Monday, June 6, 2011

Fukushima # 3 explodes reported Metallic mouth in Tokyo. More Plutonium in soil, further away.

Time for an update on the nuclear holocaust of Fukushima.
Not so much an update, just a leaking out of information, under the radar of the main stream media.
Wait a minute! Not under the radar, completely ignored by the main stream media

#Fukushima Nuke Accident: WSPEEDI Shows Tokyo Was Under Radioactive Plume on March 15

Japan’s ever-sneaky Ministry of Education and Science again quietly released 3 sets of simulation maps of WSPEEDI without any press release nor any explanation; this time it was the simulations that they did on March 15. The Reactor 3 that used MOX fuel blew up on March 14 at 11:01AM JST.

So he remarks that people in Tokyo the next day were reporting a metallic taste just as was reported by the people in Chernobyl, and that people could have been advised to stay indoors, instead the government said that it was just another hydrogen explosion and that no radiation was released as usual (except for a bunch of intensely radioactive chunks of concrete all over the site, possibly a big load of damaged nuclear fuel rods sent a mile away etc.) So far those reports are still dismissed as scare stories, but these should be treated seriously instead of swept under the rug as mere rumors.“Another lab released geiger counter readings showing a big spike after the March 14th explosion. It’s one thing to see the spike at the Fukushima site, but disturbing to see a similar spike, even if much, much smaller, in Tokyo. Most of the radiation follows the wind, but a little bit of it still goes out in every direction

Kyodo shows a photo of a field of concrete chunks, one of which is spewing nearly a full sievert an hour, enough to make you sick in just one hour by standing next to it. Very bad.

As for the Chernobyl metallic taste reference? The Battle Of Chernobyl

There was a metallic taste in our mouths, an acidity.
They say radiation has no taste.
It was only later we realized it was the taste of radioactive iodine.


In a few minutes the people could feel the metallic taste in their mouths, their throats were sore and skin was itchy. Almost all complained of severe headaches and diarrhea. Nobody could explain at first what was going on, but soon after they realized that they were exposed to abnormally high level of radiation.

Therefore, people in Tokyo reporting metallic tastes in their mouth were quite likely exposed to radiation. And should have been told to stay in doors. But, it was only hydrogen....right?

Plutonium found in soil at Okuma

Plutonium that is believed to have come from the crippled Fukushima No. 1 power plant has been detected in the town of Okuma about 1.7 km away from the plant's front gate, a Kanazawa University researcher said Sunday.
It is the first time plutonium ejected by the stricken facility has been found in soil beyond its premises.

It may be the "first time" Plutonium has been found or reported on, but it won't be the last.


  1. that mean worst coming for Japanese,i don't known why government keep their people in dark and specially main stream media not highlight the danger,may be human life is inferior to country interest in democracy.

  2. Hello Asif

    this can't be considered good news for Japan in any way shape or form.

    ",may be human life is inferior to country interest in democracy"

    Yup, human life is inferior in "democracies" The only thing that really counts is making money.

    People are disposable. It only really upsets there loved ones when misfortune happens.

    Government and business have other useless feeders to leach off of.

  3. Oh and just a quick reminder to readers, after Unit # 3 blew up, there was yellow rain reported in Tokyo.

    I blogged on it here if you want to refresh your memory

    Fukushima: Meltdowns, neutron beams, yellow rain & radiated workers

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  5. YOu are most welcome Asif!