Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mehran Airbase - False Flag attack ?

While the main stream media has been giving us the distraction of Israel/Palestine and the '67 borders....... As if Obama and the US government are going to hold Israel to any sort of minimal human rights/justice standard????
Why would they?
Israel engages in the same type of 'activities' that the US does.

So let's move away from that spin and check out what else has been going on.
Let's get over to Pakistan!
You may have heard the TTP attacked a Pakistani naval base? They have claimed responsibility. The TTP being Tehrik Taliban of Pakistan. The TTP is a destabilizing force in Pakistan.

Based on all my reading, the only conclusion one can realistically draw is that the TTP is a western intelligence backed/infiltrated terrorist group. A bunch of dupes and patsies.
This latest attack brought that point home, again!

Before I get to far ahead, let's start at the beginning.

Mehran Airbase is located on the Arabian Sea

The TTP allegedly struck the base with precision.

They " knew exactly where the naval base's weak spot was. Dressed in black and armed with AK-47 rifles, grenades and rocket launchers, they crept up to the back wall of Mehran Naval Station in Karachi, keeping clear of security cameras."

That was the starting point of an attack that went on for several hours.

A bit more on this precision attack -

NEVER since the attack on GHQ in Rawalpindi in 2009 have the militants shown such audacity and meticulous planning as witnessed in their blitz launched on PNS Mehran in Karachi on Sunday night. Its dimensions and ferocity were different from the three previous attacks on PN targets last month. It was like a war operation, with the militants piercing the naval installation`s defences to race through what should have been a well-defended base, and wreak havoc on the garrison. It wasn`t an ordinary attack, if at all an attack on a military base can be called `ordinary`; it was a well-planned mini-invasion by highly trained killers who appeared to be well-acquainted with the layout of the naval aviation base. They knew the location of their targets, both men and material, and displayed utter contempt for the naval personnel through their astonishing speed and firepower.

Honestly, I have some problems with a generally ragtag bunch pulling this off.
Precision attacks have not been there Modus Operandi previously.
Dressed from head to toe in black, striking with military precision.

Either the TTP is getting some real military training somewhere?Blackwater, Xe, Israel, to name some likely possibilities. Or this was not the TTP, but instead intelligence operatives from the NATO allied countries, masquerading as TTP, with the dupes and useful idiots contained within the TTP willing to take the "glory"? Recall Raymond Davis and all the CIA operatives in Pakistan?

I can't say which, but, what is being presented to us, is not the truth.

We have contradictions on what happened

The police making one claim the military making another.
It's hardly surprising as I am certain political agendas are at play here.

The Pakistan Military eventually fought off the attack, killing the terrorists or at least some of them.

Mehran naval base has been cleared of after 18 hours heroic operation by the security forces killing four terrorists.

What was the targetted material?

" two costly high tech P3C Orion surveillance planes hitting them with rockets."

Pakistan Naval Air Arm - ~Four P-3C; based in Naval aviation base Faisal, Karachi. Upgraded P-3C MPA and P-3B AEW models (equipped with Hawkeye 2000 AEW system) ordered in 2006,[29] first upgraded P-3C delivered in early 2007. In June 2010, two more upgraded P-3Cs joined the Pakistan Navy with anti-ship and submarine warfare capabilities.

Were the two targetted planes the two newest additions? Just curious?

A little more on just how vital these planes were to Pakistan.

Naval base attack: Big blow to Pakistan's snooping capabilities

" Pakistan has lost almost half of its sophisticated long-range maritime snooping and strike capabilities in just one well-targeted attack"

"It's quite a significant loss for Pakistan Navy...almost 50% of its long-range maritime patrol capabilities has suddenly been taken out," said an Indian Navy officer.

Very beneficial to India. Always ask who benefits.

Clearly the TTP (if this was them) knew their targets.
The media is informing, or disinforming, us that the TTP have 'claimed responsibility".
The media is also informing us that these attacks were carried out in retaliation for the "killing" of Osama Bin Laden.

I was already taking issue with the military precision of this attack, the obvious benefit to India, US, Israel & NATO this was even more pause for thought.

"The Pakistani Taliban, claimed responsibility for the attack, which it said was meant to avenge the May 2 killing of Osama bin Laden in the military city of Abbottabad."

Um, hello!
The spin is that the Americans "took out" Osama ( bin Dead since 2001), in Abbottabad.
So why would the TTP avenge his killing by attacking a Pakistan military base?
Do you see the most obvious problem with this claim, aside from the fact it makes zero sense?
That's the problem the claim, logically speaking,makes zero sense.

But in a world of perception management this nonsense make sense.
It reaffirms the American version of events.

First of all it bolsters the fabrication that Osama (dead since 2001) was taken out in Pakistan.
Secondly, it bolsters the Obama administrations warning that "terror" attacks would occur because of the 'killing' of Osama.

This may well be a false flag attack!
Claimed to be the TTP, but quite likely not the TTP.

Now, let's take a look at the outcome of this attack?
By that I mean, let's look at the direction the media is driving with this attack.
What does the media want the masses to think about?
It is an angle that is of great concern to western powers, US, Israel , Britain, generally the NATO gang.
I have mentioned it multiple times....

