Friday, June 10, 2011

Bringing "Democracy" to Syria ?? Yup by all the usual means.

Continuing on with Syria. Three angles to watch.

The IAEA, a completely non-credible and totally politicized agency, has referred Syria to the UN Security Council for "covert nuclear work"?
This claim stems from bombing by Israel (4 YEARS AGO) of an alleged, alleged by Israel that is, nuclear reactor.
This is ridiculous, to say the least.
The IAEA dropped the ball on Fukushima. In fact it is continuing to aid in the coverup of that nuclear holocaust.
Sadly, rather then actually focusing on legitimate human well being the IAEA is completly co-opted for political machinations

So let's see what is shakin' with Syria-

"U.S. intelligence reports have said Dair Alzour was a nuclear reactor"
Was, as in 4 years ago! Maybe.

The IAEA, gave "independent" backing to the U.S. allegation in a report last month which said it was "very likely" to have been a reactor.

What nonsense! The IAEA gave political bolster to allegations made regarding something from 2007
Russia and China are expected to vote against this.

"But Western diplomats said they believed they still had enough support for the IAEA board to adopt the text, which would require a simple majority."

But a simple majority is all that is needed. Therefore if this passes expect the propaganda campaign in the West to heat up. As we saw with Iraq, as we continue to see with Iran.

Nuclear angle covered- Now onto the "humanitarian angle"
The UK and France are at the forefront of this. Because they love the Arab population?
Love and care enough to bomb them into submission. And discriminate against them in their respective nations...but I digress
It is a greatly watered down resolution, because they know they haven't a chance in hell of getting a pass on anything strong.

A UN resolution put forward by the UK and France asks for political reforms and the release of political prisoners. But it does not authorize concrete action by the international community.
"Syria is a pivotal state, it has immense strategic importance in the region”

Keep that in mind, because the msm is spinning this as the reason Russia & China are protecting Syria. Because it is in their interest, which I agree it is. What the msm is not saying is this strategic position is exactly why, it is in fact the only reason why, the West is hot and heavy in Syria destabilizing the country.

Oh and recall the other day's post- Turkey is clearly involved in destabilizing Syria???
It was obvious, but now it is confirmed-
Turkey's "shift" gives the West room to get tough on Syria- Sweet!

"It’s unclear what prompted Turkey’s sudden foreign policy morality"
Send troops into Turkey and kill their law enforcement officers is morality?
It’s possible that Erdogan’s unprecedented position on Syria has been influenced by electoral politics.

Yeah, Erdogan received the message from those that control Turkey's military. If you want to win the election you better toe the line or your out. He saw the light!

Back to the other action at the UN. Israel has complained to the UN

"Israel calls on the international community to convey a clear message to Syria that such provocations carry serious potential for escalation and must cease completely. We expect the Government of Syria to take all measures to prevent such dangerous incidents from reoccurring in the future," it said. "
Border protests put Israel on the defensive
Note the language, "provocations" and "defensive" Spin.

This despite the fact that Israel chose to use live ammunition on protestors and kill them in cold blood
So this move serves two purposes:
It is a ruse by Israel to take the heat off of their usual brutality.
Most of all, this angle has to be watched because it could be the back door through which the invasion of Syria will take place.


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