Monday, May 9, 2011

Lobbying for Pakistan aid ? Not really funding for the "war on terror"

I have so many thoughts rolling around the old brain on Pakistan.
On the face of it, this should all make no sense.
Why would the US continue to aid Pakistan after this so called massive failure on the part of Pakistan. Yet, there it is. The US will continue with aid. Therefore it only makes sense the aid is motivated by something else. That has nothing to do with the "war on terror" spin.

The US will continue to send military aid to the Pakistan military. There is 3 billion dollars at stake.

" The U.S. does not want to allow Pakistan to become unstable and risk having its nuclear arsenal fall into the hands of Islamic radicals"

so claims this article.
I am more of the mind that the US funds the military to gain favour within the ranks.
Favour necessary for the US to gain control of the Pakistan nuclear arsenal.

If successful we will most likely be looking at a military coup?
Or another dead leader reminiscent of Benazir Bhutto?

I found this tidbit from the above linked article curious, to say the least. It's a head scratcher. Or maybe not.

Locke Lorde Strategies, a lobby group working behind the scenes to ensure the aid money keeps pouring into the Pakistan military

The push by Locke Lord Strategies to turn the tide against criticism of Pakistan — and preserve the country's billions of dollars in U.S. aid

Mark Siegel, a Locke Lord partner, would not identify which congressional offices he and the other five lobbyists working the Pakistan account are calling and visiting.

Siegel is a former assistant to the president in the Carter White House and was chief of staff to Rep. Steve Israel, D-N.Y., from 2001 to 2004. Other Locke Lord lobbyists working the Pakistan account also have congressional experience. Phil Rivers is a former chief of staff to Sen. Richard Shelby, R-Ala., a Senate Appropriations Committee member. Brian Heindl was a top aide to Sen. Herb Kohl, D-Wis., also a member of the Senate Appropriations Committee

Siegel is a former assistant to President Carter?
The "Pakistan account" is their biggest account.

I won't assume because it is called the Pakistan account that Pakistan the country is behind it.

It's entirely possible it is called the Pakistan account because some other entity has an interest in controlling that country for reason unknown to us, known to the masses.

Could have to do with pipelines? Energy?

Check out this pdf.

Most persons have "energy" interests.
Harriet Miers works for Locke Lorde. That is a blast from the past.

If the lobbyists for the Pakistan account have done their job well...
Perhaps this is the outcome -US finds no evidence

The US National Security Advisor has said there was no evidence that Pakistan knew Bin Laden was hiding in Abbotabad but added the country must investigate the Al-Qaeda leader's 'support network'.

'There was some support network in Abbottabad, with the support of Bin Laden. We haven't seen evidence that the government knew about that. But they need to investigate that.

'I can tell you directly that - I've not seen evidence that would tell us that the political, the military, or the intelligence leadership had foreknowledge of bin Laden,' White House National Security Advisor Tom Donilon said in a TV interview

No evidence any was aware that Osama was in Pakistan.
That makes sense because he really wasn't there. Given his death long, long ago.

This is curious-


The government has decided not to conduct inquiry of any kind at any level whatsoever about the shameful Abbottabad incident

According to this article the Pakistan government is not going to look into anything surrounding the incident because the US isn't asking..

" this attitude of the Zardari-led Gilani government is also under American pressure that there was no need now to find out how the Pakistan intelligence agencies and intelligence system failed to monitor Osama or detect the arrival, operation and departure of US helicopters and other aircraft."

It makes sense for Pakistan to want to move past this on some levels, on other levels it would be good for them to completely discount the American version.

But, why would the US not want an investigation? Why aren't they asking?

It only makes sense if the agenda is not the war on terror.

If the lobbyists client/s, is not Pakistan the nation, but Pakistan- the interest of - some organization/group/company?

I will relink some old posts-

Connecting the dots from TAPI and IPI pipelines through Afghanistan,9/11, Israeli approved US/Saudi arms deal to Iran attack

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Also want to repost the picture below, for posterity sake.
I have a doubting Thomas , who should enjoy this photo.

As I explained one has to go back in time, to the beginning of OBL's career as a CIA man in Afghanistan then Kosovo etc., to understand how it is he died many years ago after a long and dedicated American Intelligence career.

Zbigniew Brzezinski & Osama Bin Laden


  1. I suspect that elements of ISI are at war with the CIA.

    - Aangirfan

  2. Aangirfan:


    I suspect that also. I was thinking the OBL psyop had a ring of payback for the Raymond Davis affair.

    Amongst other opportunities presented. we have seen before, IMO there is a faction within the Pak army that is likely infiltrated or controlled by the US.

    Thanks to all the money.

    Think Chile or Egypt for the example of this type of outside control

  3. " The U.S. does not want to allow Pakistan to become unstable and risk having its nuclear arsenal fall into the hands of Islamic radicals"

    They want Pakistan to become unstable and the nukes fall into the hands of Neocon and Zionist radicals.

    At least those stories about sky-high gasoline prices and possible price gouging were kicked off the front page, along with the story about Pakistan shutting down its highways to US supply trucks in retaliation for all those Predaotr drone murders.

  4. The Pak military etc are heavily infiltrated. But, there are signs that in the Raymond Davis affair, the Umar Patek affair, the unmasking of CIA station chiefs affair and the Abbottabad affair, elements of ISI are making life difficult for the CIA.

    - Aangirfan

  5. heh, the euphemistically named "Pakistan account" -good observation.

    here's a blog dedicated to Fukashima Daiichi updates -

    -and a video of possible reactor fires on the 7th - - he has a ton of other Fukishima videos

  6. Greg:

    "They want Pakistan to become unstable and the nukes fall into the hands of Neocon and Zionist radicals."

    that just bears repeating!!

