the masses.

    Many of them were outspoken critics of the Bush admins "investigation"

    See Press for Truth, which was quite good..

    Then there is the recent news on the "heros" of 9/11, another bunch that were spin-doctored for maximum effects, as they slowly die off, neglected by the government that lauded them and informed they are being put on the terror watch list


    what a kick in the face!

    The simple, plain rather harsh fact is that 9/11 survivors mean nothing to the government.
    They are only there for exploitation purposes.

    A replacement will appear, a scary boogey man is such a necessity for manipulation and I am glad you will be skeptical.

  7. This whole affair had a psyops stink to it from the beginning.

    The Zionist MSM was in full BS mode, telling Americans how to act; you're supposed to go out in the streets and cheer loudly, never mind the facts, we'll get them to you as we make them up.

    Now the story is coming apart.

    BL was armed and resisted, no, wait a minute, he wasn't armed, we just shot him--more likely some poor Pakistani--on sight.

    We also killed his wife... no wait a minute, it was someone else's wife.

    If they really had BL, there's no way in hell they'd drop him in the ocean.

  8. Sorry Penny but the propaganda press is going to town over here in the Unemployed Kingdom. I had to turn off the TV earlier as the gloating tone was making me ill. Not one whiff of doubt was entertained.

    Some of the sheep were reacting as programmed but thankfully not all of the one’s I spoke to. There are more aware than we give credit for.

    If the Romans could elect a horse to the Senate then that explains some of the jack asses in the modern era. There is a dedicated group that will do as they are told. The quote from young Sapphire Castro re hate was a good sign.

    The fictional bogey man was not as effective anymore. The fable has been retired so another will now be needed. We should all be on our guard.

  9. The Sane Society. That sounds like a must read for these times.
    It would seem by extension that I am insane and have wandered into some sort of online loony bin. Nice to be with my own kind.

    The idea of dumping the most wanted man in world history straight into the ocean seems to get more bizarre with each passing hour. I can't believe that our masters even had the balls to try and sell that one.....
    Yet they succeed once again.

  10. Hey Greg:

    I saw the story just keeps on a changing, first he was armed, there was a fire fight, then he wasn't armed.

    all nonsense.

    There is only one truth.

  11. musique

    I saw these photos a while back and thought of them when I read your comment. Not graphic.

    Cute kids.

    How can anyone justify teaching kids embrace war?

  12. Hey Chuckyman!

    "Sorry Penny but the propaganda press is going to town over here in the Unemployed Kingdom."

    It seems to be the same most everywhere in the "civilized" world. No apologies necessary.
    Finally something knocked the stupid wedding off the msm radar!

    "Some of the sheep were reacting as programmed but thankfully not all of the one’s I spoke to. There are more aware than we give credit for."

    Yeah, I think that there are more aware- I think that there are more aware each and everyday. I mean how can people continue to by the lies year after year after year

    Sapphire's thoughts were good, it give you hope

    "The fictional bogey man was not as effective anymore. The fable has been retired so another will now be needed. We should all be on our guard."

    I am there with ya. 100 percent. Zombie Laden was so non-credible, he struck fear in no one

  13. Anonymous 2:07:

    you haven't wondered into the looney bin, you have wondered out of it.

    If real thinking and questioning is going on, not acquiessence, your in amongst sentient human beings.
    You have left the automatons behind. The unthinkers, the followers, the non-questioners.

    That is sanity.
    The desire to question, to not take on faith.
    To attempt to ascertain fantasy from fiction and expect accountability.

    "The idea of dumping the most wanted man in world history straight into the ocean seems to get more bizarre with each passing hour. I can't believe that our masters even had the balls to try and sell that one....."

    I don't think they are selling the story, not successfully.
    Have you noticed how the story is already changing?
    The reason for that is the story has no traction, so the gov is fishing around looking for some version that does.
    Or changing it until people just stop paying attention

  14. anonymous 2:24:

    Every time I see that picture, it creeps me right out.
    Especially given the claim of the Israelis of rightness and morality.

    Yet their twisted parents felt that acceptable?

  15. So,

    The US gov't send a bunch of miltary guys into a foreign country, they assassinate this wanted guy - someone who has never been brought to trial, has had no evidence of note presented against him for his supposed crimes - and a bunch of others in their private home . . . and then supposedly bury him at sea after murdering him and his family, saying that they did it out of respect for his religious custom.

    And THEN, that country broadcasts celebrations of the event . . . celebrating the assassination of this possibly semi-fictional person (may have been dead for years)and write about how victims of the false flag attack possibly planned by this accused, now assassinated person, can now rest in peace.

    Do I have that right?

    People truly have gone absolutely mad. And even when they know that something doesn't feel right, doesn't smell right, doesn't look right, doesn't sound right . . . they just repeat verbatim what they were just told on whatever news source they just listened to, and talk or comment on what they were talking about or commenting on.

    Too much TV programming, literally.

    The zombie movies are about the public. The public are zombies, and we, the awake, are the ones trying to escape, and as in all the movies about zombies, it's hopeless - or at least, they portray it as such, to give that programming to us.

    Feels hopeless right now.

    Iran war to start soon, probably kick-started with Syria. False flag ingition for that one, looks like.

    My disappointment in all humanity deepens, thank goodness you are here, Pen.

