Thursday, May 19, 2011

Osama: Speaks from the "grave" A man of the west to the end.

Yup, A man of western backed revolutions to the end!
Of course, that is how it all began.....

Though the msm spin may claim the video is brought to you by the "media" arm of Al Quaeda....
The video was really and truly brought to you by the spinmasters at SITE

"The video was (released to jihadist websites by Al Qaeda's media arm and was) obtained and translated by SITE Intelligence Group.

SITE, I have covered them previously.
They released some nonsensical drivel on Jihad Jane, complete with burka.
And of course Adam Gadahn/Adam Pearlman.

They are a "non-profit" organization. What ever that is supposed to mean?
Because clearly they get money from somewhere?
Some government? Some intelligence agency?

So here is what Bin Laden had to say-

'I think that the winds of change will blow over the entire Muslim world, with permission from Allah.

'The light of the revolution came from Tunisia. It has given the nation tranquility and made the faces of the people happy.'

Curiously, or not, depends on if you have been really paying attention?

"both Bin Laden and the West have generally supported protest movements in Egypt, Tunisia and elsewhere"

Isn't that an amazing and fortuitous coincidence?

Of course the video was really audio only, with a random picture of Bin Laden zombie stuck on for visual reinforcement and perception management purposes.

Nothing ever changes in the world of spin. I guess because it works on so many? I can't understand why???


  1. Damn, I screwed up my comment.

    Just wanted to say that your friend Mubin is in the news again! People are calling him a 'hero' !!

    As far as bin boy goes, well that lovely Rita is certainly my hero for bringing us this timely tale!! ;)

    Barfing Buffy

    WV: bable

  2. Hey Buffy:

    In BinLaden's commentary he fails to mention the fact that the fallen leaders in Egypt and Tunisia were totally subservient to the west.

    Instead he says this

    "Bin Laden accuses rulers of building themselves into idols and manipulating the media to stay in power."

    building themselves into idols and manipulating the media?

    Besides the lackey dictators ship and subservience to the west .
    No mention of the US control of the Egyptian army.

    This can't be taken seriously at all.

    It is a soft sell to legitimize the uprisings and make it seem as if they originated in the Arab nations.... when they didn't

    Clearly a reinforcement of western mythology

  3. Oh and as for Mubin Shaik, I saw that, thought about posting on it, but did not want the narcissist to visit the blog.

    That said there is a delight to be taken in him being placed on the no flight list. he he he

  4. FBI raids on Muslim organizations
    "A series of raids in Northern Virginia in March 2002 of non-profit organizations and private homes terrorized a community and targeted some of the most prominent and well respected Muslim organizations and citizens of the United States. No money laundering or terrorism financing charges have been brought against these organizations or their officers in over three years. Some federal officials have characterized the investigation as an 'intelligence probe' designed to gather information rather than to enforce the law," Timothy H. Edgar, National Security Policy Counsel for the ACLU testified in April 2005, before the Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism and Homeland Security of the House Committee on the Judiciary.[8]

    "...federal agents seized confidential files, computer hard drives, books, and other materials from some of the most respected Islamic think tanks and organizations in the United States and raided the homes of many of the leaders involved in those organizations. The search warrants targeted two entities whose main purpose involves activities at the core of the First Amendment: the Graduate School of Islamic Thought and Social Sciences (GSITSS), an institute of higher education, and the International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT), an Islamic research institute and think tank, as well as the private homes of a number of their employees and scholars," Edgar said.

    "The complaint in the civil rights action says the affidavit in support of the search warrants contained fabricated material facts regarding non-existent overseas transactions. The complaint also says the search warrant affidavit was drafted with the help of private author and self-styled 'terrorist hunter' Rita Katz, who was paid $272,000 for her advice by the federal government and has made much more in a book deal and as a consultant for news organizations. According to federal investigators, Katz 'lost the trust of some investigators from the FBI and Justice Department' as a result in part of the 'reckless conclusions' she drew in her book," Edgar said.[8]

    The USSA should disband the CIA and just hire Rita Katz to gather intelligence.

  5. "The USSA should disband the CIA and just hire Rita Katz to gather intelligence."

    Could be a real money saver?