A view from India- Naval base attack raises questions over safety of Pak nukes

America- Taliban Raid Raises Concern Over Pakistan Nukes

The Taliban’s success in penetrating a Pakistan airbase and destroying some of the country’s newest surveillance planes has heightened concern that the military is unable to guard its own assets, including nuclear weapons.

NATO get's in on the act- NATO concern over Pakistan nuclear arsenal

NATO chief admits concern over security of Pakistan's nuclear weapons following Taliban attack on Karachi naval base.
Well there it is boys and girls! Pakistan's nukes are the 'concern'.
The concern is that Pakistan has them, thereby the nukes serve as a deterrent to out and out attack on Pakistan.


  1. And it's just a coincidence that this attack came on the heels on the announcement that Pakistan was willing to let China build a naval base on their coast?

  2. Or that China was going to move up delivery of some fighter jets?

  3. For anyone who may be unaware?

    China to expedite delivery of 50 fighter jets to Pakistan


    Yes, Greg curious timing indeed.

    This type of attack is not the usual for the TTP.
    They of the market bombings, and drive by shootings...

    They may be taking the glory, but, this attack at Mehran airbase is the work of others

  4. What an insane world!

    Especially here in the home of War of Terror Land.

    We're led by lunatics that have invaded all three branches of government and if you question what they're doing, you're the one considered crazy or worse.

  5. Very beneficial to India?? Only to India??

    What about being very beneficial to the United States, since the destruction of such valuable aircraft means that the Pakistani military are now going to have to beg the US for replacements.

    Recently Pakistan has been flexing its muscles towards the US a lot, occasionally cutting off supply lines to NATO to express its anger at border skirmishes. There's the recent invitation made by Pakistan to China, to have it set up a naval base at Gwadar, which is at the mouth of the Straits of Hormuz, a strategic chokepoint known as the world's "oil jugular" because 40% of the world's oil traffic flows through it.

    The Pakistanis are also madly building up nuclear weapons at a furious rate, now surpassing Britain to become the world's 4th-largest nuclear power.

    The Pakistanis are also particularly refusing to shut down the Haqqani network, who are busy killing US soldiers.

    Maybe Pakistan's military needs to bow out before they really get in over their head. They certainly seem to be punching above their weight.

  6. HEllo San;

    Very Beneficial, but, I did not say to India only.
    In any of the multitude of post I have done on the subject.

    "Recently Pakistan has been flexing its muscles towards the US a lot, occasionally cutting off supply lines to NATO to express its anger at border skirmishes."

    Border Skirmishes?
    Is that what drone attacks killing civilians are? Border skirmishes?
    Nice language. The language of propaganda.
    Pakistan is a sovereign nation and has a right to protect it's borders. The US is attacking Pakistan regularly and incessantly.
    Just the facts here.

    "There's the recent invitation made by Pakistan to China, to have it set up a naval base at Gwadar, which is at the mouth of the Straits of Hormuz, a strategic chokepoint known as the world's "oil jugular" because 40% of the world's oil traffic flows through it."

    I am very aware of chokepoints and their strategic significance.

    So, what is your point?
    Shouldn't China and Pakistan have access to these vital trade routes, thereby allowing them to trade?
    Of course they should.
    Or are you of the mind that the US/NATO gang should control all strategic trade routes, thereby allowing them on an whim to cut off supplies to other nations?

    The Pakistanis are "madly building" nukes.

    As much as I despise that weaponry...what else can be expected when a nation is continuously under attack?

    "The Pakistanis are also particularly refusing to shut down the Haqqani network, who are busy killing US soldiers."

    And what exactly are US soldiers doing in Afghanistan and Pakistan?
    Oh yes, killing people, killing civilians. Killing civilians in immoral wars against nations that did not attack them.

    Yes, US soldiers killing civilians so corporations can lay pipelines and make profits.
    US soldiers killing civilians and dying for corporations.

    US soldiers are being victimized by their own government and multinational corporations, but, simply put they attacked and the "insurgents" have a right to fight off their attackers.

    That is what happens when the choice is made to make war

  7. i think their is no divide opinion who destabilize Pakistan and who provide pin point accurate information,Map,and direction to PNS Mehran attacker.Just like TTP is nothing without direction and fiance help of CIA&Mosad Similarly Osama have no resources to direct and perform 9/11 job.I think also their is no divide opinion CIA is behind all terrorism and destruction to world peace and specially in Middle East and in Asia. pakconnects.blogspot.com

  8. Or you could read Saleem Shahzad's account of what happened. You know the article that got him killed by the ISI.

  9. I could read Salam Shazads article if I chose too?

    But, why do you think it should be read?

    Do you believe it to be true?

    If you do, why is that?

    You see. I haven't read it.
    Because I have followed the subject of Pakistan for a long time and I decide for myself.

    Let me gander a guess at what Shazad said?

    "Pakistan is bad. This is a sign they are weak and need to be bombed to smithereens by the West.
    To bring their nukes under "proper control"

    Wildly speculating of course.

    But, like I said....I have followed Pakistan for years now.
    I make up my own mind.

  10. My "brave" anonymous commenter.

    I read it.

    And I do not believe one word of it.
    Well, ok, one or two words of it!

    Other then the inside help angle, which is entirely possible, but the inside help would have come from Pakistani agents allied with western intelligence, not with the illusory Al Quaeda..
    See: Raymond Davis

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