Friday, May 20, 2011

What on Earth is Happening

Just want to share something new with you all.

I was listening to Jan @ Gnostic Media, way back and heard two interviews with someone named, Mark Passio. You can catch the second part of the interview here.

If that catches your interest and I will admit I was interested.
Interested enough to look for the site and start listening to the podcasts.
Has anyone else heard of this fellow and his site?
Oh yeah, I should mention the site's name! That would be helpful.
The site is What on Earth is Happening
I started all the way back at Podcast # 1.
I have just finished listening to #18.

So far, so good. I find them thought provoking.
Thinking is my thing.
Though hubby says I think way to much :)

My intention is to listen all the way through to the latest one.
Sadly, I realize this is going to take me a while ,but, it seems the best way to digest all the information in the podcasts.
(I do fast forward through all the announcements as they are to old now to be relevant)

Below is some of what is discussed

  • The components of our own Consciousness
  • How to recognize Truth and Deception
  • The Emotional Polarities we experience in our lives
  • The differences between Magic and Sorcery
  • What a healthy or destructive Worldview looks like
  • The basic nature of Good and Evil
  • The basic nature of the problem we collectively face as a species
  • The forces of the Dark Occultism at work in our lives
  • The multi-faceted methods by which human consciousness is manipulated on a daily basis
  • The underlying agenda of those performing the manipulation
  • What Natural Law is and how it contrasts with the law of man
  • What Sovereignty and Anarchy really mean
  • Grassroots Solutions that anyone can employ to begin to turn the tide and heal the damage that has been done to our ourselves and our world

That all said, I thought some readers may find that site and the podcasts quite interesting.
Or not. It is entirely up to you to decide if this is " your thing."

The site is now linked in the sidebar


  1. i go there occasionally,ireally enjoy COLLINS BROTHERS,''the ascendancy of the scientific dictatorship'' book or even audio..its awesome ''Penny'' its areally good..conspiracyarchive site had it as did gnostic radio while back..anyway just pasisng by syaing hello =)

  2. Hey Pen,..You rock and your stuff is important, I am so busy with my heavy laden personal life I have no time to surf wide just blog and go, love your work!

    Nice new look babe!


  3. thanks Penny, looks like rain today here, I have some painting to do, now I know what I will listen too!



  4. like you Buffy, i was just painting and have been listening to the first episode. LOVE IT, Penny. this is outstanding. thank you for posting.

  5. Hey ny soul controlla!

    Hmm the collins brothers?
    I will have to check that out.
    If there is an audio archive that is the best for me.

    As always, thanks for passing by and saying HI!
    Back atcha!

  6. Hey Veritas!
    we all do what we can.
    Life calls, as I say.
    glad you like the new look, it seems to be well received.
    take good care!

  7. Hey Buffy!
    It's always something, we had a great day of weather so we did the usual, yard work, car wash kind of stuff, trying to get the garden in, but the weather is just not cooperating!

    I have been listening for a while now, try to get in two shows a week.

    First I listened to some newer shows and realized I was not familiar enough with all the concepts discussed in the newer shows. Like I needed some additional background and I am really glad I went that route.

    because it seems each show builds on the next one.

    I am committed to working my way right up to the newest shows.

  8. Hey AP:

    Glad your enjoying it.
    Of course the topic of mind control aka perception management is one I am interested in.

    HOw are we manipulated on a mass level the techniques etc.,

    In some of the last shows he has been talking on world view poisoning.

    What is so amazing? When it's pointed out, it's so dam obvious, and unrelenting.

    Learning about how culture is a manipulative device, because after all the word "cult" is in culture.

    The show has given me lots to ponder

  9. He starts around show 16 reading from a book

    The book is called....

    The End of All Evil- Jeremy Locke

    It is about 90 pages.
    Haven't read it yet, but, I did manage to get a pdf.

  10. Hey Penny, I think you might enjoy this book:

    right up the same alley!!


  11. I looked into this What on Earth is Happening guy. Didn't know anything about him, so it was convenient that he gave credit to his 4 wise men . . . the guys he esteems the most and who he based most of his research on.

    David Icke - we know him, the most well known of all his shout-outs. Lots of great research, yes; also lots of alien disinfo.

    Michael Tsarrion - an alien and mysticism guy, knows his tarot cards, and a regular guest on Coast to Coast AM (big disinfo alien show, IMHO)

    Jordan Maxwell - ufo-ologist, basically. gives lots of good info about nwo stuff, then goes into aliens (like Icke)

    Terrance McKenna - psychadelic drug enthusiast, mumbo-jumbo talker, came from Berkely

    Unfortunately, seems like a guy who reeals you in with a bunch of great research and info, ala Icke - then tries to get you to swallow a bunch of mumbo-jumbo alien bullshit.

    Sorry, but that's what I see so far - will definitely give him a longer listen, as it sounds pretty decent so far in terms of info - but I know once I get right into it, it's easy to predict he will get into the alien/seeding stuff.


  12. Hey slozo-

    I have got in 19 shows, and so far no alien seeding.

    In fact no aliens at all mentioned.

    I will be listening to number 20 today.

  13. Penny - this is why I do the research on the guy FIRST. To tag him as a disinfo guy, being supported by disinfo medie units and disinfo/propaganda structure - or not.

    The are practiced fishermen, and never jerk the line before the fish swallows the hook fully.

  14. All I am saying Pen, is that this guy pointed out in the beginning of his very first video his 4 main influences and teachers on his path to enlightenment . . .

    Check 'em out yourself.

    Not calling you a fish :P

  15. I didn't think you were calling me a fish.

    As for the 4 fellows, David Icke I know, Michael Tsarion heard him interviewed one time.
    But that was it.

    The other two, not a clue.

    MY thing with all info is it has to resonate with you, with what you know, with your thoughts.

    For me there is also a gut feeling involved.

    I haven't watched any of his videos.I just listen to the audios.

    One of these times I will sit down and watch one....

    so far I really like his info on how we are managed.
    I do want to look more into Solipsism

    but haven't had a chance

  16. I agree to some extent on gut feeling, Pen . . . and when I first saw the guy - beard, check. Ponytail, check. Glasses, check. I just . . . I don't know, it just somehow seemed contrived in a way.

    Plus, he doesn't start off with any explanation of how and why he comes to some of his conclusions . . . there should be a thought, realisation, learning process ladder we can follow in some way.

    In those ways, Icke is a lot more genuine, to me.

    But tarot cards and Berkely and psychadelia sets me off . . . my alarm bells ring. And it wasn't just those things, you understand, and not out of context.

    Anyways, like many things - later, when I have time :)

  17. slozo:

    men with ponytails are a fashion faux pas in my opinion.


    Like I said from the get go, take away from it what you want or take a pass on it.

    I can't and don't decide for anyone else.

  18. I hope that didn't sound harsh slozo?

    I do see in the newer shows he has one on crop circles??
    Though I don't know from what angle, because I started from #1 and am working through them.

    Personally, I think crop circles are alot of hooey!

    NO offence intended to anyone who has faith in them.

    They are simply not my thing at all.
    I don't buy it.