Wednesday, July 6, 2011

An Israeli Natural Gas Pipeline to Greece

What is going on with Greece? I mean beside the financial issues, why the cooperation with Israel on the flotilla. Might it have something to do with the construction of underwater pipelines connecting Greece and Israel? Yes, yes it just might......

Is this another piece of the Energy Wars puzzle?

Israel Considers Underwater Gas Exports to Greece, EU

Israel is considering construction of an underwater gas pipeline to export natural gas to Europe and Greece.

According to sources quoted by the Globes business news service, the idea was raised during a meeting last week between Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Greek Prime Minister George Papandreaou. Relations with Greece, a member of the European Union, have grown closer over the past several months.

A number of mammoth natural gas fields have been discovered along Israel’s Mediterranean coastline over the past few years. Among them is the Leviathan energy field, which appears likely to hold enough gas to meet Israel’s needs for the next 60 years, at the current demand projections.

The reservoir is owned by a conglomerate comprised of Noble Energy, Avner Oil and Gas LP, Delek Drilling LP, and Ratio Oil Exploration LP.

In June, Noble Energy announced that a seismic survey had found a high probability scientists would discover up to 16 trillion cubic feet (453 billion cubic meters) of natural gas in the reservoir.

The find comes in addition to that discovered at the two Tamar drilling sites near Haifa, which is said to be enough to provide for Israel’s needs for at least 30 years. Noble Energy and Delek own the Tamar well, together with Isramco Ltd. and Dor Alon Energy Exploration Ltd.

The Tamar discovery in April 2009 came on the heels of an earlier find, that of the Dalit gas field off the coast of Hadera, south of Haifa earlier the same year.

The U.S. Geological Survey estimated this year that some 122 trillion cubic feet of undiscovered, recoverable natural gas lie in the Levant Basin Province in the eastern Mediterranean region – an area that includes the coastal region near Israel and Lebanon, which claims the energy field is off its coast.

That is right, Lebanon has claimed it is off their coast. Their claim is quite likely legitimate, this is a subject I covered previously- Massive Natural Gas resources to spark attack by Israel on Lebanon. Which will be required reading if you're to understand the ramifications of this hoped for pipeline to Greece.

That being war with Lebanon and/or the removal of the government, for one that will be more compliant.

Also, possibly, the removal of the Palestinians, once and for all, from Gaza? Or at the very least a timely agreement with a more compliant government? Perhaps, like the agreement that has recently been worked out between the governing bodies of Gaza and the West Bank?

You see some of the natural Gas that Israel claims as their own, just happens to fall off the shores of Gaza. Such a problem. Daunting and exasperating I am sure for the land, resource grabbing nation of Israel. The matter of the Palestinian gas has been covered previously

aha ! Palestinian natural gas coveted by Israel

Additional reading -Israel set to export natural gas, but, is it theirs to export ?

But, let us get back to the pipeline to Greece!

While this article covers the topic from an environmental angle. Which is a valid concern, no doubt, I am just covering the geopolitical machinations of this possible pipeline.

Israel is considering a plan to build an underwater natural gas pipeline to Europe as a way to transport gas being drilled from offshore wells in the eastern Mediterranean. The plan, as reported August 30 in Globes, involves a pipeline that will run from the Tamar and Dalit gas fields, located off Israel’s northern coastline, and along the seabed to Greece.

Israel’s northern neighbor, Lebanon, is challenging Israel’s claim of ownership in these gas fields and has brought the issue to the attention of the UN General Assembly.

Of course there is more to this pipeline to Greece then just a pipeline. I will expand on that in another post. For now, we have covered enough ground. Or seabed? Whichever?


  1. love it ...good piece,already on facebook =)
    sister have u seen this???

    Syria-It's not right to call them "rebels", they're terrorists because they're not just "rebeling" against the government but most of the population, video!

    SYRIAWATCH-Syrian Opposition met in DC with ''New American Foundation''

    As-Safir Newspaper: Syrian Opposition Figures Meet Zionist Israel’s Friends in Paris uprooted palestinians also carried a piece on paris conference..

  2. thanks NYSC!
    I watched the video and left a comment at yourplace!

    But, doesn't this news explain alot about greece and the gaza flotilla???

  3. Great detective work Penny! What a gong show this whole event has turned into.

    Hasbara shills are in every comment board throughout the nation, piling their lies and vitriol higher than Everest.

    No worries though, as I think it is backfiring for them. Israel's days are numbered and she has only herself to blame (not that she will of course)

    Well done sweetie.


  4. Great post woman. Gonna grab it for my readers too. I have written in the past that Israel is so hard on the fisherfolk of Gaza because A) they are dickheads but B) because they are harvesting natural reserves that are off the shores of Gaza and belong to PALESTINIAN people.

    If I remember correctly, Egypt was in on this as was Great Britain. It has been awhile since I posted the piece.. like 2 yrs ago. Soooo...

    What else is happening is that Rothschildlandia (Israel) has Greece by the short and curlies. Money, energy.... well....

    I hate to say it but I am spiralling into the hatred category and I try not to go there constantly. They are determined to bring the world crashing down around them and god help it but they know how to play the citizens of every country they touch with their slimy paws. It is appalling to see naive locals holding up rebellion signs not realizing that all they are asking for is more and darker enslavement with fewer perks from their "saviours".

    Spits. Takes a deep breath. And now America has a new huge business. Tear gas cannisters. Seems that they cannot keep up with the supply so many people are getting ticked off. I wonder and watch Greece every day. Those people, like the Libyans need our prayers.

  5. Hey Penny,...You put to shame any "real" journalist I ever worked with, your work is interesting entertaining and informative - pure journalism.


    Noor, you are a doll, I laughed MAO, while reading your comment, excellent work.


    Buffy, right on the money with the hassy shills, like an STD on Greek battle-ship.


    NYSC, excellent blog, nice links.

    Cheers y'all,


  6. thanks buffy!

    Gong Show indeed!

    "Israel's days are numbered and she has only herself to blame (not that she will of course)"

    I am quite certain Israel will blame everyone else, and of course it will all be "anti-semitism"

  7. Noor, hello!

    go ahead and take it, the more people that understand the machination behind the happenings, the better it is.

    Don't get into hatred.
    That is how the evil ones win

  8. Thanks veritas.
    compliments are much appreciated.

  9. Sure was convenient for Israel that the Greek financial crisis hit around the same time the Gaza flotilla was in that country, making preparations to sail to the world's largest concentration camp.

  10. Yup it was convenient Greg, very convenient