Friday, May 6, 2011

Pro Syrian protests in occupied Golan Heights

Bookmarked this a couple days ago. Quite interesting. I will ignore the msm title completely for obvious reasons..

Syria has been having it's share of western orchestrated "protests" I have covered them a number of times. I won't rehash, click the label at the bottom for background.

Western orchestrated protests get all the attention, and everything else is ignored.

The upheaval in Syria is raising concern among some of the estimated 100,000 Druze who live in Israel. (Golan Heights- Occupied territory)

Many consider themselves Syrian, and call for the return of the Golan Heights to Syria
- a piece of land that Israel captured from Syria in the 1967 Arab-Israeli war.

A rally in support of Syrian leader Bashar Al-Assad - on the Israeli side of the demilitarized zone.

It is one of several that have been held on the Golan Heights since the start of Syria's uprising.

Supporting Syria's government is important to residents like Ghandi Al-Kahlouni. He was a young boy when Israel captured this land. He says he has never stopped being a Syrian. "It is true that we are under Israeli occupation but we are part of the Syrian homeland and what happens in the homeland happens to us," he said.

Ignore the pro-Israel spin. What else can one expect from msm? Only they would spin a continuing occupation as a positive.

Here are the facts. These people are occupied. They are Syrians and wish to go back to being part of Syria. No spin is going to change that.
They are protesting in support of Syria.
I wonder how Israel feels about that? Perhaps they should go in and slaughter a bunch of them, like in Palestine. Given their penchant for "freedom & democracy"?

Interesting additional reading- Golan Heights activist: “We dream of freedom”


  1. Israel was occupied 2,000 years ago by the Romans, who enslaved those who did not flee fast enough. The Romans changed the name of Israel to Palestine.
    the Palestinians are the mixed offspring of Judeans, Romans, Greeks, and mostly Arabs. They were offered an opportunity to become Israeli citizens when the survivors of the holocaust, whose land and homes were taken from them and instead of giving it back to them at the end of the war, Europe sent the now homeless people whose bank accounts and belongings were taken from them unjustly, a place to live in the desert where no cities had been constructed since Israel was destroyed by Rome.
    The Arab Palestinians were given Jordan and Syria, the Arabs were given Saudi Arabia, and the Jews got a tiny piece of what was once Israel, about the size of the state of New Jersey. The Arabs ruled the Palestinians of Jordan and Syria, got fed up with them because they were difficult, and began to murder them. Ten thousand were killed by Jordanian Arabs during Black September. Israel gave them refuge to save their lives, but the Palestinians wanted to take Israel for themselves due to them being safe there because of the democratic Israeli gov't. However, they then turned on their hosts, demanded they leave and become homeless again. Israel is a tiny state, Arabia is huge, so are Jordan and Syria, the intended homeland for the Arab Palestinians, but they will kill the Palestinians. Jordan doesn't want the troublemaking former Jordanians back in their portion of Palestine, neither does Syria.
    So, you see, nice guys finish last, Israel's kindness got her into this jam.

  2. A lot of garbled nonsense.

    "Israel's Kindness"

    Like I said alot of nonsense