Friday, July 15, 2011

Clinton in Turkey for "talks" Despotic Monarchy for Libya, Invasion for Syria?


To open this post let's use the staring point of Hillary Clinton's visit to Turkey.
She rode, via broomstick, in to that nation today...
On the agenda is Libya, Syria, the Cyprus "problem". Which is one of reunification between Greece and Cyprus

" Peace talks are currently underway to find a negotiated settlement that will reunite the country, under a federal roof."

Of course that would be necessary for that pipeline via Israel I had previously posted on.
You can refresh your memory if this is unfamiliar territory.

With Libya, Hilary will focus on the illegal war on Libya, the terror campaign being waged by NATO in that nation, and the move towards recognizing the terrorist group that NATO has allied themselves with.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton arrived in Turkey on Friday for a Libya conference marked by growing hopes the international campaign to topple Muammar Gaddafi is nearing its goal and rebel forces can mature into a legitimate government.

Clinton will confer with leaders of the Nato-led coalition to assess the political road map for Libya's future and discuss further steps to support the Benghazi-based National Transitional Council (TNC), officials said.

Another "road map"! The US has always got some handy dandy "road map" on hand.
Must be covered with many routes to hell...

And boy that Benghazi bunch. Beside training kids as young as seven to take up arms, thereby breeding future psycho killers.
I understand they are quite the bunch of racist, religious extremist terrorists. A perfect match for Hillary and the NATO crowd!
Did I mention they would like to re- institute a monarchy!
A move that has Saudi Arabia very pleased.

NATO "winning" means in practice Cyrenaica as an independent republic - although the "rebels" would rather restore the monarchy (the candidate can barely conceal his impatience in London). That also happens to be what Saudi Arabia and Qatar - major backers of regime change - want.

This "independent" eastern Libya would-be emirate is already recognized by a few countries, Sarkozy's France included. No wonder; it is already configured as a NATO protectorate. The ultra-dodgy Transitional Council cannot even let its members - opportunist defectors, US Central Intelligence Agency assets, jihadi-linked clerics - be known.

Seriously there is a monarchist in waiting for Libya!
And, he has already hired a PR firm to work their magic..

Today, home is a north London mansion with his mum. But who knows what tomorrow might bring for Prince Mohammed El Senussi, pretender to the throne of Libya?

As world leaders ponder what Libya might look like after Gaddafi, the 48-year-old may be hoping it will feature him. The prince has hired the PR firm Bell Pottinger to represent him, and this week sets off on a tour of the Middle East to meet Libyan groups. Bell Pottinger says this is to arrange humanitarian aid for his country. But who could blame him if he were to hanker after a return to Tripoli to pick up where his great-uncle King Idris left off in 1969?

He is out and about. Making the rounds. All ready to be a despotic monarch just like in Saudi Arabia.

He is very concerned about the people of course. Wink.
He is expressing his views to the European Conservatives and Reformists Group
They seem to be a political arm of the NATO agenda from my perusal.

From Libya, let's move to Syria. Hillary is going to discuss Syria with Turkey.
In a previous post I mentioned that the US is looking to Turkey for "leadership" in the area.
Which really means, that Turkey will just take it's orders from NATO.
There has also been talk of Turkey invading Syria for a buffer zone.
For "humanitarian" reasons, of course!
Maybe this is more then just talk? What if Turkey invaded Syria?


This view would change with a Turkish intrusion into Syria, as would Turkey’s relationship with Israel, harkening back to the 1990s, when the two countries united against Damascus for its harboring of terrorist groups. (very good for pipelines, which I have yet to get to in an indepth way, but, I will)

The AKP’s decision to pressure Turkey’s NGOs to disengage from this year’s Gaza flotilla signifies the renewal of a Turkish realization that Israel could be an ally in an unstable region.

In addition to reconfiguring Turkish-Israeli-Syrian ties, a Turkish incursion would drive a wedge between Ankara and Tehran, thus, ending the honeymoon Ankara has pursued with Tehran since the Iraq War.
Today, Ankara and Tehran are at odds; their policies on Syria are diametrically opposed. In the event of a Turkish intervention in Syria, the competition between Ankara and Tehran for influence in Iraq would further compound the situation.