    "They want Pakistan to become unstable and the nukes fall into the hands of Neocon and Zionist radicals."

  7. Thanks aangirfan!

    that is more along my line of thinking.

    Except I am seeing the OBL affair at Abbottabad cooked up with the help of elements of the Pakistani military.

    Just a thought, and one I wholeheartedly concede could me a mistake.

    But still Abbottabad is a military town, I saw one man say it is controlled with ID showing always necessary, therefore OBL, who was never there anyway, could not have existed under the nose of anyone without notice(assuming the psyop story)

    And that military control makes me think that this could not have gone off with the help of some in the military

  8. Thanks Blammo!

    I will concede it is entirely possible that lobby group works on behalf of the Pakistan government, or not.

    It just seems so odd this whole lobbying by nations.

    But then AIPAC is lobbyist extraordinaire? No? Yes!

    It is like the US gov and all it's congress critters etc. are whores. Prostitutes. Whatever?

    So when the article says "they have to be convinced" does this simply mean they have to be bought and paid for?

    Oh never mind

  9. Hey all!

    I am finding it tough to believe that Mark Seigel is lobbying for Pakistan...

    Former Jewish Liaison, during the Carter administration.

    Resigned in a huff!

    Claim- Mark Siegel Whitehouse Jewish Liaison resigned, telling reporters the sale had intended to break the lobby.

    That is AIPAC!

    A Jewish boycott followed.

    from wikipedia

    In 1978, Carter administration Jewish liaison Mark Siegel resigned the position after he became distressed with the administration's position towards Israel and Middle East policy and felt unable to influence it.[2]

    and this man is lobbying for funding to continue to Pakistan?


    When it would not be in Israel's interest? (At least not on the surface)

    But underneath....

  10. But underneath.... -Exactly.

    Foreign aid = "I'm going to make you an offer you can't refuse"

    Whatever aid we give... is money spent... off our books.

    My understanding is, what remains after obligatory weapons purchases, most foreign aid ends up in the offshore bank accounts of the various political elite. Maybe a little funding for mischief.

    Weapons purchased, bribes paid, influence wielded. Ending aid would be a theatrical performance, as it is just one of many streams of cash and influence flowing into the territory. That is not to say that ending aid wouldn't be a prelude to overt aggression. We know the various reasons for destabilizing Pakistan, and who seeks to benefit from it.

    So, especially given the characters involved in lobbying, the real question of sending billions to Pakistan or anywhere else is, is it good for the Jews?

  11. "Osama's" house looked a lot like a prison compound to me, Pen . . . and who knows, the 1st Bin Laden to die could have been a double, we'd never know. The PTB like to fuck around with things like that and occasionally pull back the curtain at times to reveal you have been wrong all along . . . at any rate, whoever they had in that walled compound was probably not staying there unseen of his own free will.

    Like you said, it is a militarily controlled town.

  12. Okay Penny let's examine this, Reuters reports that the lobbying firm of Locke Lord is contracted to the tune of $75,000 per month by Pakistan. To date, Locke Lord has earned nearly $2 million since being retained by the country two years ago. The services of Locke Lord have also been secured by Pakistan International Airlines, President Asif Ali Zardari's Pakistan Peoples Party, and the Embassy for the Islamic Republic of Pakistan in the US. It should be clear that the Pakistan government long ago sold out their people for 50 pieces of silver and the "right" to have nukes. The lobbying group just seems like a glorified public relations outfit hired to scrub up the global image of Pakistan government criminals in power. They also appear to be some sort of backdoor broker for the huge amounts of payoff monies delivered to keep Pakistan a "compliant partner" in the region.
    Locke Lord's point man Mark A. Siegel has a key role in influencing and developing Pakistan's policies. Before she was assassinated, he co-wrote Benazir Bhutto's book "Reconciliation: Islam, Democracy and the West", even selecting the photo of her to be used on the cover. To give you some insight into his beliefs, while speaking at a Jewish rally in 1978, he stated “I am an American,” he said, “I am a Jew, and I am a confirmed Zionist”. This was of course before he publicly resigned his role as White House liaison to the American Jewish Community during the Jimmy Carter administration, in protest of a sale of F-15 fighter jets to Saudi Arabia. Additionally he was distressed with the administration's position towards Israel and Middle East policy, and felt unable to influence it. Let's repeat that last part again shall we? "… felt unable to influence it", 'it' meaning American policy and support for Israel. This of course was before AIPAC and other Israel-first lobbies infiltrated the American government and now act as a fish hook yanking about the jaws of a prize fish to where so ever they desire.

  13. Blammo:

    Yes, the real question of the aid boils down to who does it really benefit?

  14. Slozo;

    A prison compound?

    A safe house for under cover operatives?

    What ever it was, I have my doubts it was home to Osama Bin dead a long time.

    And it could easily have been a prison compound-you may be right who ever was there may have been held against their will.

    Someone mentioned that way back as a possibility, the place was already chock full of cameras when the SEAL team allegedly went in with guns ablazing. Enabling the whitehouse to watch live as the even unfolded.

    The fact that Abbottabad is a military town leads me to hold the opinion that some faction of the military in Pakistan was involved.

  15. HHQ:

    two years ago lock lorde became the pr firm for Pakistan..

    So I wonder, was there one prior to that and who was it, if there was?

    Zardari and Bhutto needed all the help they could get, such scum.

    Yeah, I know Bhutto is dead. Still prior to her death her husband has been incarcerated in Pakistan.
    Who knows how much these two embezzled? Sick.

    And Siegel "co-wrote" the book with Bhutto, before she was killed.

    God almighty, we gotta know this book was a total sale job!

    Never read it and won't bother ever trying to.


    Therefore if Siegel is "aiding" Pakistan, in any way shape or form he is definitely doing so with the intent of aiding Israel, as the end goal.