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NATO- No alternative to working with Pakistan: Nuclear Arsenal, India & Kashmir

Pakistan has a nuclear arsenal.

If the West and NATO had gained control of this arsenal we would be reading none of the talk that is coming out of NATO today.

Keep in mind NATO is largely the US, followed by Britian and Israel. Germany, France, Italy & Canada- somewhere afterward... nearly inconsequential.

Here is the latest from NATO-

Nato chief: 'No alternative' than to work with Pakistan against terrorist

Anders Fogh Rasmussen , he saw "no alternative" to co-operating with Pakistan in the war against terrorism.
"My bottom line is that we need strong co-operation with Pakistan. If we are to assure long-term peace and stability in Afghanistan and beyond, then we need positive engagement with Pakistan," Mr Rasmussen said.

But, he thinks more could be done!

“We should support those forces in Pakistan that realize that the real threat against the Pakistani society comes from terrorism and extremism,” he added.

Those forces? Who would those forces be?

Note he did not say the military as a whole, he did not say the ISI as a whole.
He said support those forces.
This could mean supporting groups, such as the TTP, because NATO isn't fighting terrorism or extremism they are in fact delivering terrorism with every drone flight.
If you have been paying attention to the many, many posts I have done on Pakistan. You will recall I mentioned that Pakistan and China share a border.
A fact that is surely not lost on NATO.

Pakistan's PM is heading to China next week
The spokeswoman described China and Pakistan as "good neighbours, friends, partners and brothers".
Gilani on Monday hailed China as Pakistan's "all weather friend" during an address to parliament.

His praise of China as a "source of inspiration" was in marked contrast to his insistence to the United States that Pakistan reserves the right to "retaliate with full force" in case of a similar US operation in the future.

Pakistan and China have many mutual interests.

Ongoing, for the past several years.

The extent of China’s economic engagement in Afghanistan is by now well known. Since 2002, China has pledged nearly $1 billion in aid to Afghanistan (though only a fraction of it has been disbursed, and it remains modest sum compared to the U.S., UK, Japanese, and Canadian contributions). In 2008, a state-owned Chinese firm provided the largest single foreign direct investment in Afghanistan, dropping $3.5 billion to develop the Aynak copper field in Logar province. And despite the continuing security concerns and infrastructure challenges that have hampered progress at Aynak—the ambitious proposal also called for the construction of a freight railway, a power plant, housing, a mosque, and a hospital—China remains in the running to develop the Hajigak iron ore deposit in Bamiyan province, west of Kabul.

Of late, Beijing has launched a charm offensive in Afghanistan, having no doubt sensed, as with most other states in the region, that the time to begin shaping Kabul’s post-2011 regional alignments is now. Thus, during his March trip to Beijing, Afghan president Hamid Karzai was treated to meetings with Chinese president Hu Jintao, Premier Wen Jiabao, and Wu Bangguo, chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress. In the course of the visit, Karzai and his Chinese hosts signed agreements on expanding economic cooperation, ensuring favorable tariffs on Afghan exports, and creating scholarships for technical training programs across a range of critical fields: commerce, communications, education, health, economics, and counternarcotics.

Notice China is not bombing and killing civilians?Just wanted to point that out.

If anyone believes the US/NATO world army is unaware of this, think again.

An article from the Globe and Mail : Pakistan’s praise of China an angry message to U.S.

China does not give Pakistan as much help, but does offer nuclear co-operation.
Quoting from Gilani's speech-

" Pakistan was employed as an incubator for groups that fought the Russians and later turned to global terrorism."

Yes, the creation of the freedom fighters! As Ronald Reagan so described them.

Is Pakistan playing two sides against the middle? It would seem so.

The cooperation between China and Pakistan, particularly nuclear, is likely what has been keeping NATO at bay....

So, we have to ask ourselves this question: Is China helping Pakistan to maintain control of their nuclear arsenal ? What do you think?

There is one more country to take into consideration, for this post anyway. That is India. India is all hot and bothered about the cooperation between Pakistan and China. And, if India is concerned you can bet the US is also

I just want to share with you one last article;

India wants to grab Kashmir before China "takes it over" as India claims.

India should be assertive and proactive to claim the strategically vital parts of Kashmir "illegally" occupied by Pakistan.

(even the author of this piece can't make the illegal claim credible)

China's growing footprint in the region had added another strategic dimension to the discourse on the territory.

"India should not only rethink its approach but also try and mobilise international opinion against bad governance and (the) unlawful occupation since 1947," it says.

It recommends that the Indian government should send a "clear and explicit message" to Pakistan and China, "which is seeking to fulfil its strategic objectives by involving itself in developmental projects".

Keep a watchful eye on that area!

And finally!

I was going to put up a map, of the general area of Pakistan, India, Kashmir etc.,

But...I paused and thought, no, it is time for something else.

Kashmir- Led Zeppelin-

Just because every now and then we have to enjoy some music.

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