Such an intervention would deteriorate Turkey and Iran’s increasingly problematic relationship. A Turkish invasion would rejuvenate Turkish-U.S. ties, which have yet to recover fully from the Iraq War. (remember the signing of Nabucco)
The crisis in Syria is leading the U.S. and Turkey to coordinate their Middle East policies to an extent not seen for nearly a decade. A Turkish intervention in Syria and backed by the U.S. to uphold the nascent doctrine of “responsibility to protect,” would indeed warm up U.S.-Turkish ties beyond imagination.
This piece comes from the Washington Institute. It is quite likely the American view on things, so this may in fact be the next step taken regarding Syria.

Getting back to Hillary. She is in Turkey. She has spoke loudly and clearly about Assad.

"President Assad is not indispensable, and we have absolutely nothing invested in him remaining in power.”
The question is after she leaves Turkey, will there be an invasion of Syria?

Washington and it's allies have officially recognized the "rebels" as the "legitimate" government (for now)
Because Washington dictates who leads other countries right?
They are going to hand over 30 BILLION confiscated dollars to the "rebels"
This is an incredibly bad move for so many reasons. One thing this indicates to me is there will most probably be an increase in boots on the ground.

For the Canadians: A 2.3 billion dollar credit line is to be extended by Canada to the rebels
What a scam this is!

Officials are looking at the feasibility of funnelling upwards of 20% of the value of Libyan assets frozen here and abroad in Canadian financial institutions to the council.
A United Nations resolution prohibits Canada from unfreezing the assets -- believed to be about $2.3 billion.
The government ( that is Canadian taxpayers) would recoup the cash from the assets after the UN gives the green light to unlock the accounts.

You know that ain't gonna happen!
Canadian politicians dig a debt grave for the people


  1. the bitch/witch says it ALL in that final quote.

    I posted Jonathan Azaziah's two part on the democratic kiss of death for Syria last week. They want him out and they want him out bad.

    The dominoes must fall so that they prepare to take Iran and the rest of the Muslim world.

    Assad is a decent man. Not perfect, but loved by his people. The Muslim Brotherhood are in this mess big time, backed as they are by the CIA. They have, BTW, been offered huge ruling stakes in Egypt, Libya and Syria. Who knows where else? And they push the fanatical form of Islam, not Wahabbi but still very against anyone not Muslim.

    I do not know their precise origin but they are very in league with the Zionist entity. The Syrian Brotherhood, (same of course group) have been after the Bashar family for awhile now and this is their second or third attempt at a coup. Their members are armed and at war and behind most of the deaths being reflected back to Bashar.

    Clinton's comment is a half truth. They want Syria en route to Iran but also, the fucking imperialists, pardon my fine French, have NOTHING INVESTED in Syria and they want all those people to enslave or massacre, matters not which. But enslavement to the west is their preference... all that business....

    OK I am gonna cut n paste this piece. I have been doing a lot on Syria to open eyes...

    Clinton is a horror creature. Have you ever read anything about her as a person? She is vile and has a vile mouth. I have read about her ways with sex slaves and also with her guards. Apparently she has raised Chelsea to be the same way and we know where her deballed husband is at. She wears the pants and always has. And to think she was running for the top position for the IMF. Ov course the current beeeotch is pretty bad too.

    What sickens me about Clinton is how fast she switches to sincere and just one of you folks ... she is quite the actress but, at the core, a black hearted hole to hell. OOOOH goood phrase... just made it up!

    Syria like Iran has been peacefully dodging bullets from the US and Israel (same people) for decades. They have had a hard time of it but avoided being provoked to action. Now the Zionist entity, (both countries) prods more deeply ....

    We stand with Iran and Syria, two countries who protect the sovereignty of the Muslim people. Oh and yes Turkey has already told the US they can war on Syria from their bases.....

    No wonder Bashar wanted only to pursue life as an ophthalmologist... he only came to rule after Mossad assassinated his brother...

  2. Noor, I will write an extensive reply later today, but feel free to post this.

    and thanks!

  3. Totally off topic but as a youngster I remember TV adverts for Zanussi electrical appliances magically dropping in from outer space. A bit like this ‘crown prince’ character for the Libyans.

  4. btw Turkey would provoke or create a problem with Syria that cannot be ignored, or do the false flag thing. THen since it is a member of NATO, all of them would swoop down to help their fallen comrade. Oh.. working on your piece, adding a link or two and a photo or two as well...

  5. Noor al-Haqiqa(The light of fact),

    I don't think Turkey is stupid enough to start a war with Syria.

