Thursday, May 26, 2011

Fukushima: Hate to say I told you so, but. The naysayers were right all along

And the apologists, such as the shameless George Monbiot or Anne Coulter, should just go away....

Earthquake not Tsunami damaged the Fukushima power plants

Data from the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant indicates that the March 11 earthquake--not the tsunami--damaged piping for the emergency core cooling system at the No. 3 reactor, leading to a meltdown, experts said.

Data released on May 24 by TEPCO points to the possibility of quake damage to the high-pressure coolant injection system
Keiji Miyazaki, professor emeritus of nuclear reactor engineering at Osaka University, said the piping at the reactor was probably ruptured before the waves hit the plant.

"Since the piping of a high-pressure coolant injection system is inside the reactor building, "it unlikely to be damaged in tsunami," he said.

Therefore it would have had to been damaged by the earthquake.

Now, let's look at the containment vessels-

The containment vessels of the Nos. 1 to 3 reactors at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant were probably damaged within 24 hours of the March 11 earthquake and tsunami.

And TEPCO knew that from the start!
"the utility said it carried out minute calculations on internal pressure and other measurements in the nuclear reactors after the earthquake."

After the Earthquake, before the tsunami

TEPCO said it found that an isolation condenser, a type of emergency cooling device, did not work properly at the No. 1 reactor. This caused the core meltdown to progress until it damaged the bottom of the pressure vessel about 15 hours after the earthquake.Additional reading here on the damaged containment units

Rehash: 15 hours after the earthquake you have core meltdowns and breaches of the pressure vessels. As if that isn't bad enough, there are also melted fuel rods in 3 reactors. Recall that the amount of toxins, poisons, mutators.. call them whatever you like in those fuel rods is worse then the cores. Imagine damage on a global scale from the combinations of core and fuel rod meltdowns?

Can we say cancer increases? Genetic mutations?
This is not Chernobyl, it is worse, a lot worse.
Recall the lying main stream media at the beginning, when attention was focused on Japan?

TEPCO has confirmed nuclear rod meltdowns, melted fuel rods in 3 reactors

Three reactors at Japan’s stricken power plant have melted fuel rods and it may take longer than nine months to gain control at the site.

About 55 percent of the radioactive fuel rods in the Unit 1 reactor at Tokyo Electric Power Co.’s Fukushima Dai-Ichi plant melted after a March 11 earthquake and tsunami, Ostendorff said. About 30 percent of the rods in unit 2 and 35 percent of the fuel in reactor 3 also melted.

If you had been reading along here since this nuclear holocaust began you already know this.

If that isn't enough bad news reaffirmed for you, there is still more!
More radioactive water has leaked, likely straight into the Ocean.

There are new fears Thursday that radioactive water may be leaking from Japan's crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant after a drop in water level was discovered at a wastewater disposal building.

Tokyo Electric Power Co., the operator of the plant, said the latest leak was discovered amid efforts to transfer highly contaminated water from reactors two and three to an improvised storage facility.

The company said the water level in the facility dropped nearly two inches in just 20 hours, meaning nearly 60 tons of water may have leaked from the facility.

What will become of this radioactive mess?
Well the brilliant masters of industry who brought this disaster to bear on the world have an idea that is as stupid as building those reactors in the first place!

A nuclear graveyard at Fukushima, right on the coast, of the Pacific Ocean.
In an earthquake/tsunami prone area of the World! Sheer Genius, right?

Atomic energy specialists are discussing a plan to make the Fukushima Dai-Ichi nuclear plant a storage site for radioactive waste from the crippled station run by
Tokyo Electric Power Co.

Since it was Atomic energy "specialists," no doubt using their "intelligence" and education, that played a role in the construction of the Fukushima facility in a seismically active area.....
The idea to make a nuclear graveyard out of this same area is: Insane? Irrational? Delusional?
I am at a loss for just the right word.

One more thing.
Mother's breast milk has been testing positive for radioactive substances.
5 women out of 41 tested. One from Tokyo
This testing was done 1 month after the disaster began.
Well now it is over two months!


