Monday, May 2, 2011

Osama Bin Laden dead: Cui Bono? Convenient timing. Potential groomed replacement?

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There are a number of ongoing situations that would benefit greatly from a timely false flag. This should be considered a false flag alert. A precursor too......

Imagine my surprise, upon awakening this morning, to hear the news that Osama Bin Laden is dead! Yes, dead.

The US killed him in Pakistan and buried him at sea.

Anyone who has been really paying attention knows, yes they just KNOW instinctively & intuitively, that Osama Bin Laden has been dead for a long, long time. Having common sense also helps!

Despite the grainy videos. Followed by the many, many unverified audio only tapes.
No one had actually seen ,OBL, visually for a long long time.
Many more people reported him most likely dead.

Former U.S. foreign intelligence officer and senior editor Angelo M. Codevilla, a professor of international relations at Boston University, stated bluntly: 'All the evidence suggests Elvis Presley is more alive today than Osama Bin Laden.'

Prof Codevilla pointed to inconsistencies in the videos and claimed there have been no reputable sightings of Bin Laden for years (for instance, all interceptions by the West of communications made by the Al Qaeda leader suddenly ceased in late 2001)
Professor Bruce Lawrence, head of Duke University's religious studies' department and the foremost Bin Laden expert, argues that the increasingly secular language in the video and audio tapes of Osama (his earliest ones are littered with references to God and the Prophet Mohammed) are inconsistent with his strict Islamic religion, Wahhabism.

As for the matter of what happened to him, hints of Bin Laden's kidney failure, or that he might be dead, first appeared on January 19, 2002, four months after 9/11.

This was when Pakistan's President Pervez Musharraf told America's news show CNN: 'I think now, frankly, he is dead for the reason he is a kidney patient.
A small news item that broke on December 26, 2001 in the Egyptian newspaper Al-Wafd? It said a prominent official of the Afghan Taliban had announced that Osama Bin Laden had been buried on or about December 13.

The December 13/2001 death announcement would coincide quite nicely with the last time OBL's living voice was intercepted. In December /01

The last interception of OBL's living voice was made in 2001

"The report describes how Americans at Tora Bora intercepted Mr. bin Laden’s voice in radio transmissions" Dec/01

There is no reason to believe that Osama Bin Laden has been alive all these past years.
Every tape released was unverified. All of them were released at times that were beneficial to US political or war happenings or protests. Once during the Bush election campaign. You will read, how this one benefits Obama politically! Just keep reading.....

When this audio from environmentalist Bin Laden warning us of ' global warming' was released Leon Panetta, the head of the CIA, said that it was "the early 2000s" when they had "the last precise information about where he might be located"
Of course, because he has been dead. Dead. Dead. Long Dead.

So, lets move past all that nonsense to today's news.
OBL killed in Pakistan and buried at sea.
No one appeared to have any knowledge of or verification of this actually happening.
The US claims they did a DNA test.
That claims is worthless. There is no body for any one else to conduct one.
No body available to verify this fanciful tale.
Very convenient for the US.

We know that the US has been gunning for Pakistan for sometime now. Working and working to destabilize that nation. Killing civilians. There was the whole Raymond Davis fiasco. Of course the US isn't alone in wanting to destroy the nation of Pakistan and kill as many of it's people as possible. There is Israel & India. There is also a part to played by Afghan leader Hamid Karzai.

Today Hamid Karzai is claiming that the US has been wrong all along and that he, Karzai, was right-
Speaking in front of a packed hall in his palace in Kabul, the Afghan president said the discovery that the world's most wanted man was holed up in a garrison town in Pakistan proved that the west's entire military strategy is misconceived.

"Year after year, day after day, we have said the fighting against terrorism is not in the villages of Afghanistan, not among the poor people of Afghanistan," he said. "The fight against terrorism is in safe havens. It proves that Afghanistan was right."

