Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Pipeline Politics etc., India and Pakistan join the Shanghai Cooperative

Yup, India and Pakistan have joined the Shanghai Cooperation Organization!
I have lots of ground to cover here, so sit a spell.
First, Pakistan and geez I haven't covered that country for a bit....
It is a happening place! Not Pakistan alone, of course. India also.
Soooo let's use IPI as the starting point and then go on from there.
IPI is the Iran-Pakistan- India pipeline.
You may have heard tell of this one previously and you may not have.
But, your going to read about it here and now!

Why, you ask did I choose a map with two pipelines? IPI and TAPI.
These are basically two competing pipelines. TAPI backed by NATO (world army wannabe)
IPI originating in Iran. IRAN! Gasp. IPI has been in the news very recently.
Let's see why?

ISLAMABAD, July 20 Federal Minister for Petroleum and Natural Resources Dr. Asim Hussain said the Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline project will be completed by 2012. Talking to a private news channel on Wednesday, he said that Iran has completed its work on laying pipeline while Pakistan would resume its work within six months.

Iran has completed or very nearly completed it's work on the pipeline. (depending on where you read) Pakistan is now looking for a financial adviser and has invited "expressions of interest" (EOI) It's clear this is moving ahead-

The Inter State Gas System (ISGS), a company set up by the government to act as project manager, has set a deadline of August 20 for the submission of expression of interest (EOI) from the banks for financial advisory services, according to a document published on Tuesday.

The document did not identify the project but ISGS officials confirmed the EOI had been sought for the multi-billion Pakistan-Iran gas pipeline project.

The US is dead set against this pipeline and they have been putting the thumbscrews to India for some time regarding the construction of this pipeline.

Recently India and Pakistan have been engaging in peace talks. Despite the recent bombings.
India brushed off speculation tying the Mumbai bombings to Pakistan and said Friday that it remained committed to recently renewed peace talks with its rival neighbor.

The moves showed how little appetite New Delhi has for escalating tensions in the region while it focuses on maintaining economic growth in the South Asian nation of 1.2 billion people.

While future revelations about the culprits in the blasts that killed 17 people Wednesday could still sabotage relations between the countries, the Indian government so far has rejected opposition demands for a heavy response against Pakistan.

Let's briefly address the recent bombings in Mumbai, again.

Hillary Clinton (foul taste in mouth) has been breathing all hot and heavy on Pakistan over this recent bombing. She keeps talking about the instability of Pakistan... never mentioning the US role in that, of course.
She is to appear in India to "cement ties" with that nation. "Cement ties" is that like cement shoes?
She will remind India that the US is the bestest friend in the world to India.
She will continue to point fingers at Pakistan and say look over there, "instability" in that nation contributed to the terrorist attack in Mumbai.
Me, I am not so sure of that?

Peace talks on the go. A potential for a nice new pipeline that would greatly benefit India and Pakistan and IRAN. Lots of energy for India via Pakistan from Iran. Why would Pakistan risk all that peace, stability and revenue and energy?

As this writer from India points out- Sure TAPI is good for India, but so is IPI!

"Notwithstanding this, India should keep its efforts on to make the IPI pipeline a reality as the TAPI alone is not sufficient for the appetite of energy-thirsty Indian economy. India needs diversified energy sources so as to ensure uninterrupted supply. Moreover, the IPI can bring much bigger geopolitical gains for India apart from causing a sea change in its ties with Pakistan. At the same time, India needs to make sure that it is not being used by the US as its proxy in the Central Asian region to execute its imperial designs."

All that out of the way, it looks as if India wants to participate in IPI, they need to participate in IPI. As stated the US opposes IPI.
Considering competing pipelines, the control of a large potent nuclear armed proxy, that is looking to make peace and participate in constructing a pipeline for their own energy needs.

Who would really benefit if India turned against Pakistan?
Who would benefit if India did not get involved in the IPI pipeline?
Who would be interested in creating terror in Mumbai to manipulate the Indian government?
Who has no interest in peace between the two nations?
It can't really be said that Pakistan is the answer to any of those questions! The US certainly fits the bill.
Perhaps not the US alone?
Because "they get by with a little help from their friends"?
Their very good friend, confidante and paramour is Israel.
Where is Israel in this mix?
Because you can bet your bottom dollar Israel is involved in this somehow, somewhere....
Israel has long been involved in the destabilization of Pakistan. I have covered that angle numerous times, so I won't rehash here, except to briefly say, Pakistan is a nuclear armed Muslim nation! No more need be said on the motivation for Israel's contribution.

Seems quite recently a bunch of Israeli weapons have played a starring role in Pakistan!

Interior Minister Rehman Malik, on Sunday, hinting at the involvement of foreign hands in fomenting unrest in Karachi, said Israeli-made weapons were being used by miscreants in the mega city.

Talking to media men at Benazir Bhutto Shaheed International Airport, he said, “Over 200 persons have been arrested and Israeli-made weapons, including AK-45 rifles, have been recovered from them.”

He added, “It proves that foreign hands are behind unrest in Karachi.” The minister said that investigation was being conducted to ascertain who were supporting these people and supplying them weapons.
As of late he is clarifying what he said, but, someone supplied Israeli made weapons?

