Monday, June 27, 2011

Poop Burgers and Turd Steaks

It seems it should be a joke and a bad one at that.
Still, I hope it is because this is so disgusting.
If your body is putting it out, why would you put it back in?

Shit is waste.

Mitsuyuki Ikeda Wants You to Eat His Burger Patties Made from Human Waste
One Japanese scientist with probably good intentions took all this to heart and presented his suggestion to a disgusted audience: burger patties made with meat synthesized from human feces. (And yes, we mean human crap, poop, excrement, or deposit, whatever you want to call it.)

Sewage mud

“Sewage mud” is exactly what you think it is – poop. Ikeda’s process begins by extracting protein and lipids from the “mud.” The lipids are then combined with a reaction enhancer, then whipped into “meat” in an exploder. Ikeda then makes the poop more savory, by adding soya and steak sauce.

Currently, the price of the poop burgers are 10-20 times that of regular meat, due to the cost of research, but he feels they will even out in a few years. He admits that “some people” may have a psychological aversion to eating artificial meat made of their own poop at first, but thinks many would be open to personally completing the food chain. He also notes that the burgers are extremely low in fat.

Turd Steaks anyone?

To make swallowing the stool steaks a little bit easier, a nutty flavor was added using soy protein, and red food coloring was mixed in too, apparently to make the concoction look more like a juicy, bloody steak. A few brave researchers even took the plunge and taste-tested the product. Apparently it even tastes like regular beef.


  1. W.T.F.

    we have really crossed the rubicon when scientists think it's a good idea to turn shit into food. we already have food as shit, now shit as food? no thanks.

    wv: crude

    no lie.

  2. Soylent Brown. Or was it red.

    i'd be interested in knowing who is putting up the research money.

    Of course the govt could always stop paying some farmers subsidies to NOT grow food.

    or turn the waste into fertilizer and grow potatoes. or maybe even sprouts

    There's a certain cult i can think of that would go for this. Hmmm . . . dark thoughts.

  3. wasn't this on star trek??

    Seriously though I could see how this technology would be useful on long space voyage.

    It is rather gross though.



  4. Nice Torah pointer ;)

    'Soylent Green' is getting more realistic every day, must watch it again. The scene that sticks in my mind is where, at the end of the film which is wholly set in an overpopulated under-supplied hell on earth the camera zooms out to show that outside the city walls (permit to exit) the wide un-populated country-side is not the expected polluted desert but is lush and green but reserved for the elite.

    See Planned-Opolis for a twee English update on the same theme.

  5. Hey AP

    food as shit
    shit as food


  6. "i'd be interested in knowing who is putting up the research money."

    yeah james that would be interesting.

    can you see this as food for the impoverished?

  7. Hey Buffy;

    Was this really on Star Trek?
    Thinking of the diseases carried by humanity?
    Viruses etc.,
    what a way to spread an epidemic!

    The gross factor is high.

  8. Freethinker:
    planned opolis is a prison.

    One world for us?
    One for them?

    You barely see cars, no one drives one unless your rich?


  9. Yeah Penny, I remember it was on one episode of I think 'The Next Generation', when Picard was asked about the replicators...

    though truly gross, it is a good idea for space travel. Not that we are likely to be going anywhere any time soon, since there are still far too many brown people to rape, pillage and kill here on earth.



  10. Those two world-class pranksters, "The Yes Men," did a spoof of this several years ago. The video they made was very realistic about turning human turds into hamburger. The people at the conference didn't catch on that it was a spoof, some even wanted to know more.

    YouTube - ?reBurger??

    These days, unless you grow it or raise it yourself, there's no telling what kind of shit you're ingesting from fast food joints or from the processed food in the stores.

  11. Penny - yes a prison indeed. Its quite chilling how earnest these creeps are with their propaganda. So we can look forward to: calorie rationing, designated careers, no private transport unless mega-rich (Bentley in cartoon), public transport by application, global food council, no meat (unless its your birthday - ha ha; so GMO soya or turd burgers every other day then), slum ghettos for the refuseniks.....

    The other 3 scenarios are even more alarming.

    All wrapped-up in the happy shiny face of fabian communitarianism - oh joy.

    wv - graci yes graci mille back at you.

  12. Just watched Soylent Green again - forget what I said earlier about the closing scene, my memory was playing tricks on me.

  13. Hey Buffy:

    that much is true, so much war to wage..

  14. Hey Greg:

    I saw that referenced in some articles, the yes men spoof.

    While I am hoping this is some kind of sick joke...
    Better to be aware then to accidentally eat shit.

    "These days, unless you grow it or raise it yourself, there's no telling what kind of shit you're ingesting from fast food joints or from the processed food in the stores."

    This is true and bad enough!
    People are so disconnected from their food

  15. hey freethinker!
    no worries about the soylent green mistake.

    Though it may not have been the ending of that movie,
    the planned opolis series make the point clear enough that the masses will be imprisoned, for their own good..
    crammed like sardines and controlled "for their own benefit"
    And the elites will enjoy their "eliteness" which means freedom