In recent months Karzai has become increasingly strident in his criticism of the US-led coalition, saying it has focused on counter-insurgency operations in the Pashtun south of the country rather than the Taliban safe havens over the border.

He also hinted that the Pakistani state itself was complicit in hiding the Saudi terrorist leader, saying Bin Laden had "hidden himself in the military bases of Abbottabad".( Karzai the psychic, or Karzai the man in on the psy-op?)

You see, time to move the war from Afghanistan to Pakistan. Overtly!
Yup, I could see that one coming miles away....

So, on that level we can see just how the US, Israel and India benefit from this.(All three countries have a vested interest in the destruction of Pakistan)

Here is something else to consider. Obama's re-election campaign. He is a 'hero', after all.....Osama's death: Good timing, co-incidence or conspiracy?

-In the middle of April, US President Barack Obama kicked off his re-election campaign.

-Admiral Michael Mullen visited Pakistan and accused the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) of links with terrorist groups This statement surprised a few and commentators started talking of a breaking point being reached in US-Pak relations. Pak Army chief General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani was mighty upset with that allegations. Earlier also, the ISI chief had spoken his mind to US authorities. (talking tough, putting on a show)

April 23, a foreign newspaper broke the story of the Indian government holding secret talks with the Pak army (Infiltration of the Pakistan army?)

-April 25 . A senior Al-Qaeda commander grandly declared that a nuclear hell storm would be released if Osama was caught.

-Taliban-led jailbreak in southern Afghanistan. ( I really wondered at that one, how is it possible that could have been done without the occupiers knowing?)

-General Petraeus rewarded for success?! Heading the Afghan occupation for 3 years now. Made CIA chief. A week before OBL is captured.
-WikiLeaks cables that appeared in the press said that the US already saw the ISI as a terrorist outfit, further damaging US-Pak ties. (reinforcing official policy and the lust to attack Pakistan overtly)

-Meanwhile in Afghanistan......April 26/2011..NATO forces proudly announced that Al-Qaeda No. 2 in the country Abu Hafs had been killed

-Then the very next day, April 27/11, out of the blue, Obama produced his birth certificate

It is alleged Obama gave the orders to kill Osama April 29.

This all plays very nicely into the hands of the US/NATO.
It is a good re-election card for Obama.
Quite frankly speaking, if OBL was alive,and had knowingly been in Pakistan, the Pak government would have arrested him themselves to avoid what they know is coming.
Further invasion.
But the straight goods are Osama Bin Laden has been dead since 2001.
He has fulfilled his last role as a reconstituted "terrorist".
His alleged presence in Pakistan is all the pretext the US/NATO warmongers need to out and out destabilize, balkanize and destroy Pakistan. No more covert ops. No under the radar attacks with drones. The US and NATO can out the war they have been carrying on under the radar for some years now.

Who will replace OBL?

His presence has always been timely and offered so many pretexts to justify attack after attack. No one can seriously believe that this psy-op will be discarded. No way, no how! Not in a world where perception management means everything.

I had got the distinct impression this man, was getting readied for the next batch of psychological operations. I did a post on him beginning of March/11.

Rebranding the Osama Bin Laden franchise

Anwar al Awlaki

A rebrand, if you may. Out with Osama bin Laden and in with Anwar al Awlaki. No more OBL. Now it is AAA! Like the auto club? Or with one less A, Alchoholics Anonymous. And A is the first letter of the alphabet so it is easy to remember and reinforce-AAA. Hell, it is easy to type in it abbreviated form!
So let's read about AAA and the myth that is being built around him.
I tell you this guy is everywhere. So stealthy is he. His very essence is connected to every "terrorist" incident. Why, he is almost omnipotent. Superhuman!

In time we shall see if this is the psy-op replacement.


Osama bin Laden corpse photo is fake

An image apparently showing a dead Osama bin Laden broadcast on Pakistani television and picked up by British newspaper websites is a fake.

The bloodied image of a man with matted hair and a blank, half-opened eye has been circulating on the internet for the past two years.