  1. Pen, someone anonymous left this in my comments the other day, you must check it out:

    so far the consensus between James and me -- totally plausible.

  2. I did see it, because someone left it here.

    I for now am taking a pass on it, though I concede it is possible I am wrong.

    Here is why.

    from my response

    "If Japan did make the offer,which it appears they did.

    It would have been a dead end offer.

    Any uranium sent to Japan would have never been returned.

    Japan making this offer is the equivalent of the US making the offer.

    It was going no where. A dead end.

    I have seen some of the topics discussed previously such as the Israeli security agency involvement.

    Since the whole theory dies right at the beginning, this is one I would stay away from.

    That all said, I could be wrong but that is what I think."

  3. Last year, the Gulf got wasted. This year, the Pacific.

    Which ocean is next? The Atlantic or Indian?

    Back when the nuke industry was building these things, they were selling the public the baloney that nukes would produce electrcity so cheaply, it wouldn't be worth the time to meter usage.

  4. New Laurel Canyon! I haven't read it yet but it seems he does the Black Dahlia. Be warned! Extreme photos! I'd seen them before from back when I was a James Ellroy fan so no biggie. But never mind all that, new Dave McGowan!

    Sorry I didn't read your thing Pen but I'm in a screaming hurry - must jump in a car for a lift to the place I'll be staying this weekend. It'll be nice when I can stop, I tell ya. Ciao Ciao n.

  5. Hey Pen',...My money says it won't be the Nth Eastern coast of rothschalia, because we have the Great Barrier Reef, that the PTB have been trying to destroy for some time, with little effect. My guess is Sydney, because they are twats and easy meat fora zio-attack!

    Hey,...Nobs, wotcha doin?


  6. Hey Greg:

    Besides the Pacific that radiation is going to do a big number in the Arctic Ocean.

    It is supposed to hit a current that travels north on up and through the Arctic.

  7. Nobody:

    thanks for letting me know:)

    I started to read it but am short on time today

  8. Oh and Greg, one more thing...

    "Back when the nuke industry was building these things, they were selling the public the baloney that nukes would produce electrcity so cheaply, it wouldn't be worth the time to meter usage."

    my husband recalls that, he also remembers being a young tyke and writing to the local hydro for information on nuclear power and they sent him a comic book.

    Imagine that a propaganda comic book for kids on the wonders of nuclear power?!

    How very black pantherish?

  9. Hey Veritas!
    glad to see you still hanging about?

    It is almost impossible to imagine the ptb's or more aptly the degenerate class could make things worse then they have

  10. If you want to be really depressed pick up a book by Marilyn Robinson called Mother Country or just google Sellafield UK. The good old brits have been dumping radioactive materials into the Irish Sea for decades. They only recently have started to decommission it. That whole area of the UK is radioactive and you hear nothing about it. Have a good day!

  11. Hey Veritas,

    I am currently crashing at various people's apartments. I was waiting to hear about a caretaking gig on a property down south but I'm pretty sure I won't score it. So back to plan A which is to buy a van and drive off to parts unknown but probably Tasmania. Then I look about and see if I can find some little one pub town with a few artists and then I do my best to emulate Ian Fairweather. I'm not a fan of his art but I groove on how he lived in complete penury. Which is to be my lot one way or another I'm pretty sure.

  12. Hey penny,..Check this out:

    It's old but is gooood, I have some picks I got from another source, showing possible demolition by the israhelli company that installed the surveillance cameras, unfortunately, I have lost the bookmark because I got hacked big-time yesterday and had to re-install Firefox, it didn't transfer my old Bookmarks, Aaaargh!

    Nobs: Burnie is a reasonably large town in Nth Western Tasmania, my sister-in-law from my first marriage and her husband owned and managed the main Pub there in the early 80's (if you don't mention me there may be work and Accom's there. Grin) I don't know if they still own it, probably not; I lost contact a while back, I am talking three successful marriages ago! Haaargh!

    My barrister used to cal me the "Bright eyes, the Serial Monogamist" Haaargh!

    Luv ya'll long time!


    N.B. You come twice, you pay twice! Haaargh!

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