Monday, July 4, 2011

Dominque Strauss Kahn- The man, the maid and the hacking of the IMF

Warning- this is a big one! There are a lot of dots to connect

Let's get back to the trial by media of Dominique Strauss-Kahn or DSK as I shall call him from here on in.

Have you caught the latest?
No? I am sure many missed it.
While most were distracted in Canada with the "royals" and "celebrating" the Canada Day holiday and the people of the US are revving up to their "Independence" Day fireworks, the DSK case is falling apart at the seams.
No surprise on that development, or the timing. None at all!

Let me bring you up to speed. On June 30th it was reported that the case against DSK was filled with major holes. That is not a surprise. The "case" was curious, for so many reasons

This news follows hot on the heels of the selection/appointment of the new IMF head. Christine Lagarde, from France, was appointed on June 28/2011
I had mentioned previously, if it was going to be a European, it was going to be this woman.
One reason for this is the exposure of the French banks to the Greek debt.
So we have a new head of the IMF and suddenly just two days later DSK is looking to be exonerated?

You may recall another curiously timed incident in the saga of DSK?
DSK resigns as IMF head and is suddenly released from prison.
Timing, it's all in the timing.
I covered that in this post

You may also recall I had put this link in the comment section of that same post
It starts out like this-
"According to Canadian scholar Michel Chossudovsky, the arrest of IMF Managing Director Dominique Strauss-Kahn has all the appearances of a frame-up ordered by powerful members of the financial establishment, in liaison with France’s Nicolas Sarkozy"

Then ends with this-
Without a frame-up instrumented by very powerful people acting in the background, the head of the IMF would have been treated in an entirely different way. The mayor of New York Michael Bloomberg and Timothy Geithner would have come to his rescue. The matter would have been hushed up with a view to protecting the reputation of a powerful public figure. But that did not happen.
And it's worth taking the time to read what is in between!

From the outset this story reeked of frame up. Realistically speaking the scum at the top, do stuff like this regularly. They don't get arrested. We peons usually wouldn't even hear of this kind of activity, save for victims trying to get their stories out to a press that would simply ignore them. But, not in this case. This story was all hype and trial by media.

What about this saga indicates frame-up?

For one, as is stated at the end of above article. Had this been a real crime it would have been quickly covered up by DSK's fellow banking cronies. The fact that no cover up ensued should give us a clue that it was a set up and who was behind it.

Mayor Bloomberg showed his hand with this statement -“ If you do not want to do Perp Walk, do not commit crime

Secondly. The swiftness lady justice acted with???....
Great for trial by media, but, having no bearing on reality
Here is reality- With reported rapes, the DSK case is the exception

The charges filed recently against former IMF chief, have perpetuated a myth: that the U.S. justice system moves swiftly and effectively to resolve allegations of sexual assault.

The stats-

-Every two minutes someone is sexually assaulted in the United States
-We also know that an estimated 60% of these assaults go unreported.

So the question is, do the 40% who are not reluctant to contact the authorities for help actually see justice done?

The answer: It depends.

Nationally, police arrest a suspect in only half of the sexual assault complaints they receive.

Most of those arrested are prosecuted, but fewer than two-thirds of those prosecuted are convicted. Moreover, not all those convicted are sentenced to incarceration. In the end, an estimated 1 out of 16 rapists spends time in jail.

From reading that we understand that DSK's quick arrest, perp walk, incarceration at Rykers Island and over the top conditions for release were all done to create a media hysteria. A feeding frenzy of sorts.
What about the maid?
It turns out DSK's "maid" victim was/is a prostitute.
Her story is full of holes and the charges may be dropped.
Some media outlets are claiming she is a maid, hooking on the side.
I don't believe that. I believe she is a prostitute. Not a maid.
I think the maid angle is one that will enable the Hotel to play innocent on it's role in the frame up of DSK. "They didn't know"
Back to the hooker. She was hired to frame DSK. The notorious honeypot tactic was used to bring him down.
I am not going to go into all the problems with her so called story. And, what a story it is.
This alone demonstrates the over the top effort to frame DSK
After the alleged assault took place-
" she got up and ran for the door and started spitting Dominique Strauss-Kahn's semen out all over that hotel room. She spit it on the wall and the floor."
Quoting from the print edition of the Toronto Star-

"She got up and ran for the door and started spilling DSK's semen out all over that hotel room"
Therefore she did NOT run for the door to "escape", because she paused to spit semen on the walls and on the floor" "All over that hotel room". She then presumably left for the door?

I don't know about you, but, had I just been assaulted I would have run as far and as fast away from my assailant as I could. To safety. I would not pause to spit semen in a number of places, so I could direct police to the evidence later. That appears to be an attempt to ensure a sensational crime scene.
That type of evidence could be gotten from a throat swab I would assume?