It was used on the front pages of the Mail, Times, Telegraph, Sun and Mirror websites, though swiftly removed after the fake was exposed on Twitter.

The Guardian was one of the few sites to hold back from using the manipulated image on its front page, reporting the picture's existence in its live blog but questioning its legitimacy.

Tsk, Tsk, the msm asleep at the wheel.


  1. Who will replace OBL?

    I imagine Israel and the CIA already have a dupe waiting, who will be blamed for the coming nuke that will be set off in some European or American city.

    The Zionist MSM will frame it like the 9/11 narrative; the work of enraged jihadists and the 'Wars for Wall Street and Israel' will get a new life.

  2. This is almost as good as the viagra story, oh and incubators too!

    From the photos I have seen, clearly not real, and this 'tossing him to the fishes' this story stinks more than a dead pike on a sunny beach in July!!

    wv: muleists


  3. Hey Greg!
    nice to see ya here.
    I named his potential replacement at the bottom of the post.

    Triple A

    I had got the impression this western created lackey has been being groomed.

    I could be wrong, but, then again I could be right.

  4. Hey Buffy

    OH yeah, this is pure spin.

    We got him, then dumped his body in the sea, and yeah, yeah, we took his dna. So you can believe us.


    This should boost Obama in the polls and now we know why he suddenly released the birth certificate.

    Because he is an all-american hero!!!

    He got the bad guy.

    btw: sent that book your way

  5. A very good analysis.

    - Aangirfan

  6. get a life people plz

  7. stop using so many drugs better yet let me have what all you people are having . NOT!

  8. anonymous 9:42 am


    Thanks for that nonsense. It speaks volumes about you and nothing of the topic at hand.

    "The first casualty of war is truth"

    The war on terror has had many, many truth casualties.

    One of them has been the perpetuation of the myth of Emmanuel Goldstein/Obama Bin Laden.

    The other casualties followers such as yourself, that believe the lies emanating from warfare.

    Sun Tzu: All war is based on deception.

  9. anonymous 9:54 see message above. offer something constructive.

    Or just look like a automaton

  10. An FYI: non-contributive comments will be deleted

  11. What a great analysis . US is truly the king of cover ups , but yet they make such small mistakes and say they tossed the body of OBL in the sea .

    True Fun .

    Yet , I will request you to write about the deal between PK & Washington . There must be some high level quid pro quo .

    Another thing I will add ,

    Back in January 2011 , Umar Patek , the bali bomber was captured by Pk officials , He allegedly told the officials that he was planning for an attack on the anniversary of 9/11 .

    And he was captured from abbottabad , same place where OBL got kiilled.

  12. anonymous 10;12 am

    could you leave some links that refer to what you speak of?

  13. I did go to check up on this Umar Patek character.

    Was he arrested in Pakistan?
    That doesn't seem entirely certain.

    "And because he appears to have been arrested in Pakistan,"

    appears to have been arrested is a far cry from he was arrested.

    "Two officials speaking on condition that they not be named said Patek was taken into custody in Pakistan on March 2. "

    anonymous officials?

    Really not sure why you mention this or what it has to do with the OBL's convenient and timely death.

  14. Sure, You can call me RAW .

  15. "Now Pakistani rulers, President Zardari and the army will be our first targets. America will be our second target," Ehsanullah Ehsan, a spokesman for Tehrik-e-Taliban... told Reuters by telephone from an undisclosed location

  16. hey Blammo:

    from my understanding on the Pakistan situation that is nothing new for the TTP.

    they were involved with Bhutto's assassination.

    The TTP were also involved in an attempted assassination plot on the PM, Bhutto's husband.

    TTP has also targeted the peace council members.

    Recalling also they were linked to Ray Davis.

