Monday, June 27, 2011

Turkey, turns up the heat ! Creating the conditions for war

Last week I mentioned Golan Heights as an "iron in the fire" A way into Syria.
The other way is Turkey.
NYSC from thenakedfacts left this link.

There are parts of that news that are not believable, but, let's say I am going to separate the wheat from the chaff!

"EU and US intervention in Syria is designed to harm Iran and to protect Israel and Lebanese Christians, not Syrian people, according to Robert Baer, a retired CIA officer with experience of the region."

Interesting because he acknowledges the US & EU are up to something. Which they are!
I agree it is not to benefit the Syrians at all.
Neither is it to protect the Israeli and Lebanese Christians.
This seems to me an appeal to western audience, largely Christian, that this destabilization is being done to protect aformentioned Christians.
He also touts the line that Syria is being the "bad guy" when it is clear Syria is responding to attacks.

Still the author mentions information which is most undoubtedly factual
" I'm still talking to my Syrian contacts and they are quite convinced that weapons are coming in [to the opposition] not just from the Sunnis in Lebanon and through Iraq but also from Turkey"

This would make sense given the fact that the uprisings have overwhelmingly presented themselves along the border of Syria.

Some of the analysis offered above was backed up by an EU diplomat

"We have reports that Wahhabists [radical Sunni Islamists], who are not necessarily controlled by any state, are coming into Syria from Iraq and from Saudi Arabia to create chaos. Inside Syria, there are snipers shooting at demonstrators who are not controlled by Assad but by the deep state, and other snipers who are shooting at both demonstrators and police," he said.

Not necessarily is nice spin.
What the EU diplomat saying is outside fighters are entering Syria, along the border and creating chaos. And that it is entirely possible they are state controlled, which, it seems they are.
The EU verifies what the Syrian government has been claiming about snipers has been true.
The EU diplomat verifies that Syrian claims of outside meddling are true.
If one has been paying attention, this would be obvious anyway.

Just how involved is Turkey?

According to this article, quite involved!

"The Turkish government is hosting the exiled leadership and dissident activists on the ground protesting in Syria."

Turkey is hosting exiled leadership and dissident activists in Turkey?

"Turkey has opened its southern border to Syrian refugees and is actively treating the wounded"

So, are the so called "refugee camps" filled with dissident activists, outside actors and snipers??

If you look at the pictures of the camps there are supposed to be 2,000 persons on average in each camp (10,000 refugees divided amongst 5 camps)
They are locked down. Not allowed to come and go. So why do all pictures look like this?
I stand corrected allegedly it is 12,000

Surely a couple of thousand persons cramped into a small space would look more crowded?
You can see the fence posts in the background.
And the grass wouldn't looks quite so green?

I was looking at some picture of the Haitian Refugee camps...
The ground is brown and crushed looking from the people walking on it repeatedly. While all around is green. In just 6 days!

The picture taken on Jan. 18, 2010 shows a bird's-eye view of a makeshift refugee camp in Haitian capital of Port-au-Prince. Haiti was rocked by a massive earthquake on Jan. 12, 2010, devastating the city and leaving thousands dead.

You know what else is curious?
There are many bird's eye views of the Haitian camps. Like above.
None of the Turkish camps? Instead nothing but these, through the fence shots....Why?

One wonders who and how many are really in the camps?

Fear mongering headline-Lots of spin. Is Syrian unrest an invitation for Al-Qaeda?

Salameh Nematt, a Jordanian and founder of Pillar Seven, a regional communications consultancy, Nematt spoke on the sidelines of a conference under the auspices of Israeli President Shimon Peres last week.
"Syria has become a source of serious concern to both Israel and the US".

Martin Indyk, vice president and foreign policy director at the Brookings Institute in Washington, said the US would have preferred that the Arab Spring never occurred,(lie) its support for human rights, freedom and democratization notwithstanding.(filthy lie)

“The US prefers stability,” Indyk told the conference in Jerusalem. “But when it comes to Syria, the longer this goes on the more US interests suffer"

The US prefers stability? Who is this fellow kidding?
They prefer chaos. From the chaos the US can shape the order.

Is this the preparation for a Turkish invasion of Syria???

Syria and Turkey could slide into a violent confrontation, a highly-placed Turkish source told Israel’s Ha’aretz daily. Erdogan convened a meeting over the weekend with the heads of the army, intelligence service and Foreign Ministry to consider a response in the event Syrian forces attack refugee camps in Turkey.

Why would Syria attack refugee camps in Turkey that are alleged to be full of Syrians?
They wouldn't.
The Syrian government cannot risk losing the support of it's people.

BUT. .....

What if the refugee camps are full of fighters? Snipers? Soldiers? Mercenaries

Who continue to attack Syria?
In cross border raids?
Then Syria may have to attack the camps, camps that have no refugees, only armed fighters.

The refugee camp story has bothered me from the get go. It seems fraught with fabrications.
It is a carefully constructed and controlled ruse.
That said, it is believed on a mass scale.