Something else about the maid/hooker that bothered me. Her identity was covered up in the North American press. The news outlets never made any attempt to contact her. I did a post on this, mentioning I found it non-credible. With pictures!

Dominique Strauss Kahn Trial: Who is the maid and why did she halve her legal team ?

Did anyone wonder how it was that a lowly maid, had a legal team? A legal team of hotshot lawyers?
Just a thought...

Getting back to her identity, photos and the name given.
It always bothers me when we see multiple pictures of one person, that don't appear to be one and the same person. I also have doubts that the name given, Nafissatou Diallo, is the real name of the prostitute/maid.
The tone of the media towards the maid is changing also. A complete about face has taken place as the media moves to discredit the maid/victim/prostitute.
Linking her to prostitution rings operating elsewhere, tax evasion etc.,

We've have covered the frame up and the victim, who has gone from saint to sinner. Let's get to the why this may have taken place-

So what was to be gained from framing Strauss Kahn?

How about access to confidential IMF files or resources?
When DSK was arrested he was very concerned about information on his confiscated cell phones.

As he was being ripped out his first class seat on an Air France airplane and arrested, Dominique Strauss-Kahn had his 3 cell phones and iPad confiscated. And now his lawyers want to ensure that any information on his mobile devices stays confidential.

What's on the devices?

It might have to do with the IMF, and/or there might be personal calls.

Shortly after his arrest and the confiscation of his cell phones and I-pad the IMF reported being hacked!

Several senior officials with knowledge of the attack said it was both sophisticated and serious. “This was a very major breach”

A very major breach, shortly after DSK's arrest, when all kinds of IMF info could have easily fallen into conniving hands??

"Because the fund has been at the center of economic bailout programs for Portugal, Greece and Ireland — and possesses sensitive data on other countries that may be on the brink of crisis — its database contains potentially market-moving information."

Market moving information? Who could benefit the most from that? Banks & Bankers?

The claims made that this attack took place before the arrest are not credible, for the simple reason that IMF staffers were not notified to take precautions to protect information until June.
If the hack had taken place months prior to that, it is certain that IMF staff would have been notified immediately to be careful. They were not notified until June. June 8th to be specific!

""Last week we detected some suspicious file transfers, and the subsequent investigation established that a Fund desktop computer had been compromised and used to access some Fund systems," according to a June 8 e-mail to employees from Chief Information Officer Jonathan Palmer. "At this point, we have no reason to believe that any personal information was sought for fraud purposes."

It sure looks as if the hack took place after DSK's arrest. After confidential IMF information may have fallen into shall we say, interested parties hands.
Remember, It's all in the timing!


  1. Arlington, Virginia, United States
    IP Address:
    Department Of Homeland Security (I removed the IP address [Label IP Address]
    Referring URL:
    (No referring link)

    and quite soon after I put the post up?

  2. A lying african lady giving sexual service for money, why am I not surprized? One thing I learnt by being in contact with Africans for several years, don't believe a word they tell you. They lie like there's no tomorrow. It sounds racist, it sounds crude but it's the truth, it's a cultural thing, it has to do with witchcraft and such. It took me long, I had to learn it the hard way (you remember my Comorian "wife" was a slut), but Africans take witchcraft quite seriously (and Christianity or Islam doesn't change anything, it's a thin veneer on top of animism), revealing too much of oneself would expose one to attacks. Of course it's complete bullshit, but if one believes in it, it can put much stress on someone (my Comorian whore had cursed my bed, putting some thingamagics in the frame, which forced me to change it when my wife discovered it. I didn't care, because it's not 3 bloody chicken feathers which will do anything. But I had to cave in or else my starting marriage would have been shot even before starting.
    This said, African lies are quite easy to look through and can be considered more as a game, or a mask if you prefer. Our lies are far worse, as we believe in them ourselves (freedom, the rule of law, western superiority and such).

    Sorry, I don't know why I bother you with my personal stories, back to DSK.
    In France it is speculated that it was all a setup so that he can come back now, clean and ready to take over from Sarko(na)zy. May be this time Tristan Banon can do something about it, as she now officially filed a lawsuit for rape.

    May be it will make a difference.

  3. You said it correctly Penny – timing. As soon as DSK’s still warm seat got filled he got rehabilitated. The whole story sounds like a classic Intel roll over job. The only thing missing is Tom Cruise and some whiz bang special effects.

    I also suspect the leaked story of the hack attempt. It certainly buys into the growing number of hacking stories lately. Someone must save us from these dastardly cyber- crooks (It won’t be long before hacking = terrorism).

    If the ‘market’ suddenly veers in an unexpected direction we can blame that also on the terrorists and not on the inevitable collapse of the fiat ponzi scheme.

    These vampires are playing poker with the sovereign debt of whole nations. Just so long as the puppet politicos in the victim countries bend over as directed to in turn pass on the same treatment to the people all will be well. It has always been so has it not?