  16. Hey Pen,...and the assembled free-thinkers; here in rothschalia the media minions are savaging anyone that offers the remotest semblance of credulity, I mean they are going for the jugular of any guest that even slightly hints at the question of credibility. I am gob-snacked constantly, of course like most out here I only check out the msm Gnus when something big has gone down. Jesse Ventura has put up the most ridiculous piece I have seen from an alleged pursuer of truth, it is so obviously a shill's cover and slight piece, and the comments he has been getting, surely these people are paid to go gloat? And the crowds that miraculously appeared with such spontaneous and instantaneous fervour are rent-a-crowd?

    I couldn't resist shit-canning ventura, grin.


  17. Hey Veritas -

    I clicked on your link and checked out your info on a limited basis, thanks... I understand your point of view, but up until this point, I have always respected Jesse V - what in your opinion is his agenda? And when do you feel he took a turn in the wrong direction? Keep up the good work - we're all in this together!

  18. "My disappointment in all humanity deepens, thank goodness you are here, Pen."

    Slozo, don't fall into despair.
    There are many, many sentient people.

    This psyop is already falling apart, that is why the Obama junta is spinning it and morphing it.

    Look how long it took to have the first pictures outed as fakes.

    The real people, the conscious people are watching.

  19. Hey v: I will look at the piece, thanks

  20. Dammit. I wrote this kick-ass response to this thread, pressed preview, and it fricking deleted my whole message!

  21. So I will try again to be inspired:

    Penny, your comment to Slozo sparked some inspiration in me, and I will try to be as concise as possible -

    I believe I incarnated into this particular existence to not only to seek knowledge and love each other, but to witness an event and to be tested in some manner. It is my opinion that we are all being tested in some way right now... this belief has hindered my Financial Advancement as a ‘professional’ as of late... but I feel driven to follow this path.

    Like the pre-western South American cultures, African Tribes and the American Indians, we are being forced fed a ‘New Reality’ by the the ruling elite... like babies being fed puteed squash in a high chair.

    I am not buying it!

    This whole version is like a small-pox infected blanket and we're all the Indians. So what to do?

    I am working on developing a new version of Reality, because in my belief system, all possibilities exist within the infine Omniverse™, which we are all a part of, like it or not. Use any cliché you want - but I am TRYing to make this happen.. because any and all possibilities exist!

    Two links to share - Slozo, this link will give you a bit of REAL hope, not the BS that has repeatedly disappointed us over the past 10 years -


    The Omniverse™ is electric...! There is no solid mass anywhere in this reality we perceive - it is all an illusion. If that is the case, we can make this particular world the Best of all possible worlds! This is what this 56 minute film, based on scientific Fact, tells us.

    Second is the link to my new Website, which is still in production - I would appreciate any feedback you can give me - I am trying to not just wring my hands at what is going on, but to actually put forth solutions, directions and alternatives to this lame as shit reality being rolled out before our eyes.


    Most of the Fine art digital links are the things that have the seeds of ideas in them. Keep your Chins up! I have no doubt that we will come out after the tribulations as better, beautiful, incredible beings..!

    ( my first version was much better, but this kind of gets the points across - we're all in this together! )

  22. Anyone else noticed the coincidence of the Osama *hit* and the murky Ray Davis incident? Abbottabad is the equivalent of a spook town if there ever was one.

    Obama and his team seem to be changing their story with every hour that passes. Did the ISI have hidden cameras inside the (CIA/ISI) *safe house* and are quietly letting the U.S. know about the true non-facts?

    Someone or something was rumbled last week and this weeks news is the knee jerk reaction cover up.

    Are the Pakistani's calling Obama's bluff!

  23. blake:

    whew, I shall check all that out, hopefully veritas will answer your questions.

    and thanks for participating in such a meaningful fashion

    "I believe I incarnated into this particular existence to not only to seek knowledge and love each other, but to witness an event and to be tested in some manner. It is my opinion that we are all being tested in some way right now... "

    Very interesting and sometimes I think you may be right

  24. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jox5vMFASLA -via COTO ;)

  25. Blammo:

    that is freakin' hilarious!!!

  26. Hey! I saw this too yesterday - it is hilarious and tells me a ton about the people of New York and how they in a general sense do NOT buy into this whole Cheerleader Patriotism BS.

    That's not elitism - that is smart, cosmopolitan, educated masses, not mindless hypnotized groupthink.

    This gives me hope that We The People aren't going to fall for all this ‘Remember the Maine’ bullshit! If you don't know what that is, look it up.

  27. If only we could develop an easily produced bullshit detector – something similar to the sunglasses in ‘they live’ our odds would be higher.

    Until then we just have to bite our tongues and wade through the BS one more time…

  28. Pen, I hope that restores a little faith in humanity :) Did you catch the one-finger salute?

    blakeArt, no doubt. Aside from the odd deluded flag-waver, I tend to believe that whole thing was staged. Tweets, flash mobs, PR firms, most in the strategically placed crowds were the same age. It's the first impression that sticks, and they know that, but the herd is growing more skeptical. NBC just listed the medications supposedly found in the compound, and it seems the whole purpose of that little exercise was to try to debunk the death in 2001-by-kidney failure, because they wrapped up by saying there was NO dialysis equipment or related medication. Why bother?

    "Obama awards Presidential Unit Citation to unit that took part in bin Laden raid" - It seems to me that Larry Sinclair should be the first to receive this award. He was able to deliver a detailed description of the Presidents unit to Michelle Obama in 2007.