One more interesting development, that hasn't been getting alot of western media coverage.... In fact this is the first I have read of this- Checkmate In The Great Game
The June 15-16 summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) in Astana, Kazakhstan completed the negotiations for a historic expansion. India and Pakistan are preparing to join China, Russia, and the Central Asian republics as full SCO members, while Afghanistan will join Iran and Mongolia as SCO “observers.”

SCO held its first meeting of military chiefs in Shanghai in April. The addition of India and Pakistan raised the hopeful prospect of their military leaders sitting together at the next such meeting. The emergence and growth of the SCO, both as a “security” grouping and as an economic community, has been driven by the common need of all these countries to respond to U.S. aggression and military expansion, as well as by their own region’s economic rise

No wonder Hillary hightailed it to India! Doesn't that make the Mumbai bombings that much more suspicious!

The Afghans have decided to join the SCO, despite long-standing opposition from Washington.

The above article is lengthy, but, I believe interesting enough to spend the time reading fully.
Additional reading on India & China-Shanghai Cooperation
Also:Asian Security Bloc Set for Massive Expansion


  1. WOW! The Indians presumably now realise that David Headley and his terrorist efforts over the years originated with the CIA. Can we expect more Gladio style terror in India to bring about a change of government?

    - Aangirfan

  2. Hey Aangirfan!

    Lots of pieces to the puzzle there!

    Can you imagine India and Pakistan joined the SCO?
    Afghanistan too as observer, but still.

    Peace talks between Pak and India along with the above must have Hillary's undies in a complete bunch.

    What goes on behind the scenes explains a lot of what we see in the forefront

    And yes, I would think that the Indians realize that Headley was CIA all the way.

    I like the Gladio comparision, it is so fitting

  3. This is all truly wonderful news!
    Great post - every word even the 'Check-mate' side article.

    A blessing to everyone on the planet - except the zionist internation bankers and their associates.

    I meant everyone as in "human beings". (grin)

  4. A Mouser-

    It is good news because it would certainly make for more balance in the world. It is also more sensible for those nations to all work on their differences, since they are all neighbours

    Before we break open the champagne, this could change in a heart beat or a CIA backed terrorist attack undertaken with Israeli arms...

    Or the overthrow of a government?

    I hate to be a party pooper, but, let's wait and see what happens here.
    I remain cautiously optimistic

  5. The recent Indian bombings have israel stamped all over them. Perhaps India has finally worked out that israel ALWAYS betrays its allies.

    You are far safer as an enemy of israel than you are as a friend because you invite 'friends' into your home; not your enemies. And that is what they rely on. Pakistan is a perfect example of that. It seems the lesson of Pakistan is not lost on India.

    Quite a coup, indeed, to have India and Pakistan join the SCO. But as you say, Pen, we shall have to wait and see what the 'developments' are. India got all sorts of help with their nuclear program from the US a couple of years ago in return for pulling out of the IPI pipeline. There will be repercussions for going back on that even if as just a lesson for other countries.

    I doubt it will be just more bombings. Regime change as you suggest is the more likely course. Assassinations anyone? Blaming Pakistan?

  6. great news, great post Pen. maybe India and Pakistan are finally wising up. let's hope they can spot all the moles in their own ranks and make it all stick.

  7. Checkmate in Astana?

    Astana is a very spooky place

    The Hidden Hand has great plans for Astana.

  8. Hey james!

    Perhaps India has finally figured it out?

    I hope. Keeping in mind politician can always be corrupted, given they are psychopaths.....

    there in lies the problem.

    Sure there are a few good marginalized ones, but the rest?
    It is something we can sure see for ourselves.

    James, have you started reading that book about the city of london, the one chuckyman and I were referring too?

    It is good, quite good.
    BUT! oh, how history repeats itself

  9. Hey AP!
    I haven't been about too much, just trying to stay cool

    But, yeah, it is good news and hopefully, hopefully will bring a bit more balance to the globe.

    What is interesting about it all is, rather then bomb, maim and kill, these nations are making deals..

    How very civil.

  10. hey freethinker, interesting Khazakhstan looks to be a power centre.. up and coming.

    As stated I remain cautiously optimistic...

    bearing in mind this could all change

  11. hey freethinker, one more thing
    you left a link at AP's, maybe two weeks ago, for an interview on red ice radio with Adrian Salbuchi
    It was excellent, I finally listened to it the other day.

    If anyone missed it

    give it a listen.
    That is the second time I have heard him interviewed, he is very articulate, very thoughtful in his speech.

  12. hey Pen, politicians are psychopaths for sure. i think this is self preservation kicking in as the likely future dawns on them.
    It has been said often by the usual suspects that the world needs an alien invasion to unite everybody.

    Well, the 'alien invasion' is being seen increasingly by everybody as the usual suspects themselves; the US government and creeps behind them and the UK and israel, too.

    It's very ironic ashalee :D

    I'm hoping to get to the book this weekend. thanks for the endorsement. As i said to Chuckyman, the truth has been around for a long time but it has taken the internet to spread it to the audience it deserves.
    "Our day will come"!