    I don’t think so this time. The fact that the eye of Sauron passed your way says that you are close enough to the mark. They still feel fear. That is our hope. The spark of any revolution comes when the over reaction of tyranny’s thugs brings the very outcome they originally wished to prevent

  4. Hey Gallier!

    You make a good point Gallier about the lies we tell ourselves, because we do believe in them..
    well some of us do?

    Don't worry about the personal stories :)

    At this point in time Gallier, I am not so sure this woman is African or otherwise?
    And I don't think it matters in the greater scheme of things.
    She was hired to do a job. She did what she was payed to do.
    Her cry of rape was the ruse needed to bring down DSK.

  5. Chuckyman:

    I agree with you about the "cyber attacks" being somewhat overblown.

    I blogged on one of the other "attacks". Was it the google email one? Something along that line?
    It seemed really blown out of proportion to what had gone on.

    But the IMF hack, and this is just my opinion, is different because it fits the timing and the pattern of the DSK arrest and confiscation of his personal belongings.

    His three cellphones and Iphone would have been filled with IMF info.
    Info as the article said could be very useful for market manipulations...

    When DSK was arrested he was unable to have a meeting with Angela Merkel regarding the Greek Debt Crisis.
    The EU has tried to save Greece and by default the European Union.

    If you check the news today Standard and Poors made a move that virtually guarantees Greece's default. IMO that has the American bankers hands all over it.

    There are credit default swaps involved and I can't help but wonder if this is economic warfare being waged against the eurozone.
    Gallier, left an interesting article here to that effect.
    find that article in this post

    The confiscation of Kahn's electronic devices if they did lead to the subsequent hack, which I am of the opinion they did, certainly could have given the American banks an upper hand regarding information on Greece's bailout etc.
    Other information on other nations may also have been accessed.

  6. Agreed Penny. That makes it a many-for-1 play.

    Merkel has been a naughty little fraulein of late hasn’t she – for an ex communist party flack anyway. Didn’t she not bow low enough to the almighty Israhellis recently resulting in a minor sabotaging of her helicopter? She also closed a lot of flaky nuke reactors in a hurry.

    The Germans have all the savings and the French have lots of exposed debt (nothing compared to the City of London). There is a Euro fracture line right there. DSK might have tipped off the German’s to the real impending moves on the Greeks before they committed their citizen’s money.

    Clear up the evidence, loot the German banks, refill an important slot on the IMF with a more reliable stooge and crash the Greeks anyway. Blame it on the cyber ‘terrorisitas’. That’s a 5 way accumulator bet.

    Here’s an interesting theoretical question. How would the German people react if their entire banking system went poof (again) with all of their hard earned savings due to exposed bad debts of foreign banksters?

    V word = facest
    Eerie or what?

  7. "That makes it a many-for-1 play."

    good way of putting it!

    "Merkel has been a naughty little fraulein of late hasn’t she – for an ex communist party flack anyway. Didn’t she not bow low enough to the almighty Israhellis recently resulting in a minor sabotaging of her helicopter? She also closed a lot of flaky nuke reactors in a hurry."

    Cripes I forgot about the helicopter crash!

    Do you recall I had the story up about the closure of the nuclear power plants in Germany and how this would cause Germany to turn to Russia?

    The article went on to express how much of a problem that could be down the road, for when NATO wants to bomb the shit out of Russia.

    'scuse the language

    Was thinking how it was that Germany was "bad" in ww1 and ww2.
    Is Germany being set up as "bad" again?
    Odd how history repeats itself.
    Or seems to be on the verge of repeating itself?

  8. Interesting don’t you think? Keep in mind that the policy of the City of London (or Crown as it is known) for 2 centuries was to support the weaker of its main rivals in Europe against the stronger. As a weaker rival gained power favour would switch to another.

    It’s anyone’s guess how that is playing at the moment. Germany would naturally move towards Russia and its energy surplus. Does that leave France playing catch up? What a surprise?

    Needless to say they are bloodless vampires to a man – or woman. History repeats because the same hands are playing the same game. The gap in between allows the facts to disappear down the memory hole.

    Meanwhile the History channel plays the Battle of Britain and tank drives to Berlin etc non stop… blah blah blah.

  9. Hi Guys and Gals,

    Don't know how you feel about Ian Crane, but he did a great interview on Red Ice Creations the other day.

    The first half hour deals mostly with the BP Oil spill (some really good info), then it gets very interesting as he talks about Germany, Japan and Israel.

    Check it out. I'd be interested to know your opinions. It's not as 'off topic' as it may seem.

  10. Here is the latest picture of the maid -

  11. Hey Chuckyman!

    I wasn't aware of that tactic by the city of london?
    It does seem as if France is being played or playing against Germany?