    They are firmly in the pocket of western intelligence in my opinion.
    Their goals are the same.
    Destabilize Pakistan

  17. Via cryptogon;
    "Radiation leaks from fuel rods suspected at Tsuruga plant"

    "Japan Atomic:may shut nuke reactor due to problem, no radiation leak/The company said it had identified a possible leak of iodine"

    "Another plant at Tsuruga needs 3,500 kilowatts to safely cool its reactors, but the backups can only deliver 1,020 kilowatts"

  18. "They are firmly in the pocket of western intelligence in my opinion"

    -Yeah, I read it as predictive programming, which seems to be intensifying lately. For example, Washington Post "the fall of President Bashar al-Assad would unleash a cataclysm of chaos, sectarian strife and extremism that spreads far beyond its borders"

    Thx Pen

  19. Jeesh, I can do a better Photoshop job of that myself... What do you reckon nobs?

    from Kev Boyle's take on it... I' not much of a fan but i think he's on the money here.

  20. Sheesh!

    Why didn't I read you first?


    Did you see Paul Craig Roberts yet?

    Good one!


  22. surely if you have nothing to hide, then be transparent and tell the TRUTH!
    his body was buried at sea in accordance with islam...
    even though a sea burial is only acceptable if the muslim in question dies at sea...
    it just stinks. stinks of the usual steroid pumped macdonald fueled biggoted totalitarian ideology of the ignorant youth that is america.
    Sort yourself out (i.e. have you cleaned up N. Orleans yet?) before trying to 'sort everyone elses problems'
    Also this is supposed to be a democracy? where is this view being shown on the news?

    Strachan Johnston

  23. What does this mean GERONIMO EKIA ?

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  25. Nicely done Penny, thorough as usual. I'd comment more but I'm well knackered from the day sifting through the data from detritus and composing a new post.

    Everyone, starve out the obvious paid pseudo-reader trolls from the ranks of the Sunstein/AFNETOPS/US Cyber Command/Hasbara brigades. Focus on the mission of the truth, as these stooges are not worth your valuable time nor effort. Addressing them just provides them what they want: dissension and disruption.

  26. Hey Pen,..Ever and always a REAL resource and good read, and Hei Hu Quan you old sage you, good call.

    maranatha all,

    "Send lawyers, guns and money, cos' the shit has, hit the fan..!"



  27. Treckontwoweels it is true we do need to clean new orleans before we clean other countrys but you are talking about natural disasters although our government is not perfect they strive to keep America and other countries safe from extremist groups. Unfortunately when war breaks out in foreign land the united states is called on by its own people to intervene when their own government is killing their own civilians and if the United States does not respond we are perceived as a horrible country and if we do help the same criticism applies......double standerd. Everyone expects the U.S to be perfect but we are humans also. Just keep that in mind before criticising.

  28. Hey Blammo!

    I shall check out the Fukushima links shortly. No end in sight with that one

    "Yeah, I read it as predictive programming"

    I have done some reading on that kind of stuff, not as much as I should though...

    Would you have a link or anything of interest to suggest?

  29. Hey Edo, thanks for that.

    I lot of people are talking nuclear.
    It makes sense especially if the target is Pakistan.

    They have nukes and a claim that they used them would be all the justification necessary for a nuclear "retaliation" really a first strike.

  30. Thanks AP!

    Suzan: Thanks and I went over to Information Clearinghouse and read Paul Craig Roberts, thanks.

    short, sweet and to the point

  31. trek2onwheels:

    The whole burial at sea does stink. It can't be verified. It reeks of cover-up.
    It also reeks of big brother government- in that creepy sort of don't think, just believe way.

    I worry greatly about the youth of the world, not just America, so blinded by bullshit.

    Not all of them, I am sure, but too many of them. Dazzled by fame, and notoriety. Not living real participatory lives.

    All nations need to clean up their own messes first and foremost.
    The west in general has massive youth unemployment, high levels of indebtedness, hunger. It is terrible. Yet, anyone who can think rationally realizes the utter insanity in the invasions for humanity, the usary in the banking system, class warfare all the problems inherent in western society.
    And for pointing out these problems and so many more, all one gets is a derogatory label.