    Turkey is already having problems with its own Kurdish population,and its porous border with Iraq.

    I don't think they will also jeopardize their relationships with Iran and Syria which helped Turkey economically.

    Turkish government is still angry at the way US mistreatment of their case after the Israeli Flotilla attack of their ship last year.
    They saw that the US was favoring Israel.

    They are still allied with the West, but they are not going to create a mess of such magnitude which will affect their relationship with many Arab countries.
    Of course they will gain some support from monarchs in the Middle East, but the Arab street will not be forgiving to Turkey,although Bashar Al-Assad is not that poppular in the Arab street,but by meddling in Syria's internal affairs where it could become very costly for Turkey,and they are not that stupid to go that path in a time when Turkey started to look east for Its future.

  6. Hey Noor!

    I will have to come and check the piece out by Jonathan Azaziah.

    I agree that this is a preemptive move on Iran. They have to take care of both Syria and Lebanon.

    I have seen news of Muslim Brotherhood involvement, and am aware they are CIA backed.

    They are the perfect front men for the new countries, despotic and fanatical.
    They will be oppressive.

    You are right the imperialists have nothing to lose attacking Syria, but Russia does.

    There is the military naval port at Tartus. It is very significant to Russia.

    I myself, have been blogging on syria for months now, since I got the first inkling something was going on in March/11.

    It has been interesting following it, call it witnessing/watching the progression of a destabilization.

    From the first trickle to the floodgates.

    As for Hillary and her private life, I have heard some things here and there but not much.

    But Billy boy, showed up in the Jeffrey Epstein pedophile scandal.
    Are you familiar with that one?
    He was a passenger on the pedo-plane.
    Planes that featured underage naked or half naked young girls.
    So he is quite the scumbo, I can imagine what a piece of work she is!

  7. Chuckyman:
    It seems there are "monarchs" in waiting everywhere, so weird!

    In the other post and at the other blog, the comment

    "“Buffer zone, strategic corridor, beachhead what’s the difference? Same MO for the same criminals. All the better to deny those warm water ports (there’s 2 in Syria) to the Bear don’t ya think?”

    how does the buffer zone etc relate to the book?
    Also what and where is the other Russian port in Syria?

    I had read that only one time, but, since then the only one is that gets mentioned is Tartus.

  8. Anonymous 10:46 am

    "I don't think Turkey is stupid enough to start a war with Syria."

    It wouldn't be a matter of stupidity.
    It would be a matter of expediency.
    Turkey has plans for pipelines with Israel, they have signed on for Nabucco and they are going to be part and parcel of the NATO missile shield.

    "Turkey is already having problems with its own Kurdish population,and its porous border with Iraq."

    This is true, today some kurds attacked an killed Turkish forces.
    But this is not a new or unusual problem. so if they get involved with Syria they would have already considered the Kurdish issue.

    "Meanwhile, a Kurdish umbrella group declared "democratic autonomy".

    "As the Kurdish people we declare democratic autonomy, remaining bound to the national unity of the peoples of Turkey," read Aysel Tugluk, deputy chairwoman of the Democratic Society Congress (DTK) on Thursday, at about the same time that the ambush was taking place."

    I wonder if an attack on Syria could see the Turks "kill two birds with one stone" so to speak.
    Because they will have NATO troops on board to assist them.
    in this post I note the movement of NATO troops to Turkey

    Along with Israeli "aid".
    I can just imagine what form that aid will be in from Israel...

    ",although Bashar Al-Assad is not that poppular in the Arab street"

    I am actually of the opinion that Assad is vastly popular within his country.
    Other then isolated pockets and lots of outside interference and I mean lots.
    From Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi arabia, Egypt and Israel
    Lots of salafists, lots of Muslim Brotherhood..

    Then there is the matter of Turkey's army which is not controlled at all by Erdogan, it is an extension of NATO, controlled externally.

    Therefore an attack is more probable then not

  9. Hi Penny the other port is Latakia. We discussed this way back when,

    The book goes into a lot of details on the global strategic actions of the group known as the ‘City of London’ over the centuries. In effect how a hidden ‘stealth’ sovereign state buried into the heart of a ‘faded’ empire is still operational. It was the core of the empire.

    Why do you think that ambassadors to Britain serve in the ‘court of Saint James’? They attend to a separate entity.

    Once you read the book the proverbial ‘penny’ drops. (I mean no offense).

