Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Quetta Pakistan. Pro-Palestinian rally ends with explosions and gunfire

The massacre in Norway brought to mind a past incident in Pakistan.
Some interesting parallels.................

The background-

Quetta, in Baluchistan province, a peaceful pro-Palestinian rally is taking place. A large peaceful pro-Palestinian rally. As in Norway a pro-Palestinian show of solidarity and support for statehood!
An alleged suicide bomber shows up to bomb the area. And gunmen too. Reported gunfire both before and after.
Norway, not just an explosion, gunmen! Gunmen targeting children.
Yes, it does seem there was at least two gunmen in Norway. Minimally.There were numerous reports of there being more then one shooter. One in police uniform and one in a sweater. These reports will go away, so you can be spoon fed the lone nut scenario.
So in Quetta, as in Norway, we are looking at pro-Palestinian support resulting in a bombing, multiple shootings and much death.


Several hundred Pakistanis, mostly minority Shi'ite Muslims, were attending the rally in the southwestern city of Quetta to support the Palestinian people.
Witnesses say a suicide bomber detonated explosives shortly after the rally arrived at a busy crossing in the center of the city.
This reporter said he heard intense gunfire just before the powerful bomb went off, and there were dust clouds and fire around him.
Police are investigating the incident, and they are also examining television footage to identify armed men who were firing at people in the surrounding area after the bomb blast.

Just before this attack on August 26/2010-

- Speakers at an International Palestine Conference in Pakistan pledged their support with the people of Palestine . The conference of organised by Palestine Foundation Pakistan (PLP), a newly established platform in Quetta this week...

The conference was addressed by the leaders of Palestine and Pakistan and they stressed upon the Muslim world, specially the Pakistanis that it was high time they step up their efforts for mobilizing global support for Palestine ’s liberation from Israeli occupation in order to avert Zionists’ plans of razing Al Aqsa mosque.

Representative of the Hamas movement in Lebanon and member of its political bureau, Osama Hamdan, who made a recorded address to the conference, emphasized that defense of Palestine was in fact defense of Pakistan because Zionists believed they could never successfully occupy Palestine without first destroying the ideological Muslim nations like Pakistan.

He stressed that Muslims must work to remove American pressure against Palestinian cause which had been the main stumbling block in resolution of Palestinian problem by ending Israeli occupation.

He underlined the need to observe Youm-al-Quds on the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan following the appeal of Imam Khomeini.
And on the day of Youm al Quds.... while Pakistanis are showing solidarity with their Palestinians counterparts a big explosion and gunmen.

Eventually a group called Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (L-e-J), claimed responsibility.
This alleged Sunni group of terrorists is banned in Pakistan, for obvious reasons.
This group is linked to Saudi Arabia and truly appears to be Wahabi extremists, masquerading as Sunni's to foment religious division

Sipah e Sahaba (Army of the Companions), best described as Sipah e Yazid (Laeen ibn e Laeen) is a Wahabi/Deobandi terrorist organisation which is being funded by Saudi Arabia and supported by the Wahabi ranks in Pakistan Army's ISI. Lashkar e Jhangavi is the death squad of Sipah e Sahaba.

"The Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LJ), an extremist sectarian Wahabi organization""The Wahabi elements have created so much terror."
Why would the Wahhabi sect sow division amongst Shiite and Suuni?
What or whose agenda does that serve? Why do the Wahhabis in Saudi Arabia take that position, divide to conquer?
Sheik Safar al-Hawali has denounced Hezbollah even as Hezbollah battles the Jews of Israel
Why do Saudi Wahhabis, arrest supporters of Hezbollah in Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia is a well know western puppet nation, a despotic regime propped up by the US and willing to always support Israel.
It is known Saudi Arabia funnels lots of western money to all kinds of suspect activity. Quite likely to the terrorist group Lashkar-e-Jhangvi.
None more infamous then the Afghan "freedom fighters"& Osama Bin Laden funded via Operation Cyclone

The agenda behind the Norway attack seems to be in line with the western colonialist agenda of keeping the Muslim population oppressed.
The same can be said of what appears to be the driving force behind the incident in Quetta in 2010.

Funny how one recalls past history when an event comes along to spark the memory?

Who benefits by keeping the Muslim populations divided?
Certainly Israel, the US and the rest of the NATO world army nations.


  1. Isn't Baluchistan province on the border of Iraq and Iran and filled with that sweet crude oil that's fetches top dollar?

  2. Hey Greg: Baluchistan province in Paksitan is on the border with Iran, it is the province that the TAP/TAPI pipeline will run directly through, it also takes in the Port at Gwadar.
    The one China is most interested in, the one that sits right on the Indian Ocean.

    The Gwadar port is very near the Mehran airbase which not to long ago saw a very stealthy precisely targetted attack.

    In the plan for the "greater middle east" the US has Baluchistan as it's own nation.

    No surprise therefore that it is infiltrated and regularly suffers
    "terrorist" attacks of the state sponsored type that serve to destabilize Pakistan.

    Is there crude oil there?
    I can't be sure.
    But strategically speaking, it is a vital area of NATO interest

  3. wealth of Pakistan which lies under the ground of Balauchistan
    1) The Gold and Copper mines of Baluchistan worth more than US $500 Billion http://www.topix.com/forum/world/pakistan/TGL77J5I120D2R373
    2)The Oil wealth hidden in the belly of Baluchistan reserves of 19 trillion cubic feet of gas and 6 trillion barrels of oil http://en.allexperts.com/q/Geology-1359/2009/11/OIL-RESERVES-PAKISTAN-BALOCHISTAN.htm
    The Pakistani are totally aware of the plans and are fully cognizant of the plans and the conspiracies.

  4. Asif! thanks for stopping by. I had hoped you would!
    I can only blog on Pakistan as an outsider, you most definitely have an insider take on the topic.
    Thanks so much for all the info on Baluchistan, it does have quite a lot of value.

    I can see why the US while hoping to destroy Pakistan would like to see this province as a nation onto itself that they can control... of course.

    A nice little puppet state.

    "The Pakistani are totally aware of the plans and are fully cognizant of the plans and the conspiracies."

    I hope so. I hope they can stay united in the face of such extraordinary pressure