    "Also this is supposed to be a democracy? where is this view being shown on the news?"

    This view will never get an airing on the news. You have a mistaken, yet understandable belief that the west is a democracy.

    It is just an illusion.

  32. HHQ & Veritas!

    good day sirs! :)

    "Send lawyers, guns and money"

    Warren Zevon

  33. Hi Penny,

    Since the sheeple soo hooked on "American Idol" type of thingies....

    they should go that route! Who will be the next big badass muzzie terrorist? Cast your vote now! Requirements are:

    you must be a crypto jew/muslim poser.

    Must be able to make shitty quality vids with "Death to ....." holler through out.

    Must be able to read provided transcript on demand, no excuses!

    This audition will take place at the local chabad houses.


    They can just replace creepy juu daniel pipes as obl successor, he is a clever lookalike. In soap operas, a dead stinking character always return from no where. Sheeple will buy it!

  34. Musique:

    an american idol type search for a replacement.

    sadly you could almost see something like that happening..

    What with the masses being so caught up in celebrity!

    Daniel Pipes- I can't recall what he looks like?
    I have to find a picture of him to see if he could work.

    That would make him another Joseph Cohen or Adam what ever his name is....

  35. cover up maybe but why to such extend to lose money at war to put ourselfs in more debt to make more enemies plz. know to entertain people all over the world with americas big play ha! have you ever heard of coincidences they do happen just cuz you people think your playing connect the dots with dots that are not there more like crums of bull sh.... that you keep feeding each other. Oh and by the way there is evidence too graphic to show but i guess with evidence you ignorant people would still find a way to bull sh... each other. Key words GERONIMO EKIA.

  36. anonymous 1:38 am-

    recall I will delete useless comments.
    Your stays, despite it's utter uselessness. It presents an opportunity to demonstrate a mind set in utter nonsense mode.

    "cover up maybe but why to such extend to lose money at war to put ourselfs in more debt to make more enemies plz."

    Yup, that is exactly why the cover up is necessary, to lose more money at war and to bury the nation further in debt and most definitely to make more enemies!

    Since the war is being fought to benefit banks and multinational corporations particularly oil companies. Last time I checked they aren't losing money.
    In fact they are profiting handsomely.

    And the taxpayer is footing the bill and providing the bodies.
    Do you really think that these corporations concern themselves with the indebtedness of the serfs?

    ".i know to entertain people all over the world with americas big play ha!"

    Yeah entertainment would be what I would call it. It is actually perception management or psyops.
    Psychological operations- perhaps you should inform yourself on that topic. But you won't.
    Your to blissful in your ignorance.

    "have you ever heard of coincidences they do happen."

    sure they do, once in a blue moon, but when there are way too many coincidences then one has to look at the patterns. The what, where, when why and how, and who benefits from the said "coincidence". That is what detectives do when they solve a case.

    "Oh and by the way there is evidence too graphic to show but i guess with evidence you ignorant people would still find a way to bull sh... each other. "

    Graphic evidence? There is no evidence.
    Bin laden has been dead for a long, long time and if that was him in Pakistan any evidence is at the bottom of the sea.

    Therefore there is NO evidence.
    The fact that your believe such utter bullshit, speaks volumes of your gullibility.

    There now I have wasted enough time with your nonsense.
    I will waste no more, do you understand what I'm saying?

  37. Raw:

    your comment went straight to spam. That is a blogger thing, not mine.
    Anyway, apologies for that and I will check out the links

  38. Hey Penny,..Nice take-down! You are so sexy when you tap out a troll, way to go.

    "Therefore there is NO evidence."

    Exactly; they can't prove it was; and we can't prove it wasn't, however, because they destroyed the alleged evidence - and they own the shit-heads in the media! They win the propaganda war!

    And they get to use terms like "conspiracy" in a derogatory way, and we have no recourse!

    (Excuse my bad English-usage I just really want to bash this tool! Grinning, happy happy joy joy).