    Speaking of energy resources, and i do agree, it would be natural for Germany to gravitate to Russia for supplies, someone left an interesting comment on an older post regarding Nabucco



    A shouting Israeli?

    Here is my reply-

    Israel's natural gas deposits?
    You mean the ones they will steal from the Palestinians and the Lebanese..

    Taking it off topic, but, all this strategizing for energy resources reminded me of this.

    Lots of maneuvering around energy resources eh chuckyman?
    Which makes me think about Germany

  12. Hello Edo!

    long time, no see!
    How goes it?

    I am listening to the interview right now.

    Actually this is the first time I have ever heard of this person, Ian Crane.

  13. And anonymous..

    That is one "sexy" maid ;)

  14. looks as if all charges will be dropped against Strauss Kahn

    (mission accomplished no continuation of ruse necessary)

    Prosecutors will drop all sex assault charges against former IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn in the coming weeks because of doubts about his accuser's credibility, the New York Post reported on Tuesday.

    "We all know this case is not sustainable," the newspaper quoted a top investigator in the case as saying.

    The source added that the eventual dismissal of the charges was "a certainty," and that it would likely happen at Strauss-Kahn's next scheduled court date in two weeks or possibly sooner.

  15. Hey Penny,

    All goes well, thank you.
    Personal commitments keep me away from internet jibber-jabber, but I still read as much as I can.

    I turn 40 this week! and am taking a few days off and going to Amsterdam to enjoy a shmoke or ten with my woman and some friends.

    Can't wait.


    Syria-It's not right to call them "rebels", they're terrorists because they're not just "rebeling" against the government but most of the population, shooting at stores which remain open and launching rockets at homes for fun (hear the laughter at the end of this video)


    [ALSO SEE...The godfather of the Syrian Revolution 2011 Adnan Al-Arour says that they will ''chop up'' the Alawaites who oppose the Syrian revolution (CHOP TRHEM UP AND FEED THEM TO DOGS?)

    SYRIA-"Peaceful" terrorists doing their thing - filmed from safety

    Watch them terrorise the local population with bombs and gun fire. Look at the end when the guy is clearly carrying a high power rifle.

    Turkish aviation cadets to visit Zionist Israel

    An interview with Bassam Alkadi, President of the Syrian Women Observatory Bassam: I object to describing what the West is doing (especially the US, French, British, and German governments) as “close follow up”. On the contrary, their intervention is a deliberate provocation of the crisis with one goal, and that is to coerce the Syrian People to adopt the Libyan Scenario, or to force the regime to surrender to the West’s political agenda. They [the West] have not only ignored facts on the ground, but have recently started exerting open pressure on the Syrian People, by punishing state-owned institutions and companies that tens of thousands of Syrian families depend on for their livelihood.

  17. The D.A. Did the Right Thing

  18. hey edo, well I am glad for you.

    you seem more upbeat then you have previously been. I seem to recall a sombre Edo, some time back?

    40? Just 40?
    Have fun anyway.

    I listened to the interview and I am not quite sure what to make of it all?

    While I do agree Germany seems to be under some sort of "attack" for lack of a better word.

    The ecoli break out was really interesting, and then as chuckyman reminded me, the helicopter incident!

    It looks as if France is being favoured over Germany, and let's face it Sarkozy is a wicked toady boy.

    I would think that he was also behind the removal of DSK.

    I see that now the gal Tristan Bannon has launched some sort of suit against DSK.

    This almost feels as if it is plan B, to keep him from running in France?

  19. Skeptikos: thanks for that link and if I may, that opinion piece is pure drivel.

    The DA did the right thing?

    A young immigrant woman, penniless and victimized by a powerful rich man, and the DA, jumped to her rescue and layed charges immediately!
    Cheap shots at France..
    Exalting American justice
    etc, etc.,

    The whole scenario layed out in the oped is so non credible.

    As if the DA would ever, normally, take the word of a lowly penniless immigrant?

    Let alone act so expediently as to get the man on the plane and incarcerate him at Rykers Island..

    unless there was some political agenda at hand.

    In my post I have an article about the reality of being sexually assaulted in the US and the abhorrent stats that surround that crime.

    The oped is a piece of spin, nothing more.

    This case was destined to fall apart, once DSK resigned and was replaced.

  20. NYSC! thanks and I am going to look at all the links, I am still trying to keep an eye on Syria, but, it is a busy time right now.

  21. Frank FredenburgJuly 5, 2011 at 2:40 PM

    I was wondering if you read this article at Snippits And Snappits?

    Strauss Kahn Discovered Fort Knox Slow Motion Train Wreck: Years In The Making.

    It ran on Tuesday June 14, 2011.

    It's about the fake gold bars in Fort Knox.

  22. hey Frank!
    No I hadn't..
    and I will check it out, should be interesting and Noor put's up really good stuff
    thanks :)