Therefore we have to consider that soldiers/mercs and snipers launching attacks from the bogus refugee camps into Syria may get the hoped for result- Syria responding to the attacks.

Then Turkey will launch an all out attack because they are "defending" the "refugees". Who knows, some additional NATO troops may suddenly appear.

OH wait a minute I covered that already!

NATO moving troops, Turkey flying recon flights and Israel delivering "aid".
The actors assembled, the stage is being set.


  1. Hi Penny. If I remember correctly Robert Baer was the CIA operative that the George Clooney movie Syriana was based upon. Interesting synchronicity there and obviously Baer’s area of expertise and I’m positive he is still in contact with ‘sources’ (read assets) in the region. Once a bloody spook always a spook.

    Unnamed ‘Wahhabists’ has the black gold fingered prints of the Saudi’s all over it. How times have changed when the war mongers can openly support Al-CIA- duh (or the el-toilet as I prefer) while pursuing the same group in the war of terror. How proud would Orwell be?

    I must have missed all the press footage of the ‘refugee’ camps after Saint Angelina d’CFR made her pass through the camps.,,20041839,00.html

    Damn fine article Penny. The valiant leaders of the West will have no one to blame but themselves when these ghouls ignite a global conflagration. I intend to ensure people remember that when the drums of war beat the path to the recruiting offices. Certainly not in my name.

  2. Penny, do you think that there has been a sort of 'quiet' coup in Turkey? You mentioned the assassination attempts against Erdogan - perhaps he has now simply become a puppet figurehead?

    Turkey has long desired to be part of the EU, since it was the EEC. I remember back in the 80s when they were canvassing for membership. Perhaps this is the final price they have to pay?

    I don't think that these moves will be very popular with the Turkish people. Perhaps after Syria, their own turn will come - for 'democracy' and 'regime change'.

    It's a bloody mess no matter how one looks at it. Grand Chessboard indeed.


  3. Hey Chuckyman

    I had no idea that Robert Baer was the CIA operative portrayed by GC in Syriana.

    Yes, the Wahhabists reference, has Saudi Arabia written all over it, but, remember we are supposed to believe there is no state sponsorship of these destabilizers.

    Not believable.

    The christian angle was bogus.
    Purely mentioned to promote the
    muslim vs christian agenda.

    If the west had any legitimate concern for the christians in Israel, they would take Israel to task for the way they have treated the christians in Israel.
    Or the way the Israelis treated the Palestinian christians..

    Orwell would be really proud, of the level of double speak that is accepted in society.

    Oh , one more thing about the Lebanese Christians.
    Not all of them, but, recall it was the Christian Phalangists that went through the Palestinian camps and did the mass slaughter, with the blessing of that war criminal Ariel Sharon

    Yes, Angelina, Peace Angel or some shit like that made the required spin visit.
    I covered that in a post

    Nice PR move on the part of the UN.

    NOt in my name either chuckyman, not in my name!

  4. Hey Buffy'

    I think Erdogan has always been a figure head and nothing more.

    In fact Turkey has repeatedly been subjected to coups.

    Therefore the political leadership has always been subjected to the whim and whimsy of the army.

    The army appears to be controlled from the outside.
    Most likely NATO.

    A bit of history I just learned recently- Turkey was the first Arab nation to recognize Israel

    "Israel–Turkey relations were formalized in March 1949[1] when Turkey became the first Muslim majority country (before Iran in 1950[2]) to recognize the State of Israel."

    Pretty odd.
    And only explainable if Turkey is a western puppet government

  5. Hey Pen and Buffy, this isn't an endorsement of Christopher Jon Bjerknes of, but he's made some interesting observations / predictions about the Turkish-Israeli relationship on his blog.

    As for Joshua Landis, I might add a disclaimer for those who aren't familiar. I haven't really followed his blog because he strikes me as a sort of faux alternative supporting the globalist agenda, ala Juan Cole, but he has been known on occasion to present an objective viewpoint.

    Make sure to check out this pro-Syrian blog, in case you haven't seen it. Thx Pen.

  6. thanks Blammo, I will check out the links

    wrt Joshua Landis

    I had a bit of trouble with his view of the uprising in Daara.

    He seems to believe it is legit, but, I put a post up way back around the third week of March reporting on the arrest of two obviously western infiltrators in Daara.

    You can click the Syria label and go way back for it

  7. Pontificating PedantJune 30, 2011 at 7:40 AM

    'A bit of history I just learned recently- Turkey was the first Arab nation to recognize Israel

    "Israel–Turkey relations were formalized in March 1949[1] when Turkey became the first Muslim majority country (before Iran in 1950[2]) to recognize the State of Israel." '

    Oops - Muslim doesn't equal Arab. Turkey (and Iran) are not Arab countries, although there are Arabs in Turkey.

    Otherwise good article, something is cooking in Turkey.

  8. thanks for clarify that, pontificating pedant.