  39. kudos penny i will do my research i truly hope you are wrong. How can i get all the info you are speaking of?

  40. anonymous 2:30

    "kudos penny i will do my research i truly hope you are wrong. How can i get all the info you are speaking of?"


    There are many times when I hope to god I am wrong, look through all the stuff I posted on Japan/Fukushima....
    I wanted to be wrong, sadly I wasn't.

    wrt to this OBL psyop, the more one digs the worse it get's.

    " How can i get all the info you are speaking of?"

    you got to start doing your own digging, your own homework.
    Pick a subject and then dig into it.
    Do you read? If you don't you should
    Get a hold of books and start reading as much as you can.

    Shut off the tv news, it is mostly lies. TV news is the worst.

    It is a lot of work.

    To give you an example I worked 2-1/2 hours on this post alone, reading, posting and going back through better then three years of old posts.
    I don't make any money, I just love the research, I love learning.
    Life is for learning the truth
    It is good to see through the lies.
    It enables you to make better choices and decisions for yourself.

    Hang out here if it so pleases you, contribute in a meaningful fashion should you decide to stay.
    There is a big blog roll at the side, go through that and find one or more that suits you.

    And the best of luck to you in whichever way you endeavour to get informed.

  41. Penny can you at least point me i the right direction? I dont know were to start. Mybe some of the articles or web pages you go through.

  42. To the right direction my apologies.

  43. Anonymous:

    I can't direct you.
    You have to find your own direction.
    I don't know what your interests are.

    You want to see what I use, look at all the links contained within any post. All sources are there.

    Go back, I recently had a book available for download, in fact I have had several.
    Scroll back through get the books.

    I truly think this is all the help I can give you. You have to get proactive.

    Start slowly and build on what you learn. look for inconsistencies. Ask questions. Discuss with, don't attack others.

  44. Hmm.
    Interesting, interesting, interesting . . . it is fun when the anons and trolls show up, isn't it? It really highlights for us all the importance and significance of this illuminati event. They need to spatter their disinfo, their MSM mutterings all over blogs like this, to muddy the waters for people who might find you in keyword searches . . . and then they plug in their own odd signature so that others can find them and see a specific type of blog in question.

    It's a modern day marxist/leninist form of dissention identification . . . only in those days, they had to do a lot more legwork and paper sifting. These days, it's so much easier, with that grand ID and dissent census taker called the internet working in the favour of the illuminati. These days, what with emails and facebook alone, they have a devastatingly complete picture of almost all of us, with a list of contacts.

    This is why movies and television steered away from the eastern eurpoean soviet takeovers, despite the fact that the death toll of that holocaust far exceeds even the manufactured fairy tale of 6 million jews and a few goy thrown in. They wouldn't want people knowing well how that jewish community driven round-up worked, or how it all went down, and what exactly happened, and who the players were, and who was targetted.

    Later, when the "new order" is instilled, those very search engines and database compilations will be used to gather the dissenters, and those working against the slavery and control of the masses.

    Sorry to be off topic, but really, it's a sidebar to the whole reaction to events such as this, where a bunch of guilty as proven in the msm villains get assassinated in another sovereign country and the bullshit story is paraded out to get lots of visceral reactions.

    All that being said, great article, Pen.
    I agree, it does seem highly likely this is a precursor to a false flag, the invasion of Syria and probably Iran next.
    After that, WW III will have begun, and it will be very, very messy.

    Hopefully, the death and destruction I see ahead does not become reality.

  45. predictive programming - It's like how "this could happen" is planted into the subconscious, before the event actually happens. That said, you probably know as much as I do on the subject Pen.

    If you don't have the stomach to watch MSM for any length of time, CNN has been vilifying Pakistan nonstop for 4 days straight. Many have clearly pointed out that's where this is going, but it's noteworthy how intense this campaign is. FOX to Wolf Blitzer to Rachael Maddow, same across the board.