  10. Hey Chuckyman!

    Latakia! And I blogged on that, previously?
    How the heck did I forget?
    Though I am not surprised that I did...I cover a lot of ground and Tartus is the one I read most often about..

    "Once you read the book the proverbial ‘penny’ drops. (I mean no offense)."

    lol, I am quite sure you said that with no intention to offend.

    You are simply not mean spirited.

  11. Great post as usual, Pen

    Chuck, which book are you referring to?

  12. Road maps with routes to hell - nice one. It made me wonder if maybe there are some real routes to hell. I believe the elite have the technology to enter other dimensions, and who knows, hell might be one of them. They certainly are doing a good job turning earth into hell. Maybe they're taking instructions from demons. Or not. Who knows. Anyhow, I enjoy reading your blog. A lot of it is over my head - I know next to nothing about international politics - but it's still fun to read.

  13. Hi James . The book is called “empire of ‘the city’” by E.C.Knuth . It’s an oldie but still a goldie.

  14. Penny:
    Thank you for responding to my comments regarding Syria.
    You've corrected me for writing that:
    ( Bashar Al-assad is not that popular in the Arab steet).
    by responding that he is popular in his own country".
    I made the statement based on a collective opinion among Arab streets, not just Syrian Riyadh,Amman,Baghdad,Bahrain,Kuwait..etc.and I meant by ( him not that popular meaning) he does have some popularity.
    I did not refer to Syrian street,but rather to the Arab street.
    That came after my assessemnt that Syrians and Arabs will be angry if Turkey attacks Syria not linking that to Assad's personal popularity but rather to Arab unity,instead.
    Yes, he is popular in Syria, but the was not my assertion.

  15. Thanks James and hey Chuckyman!
    I had the book chuckyman is referring to linked here

    Just in case it was missed

  16. "They certainly are doing a good job turning earth into hell"

    I could not agree more.

    And they have so many road maps to help them ;)

  17. Anonymous 9:05 am-

    "You've corrected me for writing that:
    ( Bashar Al-assad is not that popular in the Arab steet).
    by responding that he is popular in his own country".

    Please, don't feel I was correcting you. I was just expressing a different point of view.

    I misunderstood the context you were using 'Arab street' in.

    I should have added.
    I hope Turkey does not attack Syria.

    Realistically they have been knee deep in the destabilization process.
    It is hard for me to think why it is they would not take that process further.

    Appreciate the clarification :)

  18. "Along with Israeli "aid".
    I can just imagine what form that aid will be in from Israel..."

    Surely what Israel meant was they wanted to bring AIDS to Syria.

  19. Thanks very much Chuck and Penny too for the link :)

    The people who run Turkey (Erdogan and the Military) give off a lot of conflicting signals. My take on this is that it is deliberate.

    On the one hand they make out they are independent in their foreign policies and on the other hand they go along with the Israelis and NATO when push comes to shove.

    If Turkey was truly independent of NATO, they'd be getting the Libyan/Syrian treatment right now or long ago. So they ain't independent in any way. NATO wouldn't stand for it.

    It is well known the the military heads (who have the real power) are deeply enmeshed with the US/NATO forces and then there's the issue of the Donmeh to consider. I'm looking at Erdogan and whoever pulls his strings when i say that.

    The mixed signals, in my opinion, are to look like they are giving some leadership to the wider Arab and Muslim audience. But it is a con for the above reason.

    So i think, Anon @ 10:46, that 'Turkey" will do as it's told regarding the military invasion of Syria. There's a lot more going on than is apparent on the surface - which is stating the obvious, i suppose :)

  20. Shalom-In-Our-TimeJuly 17, 2011 at 2:02 AM

    Turkey to double size of its army

    An increase of 500,000 soldiers would seem slighty OTT just to tackle Syria. A military larger than France, Germany and UK combined.

    They must have in mind a far more adventurous overseas campaign.

  21. Anonymous 2:44 pm

    or something along that line?

  22. Hey James and Chuckyman too.

    Just started reading it and just a view pages in
    Is it prophecy?
    Or something else?
    I find myself reading parts aloud to my very tolerant hubby :)

  23. Shalom in our Times:

    I went to read that, it is quite an expansion.

    It will take years, but, I do wonder is it for an overseas intervention or is it for an overland intervention?

    I can think of two very large targets, one with a very large population....

    Factoring in NATO/missile shield and I hope you get the picture?